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  1. @frozentundra Wow, thanks a lot for the summarization, you are super star in this ship I’m very impressed that he was playing piano in his FM, while it’s well known that HJ is an expert in this The fans said that he also wore 2 Kang Cheol’s shirts recently, which is also something joyful. He specially looked happy in KC’s white shirt at the airport before departing to Tapei
  2. Quite happy seeing this clip Does anyone have any updates on his fan meetings? He already had meetings in several places but I don’t see much information and translation
  3. Hello everyone and bravo Captain @lovely_skham for coming back with us. So so busy with personal life but during this time, I just want to be back here, stick together with you guys, sharing and cheering up each other. Putting Jongjoo relationship aside, It's very sad the past 2 days that I have seen how netizen negatively responsed to that dating rumor, it's very unreasonable and unfair for HJ to get attacked and bashed due to that unclear photo. This is a sensitive time for her, during her movie promotion and right before its airing. I hope she is strong to get out of all this mess, and so as us, everyone please stay calm until everything get clear. I saw shippers crying and jumping off this ship. Maybe they know something that we don't? OK at the end of the day we don't live JS or HJ's life. If they are together, that would be great success of this ship. If they are not, accept it and respect their own choice and support them as individual. Anyway, hope Captain can share something with us...
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