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  1. 13 hours ago, dreadaeleonkvothe said:

    Krist Fanclub has subbed episodes 1 and 2. Episode 3 just came out this Saturday so they haven't subbed it yet :) Someone else also subbed episode 2 on Dailymotion, but that one isn't as good so I'd recommend watching Krist Fanclub's subs. They should say subtitles done by: Krist Fanclub or something like near the beginning of the video. They shared the first ep through Dailymotion and since then I think it's been reuploaded by different ppl and they shared the second one through google drive. 


    do you have/know the links?

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    It's been so long since I've been on the thread at least it's still going. I went both days and it was so boring I had to sleep there to watch our stuff. My parents are selling some new movies. I don't know the title of it though. I'll get them later.

    I saw Chen the guy from "The innocent cyclone" he is pretty tall. He came to America and they said it was going to go back to France. I also saw Mai Neng Thao the singer she's going to have a concert in America. I took pictures with both of them. Lao Moua I saw him too. I took pictures with him too. My sister asked where he was from he said he's from winsconsin and he's only 17 years old. LOL My cousins are in love with him. They think he is very cute! To tell the truth he can't dance. He's cute though. XD.....




    My cousin Jessica, Lao Moua, and me.




    My sister Der, Chen, and my cousin Jessica again.




    My cousin Elly, Jessica, Mai Neng Thao, and me. I have more pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet.



    lol this has been a while ago, but i think mai neng thao is actually pretty good looking..


    ne one going to oroville new year?



    hey where do u live.? just wondering.. cause i live in cali..and ahhh how do u audition for yg and jyp because i want to too..

    i live in cali too up north from sac, n i have went n auditioned for jyp, but no luck either...

    i auditioned when jyp came to la and did their audition thingy in march? (i think in march)...







    lol...yea momo, i dont really like some of my families much(i meant families like relatives kinda way)...lol cuz they annoy me or talk a whole lot bout me..so yea..lol haters..lol


    but yea i do listen to my parents too much when it comes to singing...lol they don't want me to do it so i sometimes dont but lately, i really dont care whether they support me or not...cuz now im in a phase where i don't care much about ne thing ne more..lol


    but it's not only KPOP that i've been lookin at...i've also been lookin at hmong stuff too...








    i hate it when it comes to reputation...esp for me, cuz my have good grades in school n i have buncha scholarships so my parents want me to be a doctor...which i am trying to be(pharmacist)...so they think that i should only focus on that cuz its more important...n i hate the way they think that...cuz i really do not only want to focus on school...i want some fun too n doing wat i love....





    Oh!!!I'M HMONG!

    oh...do u guys remember that jyp audition like early on this year...well yeah anyways...


    i wanted to go audition for it but my parents was all like


    u can't even sing in front of us so how r u going to sing in front of them...


    they also said that who will take me there and support me...cause we like live way far from where they held the audition..


    so i ended up not going...u all know hmong parents....anyways one of these days i will audition...


    oh yeah over where i live there aren't that much hmong people...



    lol...i remember that..lol


    i went to it...i live close to sac n i took the train to la...lol my parents didnt let me go, but i went ne ways...lol u have no idea how bad my day was when i went..lol n of course i didnt get a call back cuz of course theyre lookin mostly for koreans n chineses...








    hey wassup!


    yea imma hmong boy in here...u can kinda tell by my username: mongstaness its kinda like HMONGSTANESS...lol sumthin i made up...


    yea i think that if people were to look at our b/g they wouldnt kno much about us cuz us hmongs are not well known like other asians....even if we dont have a country...its not like we cant help the korean industry out...there are a whole buncha us in laos, thailand and america...


    i hate it how not only do americans discriminate on us...but even other asians too...


    yea i can read and write hmong fairly well..beter than my siblings can...i also know a lil bit of thai cuz i've been learning it...but later in life i wuld like to learn chinese n korean...so then i can be multilingual...



  8. dont worry about 2nd round because im pretty sure like 2 person from soompi or even no one from soomp will make it. the chances are veryyyyy slim so dont worry bout the next round. and jyp will give all the info and you can ask them.

    right now, just worry about the 1st audition.

    lol..but wat if we dont worry it, and make it to the next round...then we're screwed right? lol

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