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    notice since we started the uljjang family. many people have just popped in trying to be part of it -_- please don't do that.





























    Dude, thats so.... Your uljjang family was exclusive to begin with and now you're trying to exclude people from posting??? Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start anything.










    If the girl wants to post pics, then let her. Goodness.






















































    The Edison look-alike Dude






































































    Gua Gua







































    Thanks for the pics!!!










    Prince is so cute ^__^ but my fav is Gua Gua haha =D
















    ^^ WOAH Mei Mei w/o makeup...dude, I couldn't even recognize her.










    Is mei mei part of a new girl group?? I thought i saw her on a taiwanese show.










    I'm just wondering if Angelababy and Janice are that popular mainstream?? I mean they're gorgeoussss and make awesome models but I don't see much of them or hear much of them on tv or in newspapers...=\
















    I vote no.










    I mean, I guess there has to be exceptions but so far, every blonde asian guy I see shouts FOB (KKR is SO FOB and kaljglhkj in his blonde hair) and the blonde asian girls usually look either trashy or tacky. They can look good according to other people's standards but to me, EEEEEEK. I really really don't like it when I see asians with blonde hair.
















    I'm thinking that maybe they're not done with calls. It's really weird that no one said they got a callback. I mean, not even anyone's "friend" or "cousin" or "friend's friend" etc. Very weird.










    I'm just waiting for closure. GIVE ME CLOSURE.
















    ^this is going to be some awful stupid theory of mine. But SuperJunior, are you one of the people who got a call but can't reveal who you are and so you made a new sn specifically because you want to tell all of us anxious kids that there is yet still hope?














    I know that YG takes non-koreans










    but like smtown or jyp o.O










    they are pretty strict on that :( thats why i didnt get in










    im not chinese or japanese










    but im not giving up



















    I thought you were korean??????!! Don't you have a korean name and korean unnis and stuff????










    ARG i wish the hong kong entertainment industry was good. I'm Chinese and 17. I don't think i'll fare well in korean industry.
















    ^ stuy isn't as competitive as people make it sound. well maybe its because of the people i'm around, but we're pretty relaxed. Sure, we work, but academics and competition doesn't eat up our lives. The environment here isn't negative...we're pretty nice to each other. A lot of groups but thats natural everywhere.










    Every SHS has its own stereotype thats obviously off. sighhh



  9. ^ you're right about not giving up. I haven't the least given up. Well I sort of gave up on sm.

    I'm aiming for EEG, Sony, etc. because that would actually be my native tongue and that would be awesome. If only they held auditions =[

  10. I feel like its kind of a given that chances are slim for non koreans. I mean, it's the korean market that they're focusing on and if they can find korean people just as good, they'll def take the korean kids. I'm not trying to sound really negative, i mean i would love it if they took me, but i'm just trying to be realistic. i guess non koreans do have a chance but you better be hecka good and probably look good while you're at it.

    And for the nonkoreans, there are other music industries too. Like taiwan's sony. But i'm guessing you guys are more into the korean thing.












    Yeah, you get assigned a new locker each year (not that many people use their assigned ones). I used my assigned locker last year, though, since it was located in the asian/soph bar. There were a lot of lock clippings there since everyone took one right when school started.










    And no, I'm pretty dumb too :phew:



















    Okay I MUST know you then. I don't remember an asian tony bar guy though...are you asian???










    ^ i live like 10 minutes away from saint francis prep.










    i used to go to the middle school near there, m.s. 74










    right now i go to stuyvesant h.s.










    you guys must really hate this school for some wierd reason.



















    I live near st francis too!! i wonder if i know you =)










    Gosh, i love meeting stuy kids on soompi.



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