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  1. @frozentundra Wow, thanks a lot for the summarization, you are super star in this ship :)


    I’m very impressed that he was playing piano in his FM, while it’s well known that HJ is an expert in this :) 


    The fans said that he also wore 2 Kang Cheol’s shirts recently, which is also something joyful. He specially looked happy in KC’s white shirt at the airport before departing to Tapei :)






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  2. Hello everyone and bravo Captain @lovely_skham for coming back with us. So so busy with personal life but during this time, I just want to be back here, stick together with you guys, sharing and cheering up each other. 


    Putting Jongjoo relationship aside, It's very sad the past 2 days that I have seen how netizen negatively responsed to that dating rumor, it's very unreasonable and unfair for HJ to get attacked and bashed due to that unclear photo. 


    This is a sensitive time for her, during her movie promotion and right before its airing. 


    I hope she is strong to get out of all this mess, and  so as us, everyone please stay calm until everything get clear. I saw shippers crying and jumping off this ship. Maybe they know something that we don't? OK at the end of the day we don't live JS or HJ's life. If they are together, that would be great success of this ship. If they are not, accept it and respect their own choice and support them as individual. 


    Anyway, hope Captain can share something with us... 

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  3. @Riman Rakshit I remember there was a rumor that Sukie dating SZ back then in 2014 but everyone forgot it quickly because the rumor was so non-sense.  Thinking backward, maybe he was more cautious around SZ because of that rumor and also the recent groundless rumor after SZ broke up with her man.


    Despite of being an introvert, when Sukie closes to someone, he is very friendly, casual, no formalities and full of aegyo. He himself admitted that his aegyo sometimes caused misunderstanding. He was involved in few dating rumors but he never admitted any. The biggest one was the dating rumor with PSH with uncleared photos revealed by Dispatch. Both sides denied it later on. PSH said she would sue Dispatch if they continued publishing those false rumors. Other than that, part of the netizen said  Dispatch used this dating rumor to cover up a big scandal in S.K at that moment (Lee Jung Hee scandal).

    I feel sympathy for him. Being a celeb is hard, whatever action he makes may cause misinterpretation. Being closed and casual -> flirty yet being distant, talking less, minimum contacts -> cold, ignorant or there is something to hide...


    It's the hardship of celeb life. Really hope that one day he can claim to the whole world that he is no longer lonely, that he find his happiness and whomever he can lean on and share both joys and difficulties with. 



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  4. Sukie and SZ received Best Couple award, as I had guessed, JS is known as the King of Chemistry so it seems natural he got it :)


    Guys, I saw some photos of SBS award tonight but no photo of the couple on red carpet? I only saw SZ alone stepping out of her black car.


    And from some photos on IG, I think we are good! Whoever worried about Jongjoo or whatever rumors involved JS, let’s cheer up :D


    Cre.to the owner

    Gosh, I missed HJ very much, where is she now, only with her I can see the most shiny happy JS...


    Couldn’t help but recalling all beautiful moments of last year MBC award. That night I was so happy and hyped up that I couldn’t sleep ^_^


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  5. Hello guys, too busy but today is the last working day of the year, New Year is coming very near, so I just want to drop by and say thanks to all of you who have keep this thread alive and lively everyday :heart:


    Though it has been quiet these day but I am still positive of our couple. I hope we will have some good news in the upcoming year :D Dispatch often reveals some breaking news on 1st of January right? Only last year they kept silent due to political issues, I am curious what will they do this year...:rolleyes:  


    @jejuhallabongJS will be attend both SBS and MBC award. I wish HJ could be the MC for one of the events, really miss them a lot. 


    Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys, I wish you and your family all the very best!



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  6. Sukie did not look well :( Some fan accounts said that he was feverish and coughed a lot yet he still managed to dance a part of New Face and sang 3 songs: “Do you know”, “Come to me” and “I love you” Japanese version. He did his best tonight, hope he could have some rest and get well soon. 


    Thanks @frozentundraand @kalirsjk, I’m happy with another coincidence of our Bubbery couple :)

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  7. We have been talking about many many coincidences now and then...and his poem said no, it's not coincidental, it's inevitable for them to meet each other, that she comes to him...


    Cre. to JShine with their great efforts in making the Eng sub for this teaser video :) 


    Hope Sukie has recovered from his cold and tonite won't much tire him out (Dr. Oh please comfort and give him strength :wink:)

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  8. Thank you so much @ibru for the prompt updates. Can't express how much I am proud of him now, he often called himself "boring" before (how could you think so low of yourself JS ssi), definitely after W, he showed us his various new sides with much inspiration, so much happy seeing him achieving things he wants in life.


    OK, next step, please stake a claim on your life partner, you need someone to calm your lonely and empty heart right? Other than a girlfriend, you thought marriage could help your heart right? She is just...right there..come on, catch her quickly! 



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  9. Wow, Sukie is so cool, he brought us too many surprises, especially since last year, all the surprises are BIG:



    I wonder what could be the source of his energy, motivation, or his muse to do all of these? He must be drained out after finishing a big movie then a drama, but was still able to give fans the best performances in his FM, opening his own coffee shop, recording drama OST,...and now he even wrote poems and had his own collection. He kept bringing us from one surprise to another. I feel that he has been changing a lot and a lot from inside out, feel like he is rushing into all the things he wants to do...


    Other than that, I remember reading somewhere that HJ loves playing piano and also likes writing poems and short stories as her hobbies...


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  10. Thank you @skittles87for the video and translation, HJ looked so lovely when talking about W, Kacheol and Jong Suk :wub:


    I think we are good with JS's latest IG post saying farewell to WYWS :) Whatever happens, just remember why we have been shipping them so hard from the beginning, that actions always speak louder than words and eyes can't tell lies:


    Cr. to the Owner 


    Time will answer everything, let's be calm, mature and positive as always :D I'm really happy embarking this ship with you guys, Jongjoo shippers fighting!!

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  11. Agree with @adamag, I watched the BTS too and see nothing special. If you easily get jealous over something like this, you will have to prepare your mind better as they are going to release more BTS together with broastcasting schedule. Besides, JS is a caring person and very detail-oriented. If you were in front of him and there was something on your suit, he would definitely help you wipe it out :D He is aslo famous for aegyo and skinship...so of course, there will be some actions of him that may be misinterpreted. 


    The reason I ship him so hard with HJ is not because of his skinship. Please pay attention to his eyes, his smitten face and his unusual behaviors around HJ, very very special: 

    Any way, congratulations to the airing of WYWS. I'm glad the 1st and 2nd esp got good feedback, the rating is very positive. Since I'm not a very patient drama lover, I decide to wait for WYWS to be completely aired then watch all episodes at once :lol: 


    I wonder if JS's going to post any couple photo with Suzy in the next few days? Yesterday he was so active, the first day of broadcasting of his drama and he posted several photos with his lovely pinky dog, what a sweet guy :)


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  12. Yeah, I nearly burst into laughter in my office seeing her fans kept tagging Jongsuk0206 and some comments as such: "a ring from Jongsuk?" , "like the ring on Kangchul's wife", "you want to get married?"...it's hilarious, I'm sure she understood them all :D


    I hope she will understand as well how much support the fans give to her and her relationship:heart:

    Very much happy seeing her posting on a daily basic and at the same time, seeing JS's images floating on IG everynow and then, day by day he is  getting so so handsome and manly :wub:

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  13. Guys, just want to butt in and scream out that I'm so so so happy with HJ opening her IG account. My heart was fluttered seeing her photos updated since yesterday. I’m glad that she looked healthy, cheerful and happy :heart:


    Couldn’t be more grateful that JS is now updating his IG more regularly and HJ is publicly on SNS, meaning they are both enjoying their life :blush:


    Let’s stick closer in this ship chingus, JONGJOO couple fighting! :grin:

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    @frozentundra Um, look like they will do the stage in different time line (1.30hours apart), but they will stay for opening ceremony, won't they? Actually it's already good enough that they will be attending the event together. Same as Bubberry event last year, they were not in one frame but behind the scene what did they do, only they knew :tongue:

    Other than that, it also bothers me that the IG account named "xbdayxx" tagged JS and YG and BH and even Dispatch in all her posts about Jongjoo, speciffically the post about them attending this event?????

    I understand it's her right doing so since it's her own SNS account but I don't think it's the right way of shipping two stars, please respect their privacy. Could someone be so kind sending a gentle reminder to this IG account, I really don't want them to be on the spotlight and watched out closely by Dispatch :(

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    I'm screaming inside now, did Samsonite and Lipaut really hear us out? We have been asking them to create at least a chance for those two appear together, and now they actually do it, it's just so so GREAT!




    And @kalirsjkI'm with you on the delusion mode, nothing can be better than the fact that HJ will be in the same event with JS on his birthday, I'm imagining many things they could do together now, really...being a shipper is not good for your heart






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    Agree, he really made surprisingly great improvement in both singing and dancing. Not only he wore the familiar Cartier bracelet, sang the same song "Oppa ya", the over concepts of his FM and her are so much alike, gosh my shipper's heart has been palpitating hard because of his FM.




    Other than that, he looked so handsome and manly, feeling like he grew up alot and alot, enough to get married soon :wub:







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    40 minutes ago, May Low said:



    .and yup the front line fans said their fm endings quite similar besides singing this song..they also show their dance practise videos LOL!...and JS is spotting wearing the Cartier bracelet... :D



    Well, the bracelet surely holds a special meaning to him. Eum, is he going to announce or what? As I said he seems unexpected these days. He silently had a trip to Japan, silently attended a variety show, silently opened his own coffee shop, silently practiced for a extraordinary dance performance...I feel like anything can happen any time now :D



    Before he said he wanted to star in a noir movie, he already did it with V.I.P




    Before he wished to open his own coffee shop, now he was already the young coffee shop owner.




    Befor he said he wanted to get married soon, when is he going to do that? Understand he has the military service ahead, marriage may be out of question but dating announcement sure is possible!







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    @gogogirl26You mean OUR JONGJOO WILL BE TOGETHER on 14th for an event??? Oh my, if that's true I really can fly over to the moon...




    @May LowWow, thanks for the confirmation, that's great! If I remember correctly, the song lyrics are sweet, "I like you", "you like me" and "we like each other"...? OK I need some water now, couldn't catch up with JS sii anymore, he is so unexpected these days :D






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  19. OH MY GOSH, can someone kick my richard simmons? I'm totally stunned, can not believe in my eyes, JS could dance as such? My jaws are on the floor now, I have never seen him dance like that in his FM. I knew he was trained as idol before debut, he could dance well as Park Hoon in Doctor Stranger, but, given his introverted and "easy-to-be-shy" personality, it's hard to believe he was dancing as professional as such :astonished: couldn't be more surprised with all of his changes up to current.

    I'm feeling like he is in the peek of his life now...he is growing and glowing as a mature and reliable man. He is definitely not a boring person as he often thought of himself, he is indeed a brilliant and an amazing guy who trying his best to complete whatever he wants...

    He is showing us various colors of him...couldn't be more happy with all that he has done. And it will be more perfect if we could peek a little in his romance right? :flushed: OK respect to his privacy but only a little could help my poor shipper's heart...

    Sorry guys for not being active lately, I can still get updates from you guys via email but troubles logging Soompi these days. Thanks all for keeping this thread lively and...please know that I'm still always very positive with Jongjoo relationship, sailing hard with this ship :D

    For some reasons the stage decoration of his FM today and his dance performance remind me of HJ in her FM. And they said he sang the same song HJ sang in her FM? Oh my, too many coincidences that can't even count :rolleyes:






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