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  1. We can't love one character more than another when the interpreter is Park Bo Gum ... I loved every one of his characters: Taek's sweetness, Min's frailty, Yeong's determination, Jin's sensitivity ... are just some of the qualities that made the palpiting heart ... And I think he, our actor, has them all together with many others ... cr #Kimjinhyuk #tvNDramaEncounter Thanks, he really is a humble guy... and "is really an example for everyone to learn"! cr Mtv Music Channel Taiwan
  2. I think it's the one for The Star Magazine May Issue ‘16... here others pics: I'm sure he would be nice anyway ...
  3. Me too, I was shocked at first, but I loved almost immediately his "super short hair cut"... because they gave his beautiful manly face, highlighting his defined eyes and definite features ... sexy ... cr logo cr logo Park Bo Gum has-proved he can rock any hairstyle But having to choose, short or long hair, I have a preference for unkempt hair like this... cr logo I believe that in Seobok they will be very short...
  4. It 's great its combination of colors today, truth of the matter is, it actually looks very good on him ...
  5. Sorry for my foray into your paradise. I read some of your last comments and I wanted to say something about it. My feeling is that sometimes you do not have the full perception of how important Park Bo Gum is for Korean culture ... I'm European and I'm not a fanatic of k-dramas or Korean actors ... I approached this world a little thanks to the proximity between some dramas and the japanese manga, of which I am an avid reader since I was a child (in my country all the children have grown accompanied by japanese anime) ... I have never seen, and not I'm not even going to see, some of the most talked dramas, nominated in this latest discussion, like TMTETS, DOTS, TLAGG, they have plots that do not excite my curiosity and, even knowing the actors who played in these dramas, they do not have never aroused my interest either from a physical point of view or recitative... Then.. One day, three years ago, I accidentally came across in "I remember you" (Monster) and I was literally kidnapped by the character of Min and by the actor's interpretation, Park Bo Gum... It had never happened to me before... not with a asian actor... Also I noted he has a very rare beauty... So I started to care about his person (of Bogummy) and his work, to understand who he was, I saw his other dramas and at the end I loved all his lead roles... .. after, I started to follow him professionally in other fields... the music (I already booked Bloomin on Amazon), Music Bank, for example, or Hyori's Homestay... Today I find myself here, after having attended another forum, always because of him and I say: Park Bo Gum is a national treasure for Korea... He should be protected... He is such a talented actor... and a person so charming... No doubt, today he is successful and is known... Sometimes I happened to ask informations about him to ladies or Korean gentlemen met by chance and everyone has spoken so highly of him, not only because he was handsome or good at his job, but also because he has a good personality and polite manners with everyone, so represents the ideal korean man... The Boyfriend/Encounter drama may not have had the highest rating of other dramas, but, being a romantic drama, without a lot of emotional issues or special effects, broadcast on a cable network.... and with some interesting intellectual games... I think it was a success!!And even more I think it's a success the cultural influence it is having ... I hope I can soon go to Korea to visit those beautiful places or read the translated books that Jin Hyuk read... I conclude... Excuse me if I have written so much. I add that I hope he accept the role in that movie "Seo Bok", it seems interesting, it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, "Blade Runner"... Thank you for the sharing of this article: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/10/park-bogum-captivates-fans-from-teens.html
  6. They could produce a dvd with ng, bts, removing the most romantic scenes, for me it would be unpleasant, but it would still be the director's cut dvd of one of my favorite dramas. I hope they change their mind and maybe do it later. Also because there will be the request of the other countries and they will have to satisfy it.
  7. Look here.. I hope I have been helpful ... Among the things I liked most about Encounter there is also the way they talked about the amateur passion for photography ... The moments of Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun in the dark room.. I'm really impressed by the influence of Encounter...
  8. Good morning everyone, I am a great admirer of the talent of Park Bo Gum, as an actor above all, but also as an entertainer and artist in the most general sense of the term... When he chose as his second drama, like male lead, "Encounter" with Song Hye Kyo, I was excited and worried... I was afraid it would be a risky choice, because of age and the status of married woman of his co-star... Until now, I've only known SHK, I confess, when I first heard her name by Lee Min Ho, another actor I greatly admire, who had said he wanted to act with her. I did not see DOTS because I did not like the genre... Here, now I'm here to tell you that deep down Bo Gum was right again and his choice was really courageous but at the same time right. He chose quality... because Encounter is a masterpiece of its kind. He chose the opportunity to grow as an actor by learning from a veteran like SHK, which I found perfect in her role as well as very beautiful. And in fact I think that Bo Gum with this drama has managed to improve further ... He is really a natural talent to enter the character, that allowed us to love him. ... I add that I am sorry for the criticisms, few fortunately and infinitely unjust: PBG and SHK I think they were aware of it from the beginning and deliberately chose to challenge prejudices and go against the current... A round of applause for their choice!!! Returning to talk about the drama, I loved it so much, from the rhythm, slow and relaxing, to the soundtrack, to the photography and colors, from the supporting cast, to the protagonist couple... There is much talk of chemistry these days, but I think that in some cases this term is used inappropriately. I believe we can talk about chemistry between two actors when they can make you forget their names in reality and make you focus only on their characters...Personally, I do not care if two actors are in tune out of the screen ...And I like that there are only a few Bts of Encounter (perhaps a forced choice) ... JinSoo is a couple to love within the story, only then you can get carried away by their love, that grows more and more until that final confession ... The line "Don’t be sorry. Thank you for being brave" reminds me of another more famous movie than many years ago, "Love Story", I must say that the writer makes so many literary and cinematographic references which are difficult to remember or notice, he was also really good ... but he could be more ... Because sixteen episodes seem very few ... I wanted to see our couple struggling with the path of Santiago, for example, and I wanted to see them as a husband and wife, deal with everyday life .. and the slightest glimpse inside that room at Cuba would have been nice.. Good things always end too soon ... One last thing, another very abused topic concerns the good visual of couple, well they are so beautiful together that every comparison is impossible ! (is another deleted scene?)
  9. Hi.. Our crown prince is traveling, for work (@Eider), but I hope so much that he is also relaxing ... And Yoo Jung instead chose to go on vacation with a friend... but will he really just be a friend? He's a ordinary guy (not-famous, but thanks to her now surely will be more known)... note: @ehdudqkr deleted the photos with YJ, for this reason, correctly, I also deleted the photos that portray him with YJ, after saving them, but the impression remains... who is he? I know this is not the news that many BoYoo would have liked to read ... but, if so, it should be respected her choice to do a normal life as a teenager near a teenage boy (caution: I'm not saying that the guy is dating YJ, we don't know yet, just that she went on vacation with him and we don't know who he is to her.)... Of course, unless it comes out that is his cousin, thingh which I doubt, but even if they were just close friends, you will also understand my embarrassment and my decision not to update this forum from today, which will always remain my favorite as well as my favorite couple will be always and only that BoYoo ... if fate wants it, maybe we'll find ourselves still here, I hope so... Now, I greet you and thank you all ... To Bo&Yoo, thanks for these 3 awesome years and please allow me, finally, to express everyone my most sincere wishes for prosperity and success, now and for the future!!! I wish Yoo Jung to be happy, whatever the path she has chosen... and to our Bogummy, I wish him to find all the success, love and happiness he deserves ... I hoped that YJ could be the right one ... we'll see... I'd still and always like to see him smiling! cr owner cr owner cr tvN Drama "Encounter" Goodbye ...
  10. I guess, I hope so... Waiting for his reply, if the "Seo Bok"'s cast is confirmed, with Bogum and Gong Yoo, as well as with the director, BG's return to the big screen promises to be a really good movie ... So today the news on "Business Times": There is no denying that Park Bo Gum is among the most popular. Song in the Moonlight and the Encounter series, the 25-year-old actor provided that he is one of the most bankable stars today after the success of the series Kyo.His hard work paid off after he gained various recognition for his diverse range of roles in both television and film. It seems like it is like to be seen as another person who is being told a movie with a train to Busan star Gong Yoo. Then on https://www.cosmo.ph: Word is out that two of our favorite K-drama actors, Park Bo Gum and Gong Yoo, will be starring in a movie together! According to Soompi, Korean news outlet OSEN confirmed on February 7 that there are currently talks for Bo Gum to star in a thriller about the world's first human clone, Seo Bok. Bo Gum is slated to play the titular character. "He received an offer [for Seo Bok] and is positively reviewing it," Bo Gum's representative revealed. And on @Piki Movie: Parkbogum returned to the big screen thorugh" Seobok" after 4 years break. cr owner OTHER NEWS again about Bogummy... And now "a visual miracle" (quote by sports.donga.com): cr coca cola cr @kodaehyun_go Now, let me say something ... I did not like Yoo Jung's last project, but I strongly believe in her talent and I have confidence that her next project will be better, so as to leave everyone with a good memory ... Someone wrote that the BoYoo are fanatical ... For me fanatic is who wants to ship her every time with a every different man whom she crosses on its way, even if he's much older and not suitable for her ... I respect YJ as a woman, that's why I do not liked the development of her drama, and as an actress, this is why I wish for her in the future a project that enhances her more. Being BoYoo it does not mean wanting at all costs that she and BG form a family, for me it means to give an intrinsic value to what I considere one of the most beautiful couples seen in a k-drama ... It is natural they, both, need to feel free to take the decisions about their life ... And speaking of private life, I appreciate how Bogummy always emphasizes in one way or another that being a public figure does not mean giving up having a private life ... #BoyooFighting #Boyoo forever
  11. 吉星高照 Best wishes to all those who celebrate the Lunar New Year... Very nice the photo chosen by Bogummy to make wishes... New Zealand? cr tw Bogummy About the New Zealand, during his FM he showed various snapshots taken in NZ and Cuba... cr tw@ThformhmT Again about last Fm of Bogummy in Japan... He sang the ost of Encounter and Mdbc... In spoiler other vids from Japan (thanks for the sharing) And about Encounter... Finally, about YJ... I saw this for the first time, I do not know where it came from and when it was done, but I liked Yoo Jung here, as a past time, I hope you leave your hair black and long: cr owner
  12. Have a good beginning of the week everyone... Happy holidays to those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, especially to BG and YJ who have worked hard in recent months, have you a good rest for the Seollal celebration and you spend the joyous days... Yesterday YJ has updated her IG... And yesterday too Bogum's FM was held in Japan... He have entertained many Japanese fans ( I read that 22000 fans were there ) for 3 hours ... Congratulation, I am proud of him! I had said that I would have posted more content of his fm, even if yesterday it seemed forbidden to take pictures or videos, I found something, here are my fav (waiting for a better quality)... cr logo (19.02.03 - Japan - Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting Good Day) cr logo (19.02.03 - Japan - Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting Good Day) cr logo (19.01.26 - Seoul - Park Bo Gum Fan Meeting Good Day) Now, some vids from Fm in Seoul (19.01.26)... Here BG sings "Bounce" in a very sexy way .. Next vid is very hot (in spoiler)...
  13. Happy weekend to everyone... Our Bogummy is in Japan where I think he will give his fans another great show (on feb 3 at Saitama Super Arena) and Yoo Jung has finally finished shooting his drama and we are waiting for his new project.. Below are photos of BG at the airport and below YJ at the CWPFN party... cr logo cr logo Now, before the new updates, I would like to say a few words about the drama I have followed, Encounter / Boyfriend ... Boyfriend is one of those rare dramas that moves slowly, but never left me bored. I loved watching Soo-hyun and Jin-hyuk falling in love, then trying to keep that love despite the challenges involved, and ultimately realizing that they can’t make everyone happy, so they may as well take their happiness where they can. The drama was lovely visually (and I don’t just mean the actors), and had some beautiful things to say, but the artistry never got in the way of the true beauty — the love that two people can experience if they just make up their minds to fight for it. (source: http://www.dramabeans.com) Encounter really excited me and I loved every detail, from illustrations to music, from landscapes to the interpretations of every actor in the cast. You can not look at it superficially because every object or word has its own value... I think he's at the forefront of my favorite melodramas of all time, second only to MDBC ... I fell in love with the JinSoo couple in a different way than how I loved the pair BoYoo... He and SHK did not betray their real partners, because they were only the interpreters of the beautiful lovestory between Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyeon. This couple exude amazing chemistry.And I loved that there are not ships! cr tvN Drama Encounter I think Jin Hyiuk really represents the ideal boyfriend, a young normal man (though with the beautiful face of BG), but not trivial, who loves music and poetry, who is not afraid to show his feelings, who not was angry at the world but grateful for what he has . I love him... And he has been very well descripted by Bogum... The actor said one of the reasons why he chose the drama was because of his genuine affection for his character. “Jin Hyuk is a character that is passionate, optimistic, and adventurous. Even if it’s something small, he knows how to treasure what he has, and I really liked the confidence he got from that kind of mindset.” He added that Kim Jin Hyuk knows how to love and care for those around him and that he hopes viewers will remember his character’s kind heart for a long time.(source: soompi) How good is he to get into the shoes every time of a different character ... Park Bo Gum said firmly, “‘Encounter’ is not a romance between me and my friend’s wife, but a romance between Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun. We were each acting out our characters, so I focused on my portrayal of my character.”(source: soompi) My opinion: how boring these journalists, stop with the taboos about married actresses. And Encounter also breaks down the taboo on the possibility of a divorced woman being happy with another man. It is very appreciable. cr tvN Drama Encounter Still about the last Bogummy interviews ( http://www.topstarnews.net)... And about the great news of his debut like singer. ( https://www.soompi.com) Other news in spoiler... Sweet dreams and, to Bogummy, have a good day tomorrow! cr logo
  14. The good memory of the FM of Bogum, described by the fans who participated as a concert, is still alive, in the next few hours I will post something again about it... and I still want to talk about Encounter, since I liked it so much ... But in these hours so many interviews post-drama of Bogummy have been published, accompanied by beautiful images, in which he talks about his character and other interesting things... Moving on to Park Bo Gum’s role in “Encounter,” he described Kim Jin Hyuk as “someone who knows the value behind the small things, rather than someone like Don Quijote who acts recklessly.” He explained, “I think he’s a very special person. He’s someone who knows how to return the love that he receives. That’s why it wasn’t difficult or stressful to play this role.” He shared his thoughts on his character Kim Jin Hyuk who has a very straightforward style of dating. He said, “In my case, I would be more careful. I’m similar with him in terms of the way I think about my significant other, but Jin Hyuk is more expressive. I express my feelings too, but I also feel like it could be taken as too much. We have different dating styles in that I think more about how the other person feels, even though we both express our feelings.” (source :https://www.soompi.com ) I will only quote you a few sentences... "The actor #ParkBoGum of the drama '#Boyfriend' is posing for an interview at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Seoul on the 28th." #ParkBoGum: "In the future, I want to show a different aspect through genres such as thrillers, medical dramas and musicals." (cr @Sword616) #ParkBoGum said he was embarrassed by the nickname "Kissing Craftsman". I thought it (kissing scene) was possible because the camera and lighting director captured it beautifully." He humbly said "I am grateful that it looked good. " cr owner His most favorite nickname is '#Bogum Magic' given by Defconn in '1 Night 2 Days'. "I want to be a magical person who can move people's minds and hearts in a good way, with a good influence." Now two good news... "Park Bo Gum And Song Hye Kyo Top Rankings For Buzzworthy Actors" (source: https://www.soompi.com ) and "The drama "Boyfriend" ranked 1ST in the latest Content Power Index Ranking" In spoiler the Bogummy's interviews translated ... in both, like a true gentleman, BG speaks well of his two co-stars SHK and YJ... About YJ, soon even her drama will be end (next week), who knows if she is already thinking of the next (hopefully in a good script this time and a PD much greater thoroughness, she must be careful)... Meanwhile, she updates her IG every now and then... Who will be waiting for? Goodnight... and sweet dreams... cr Blossom cr logo
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