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  1. I will be going against the current about the evaluation of the final episode... given the high quality of the script we could not expect a final kisses and hugs, an unlikely encounter... but instead it was a final of growth and maturation of our young protagonists, which saw them face the biggest challenge , that of responsibility. The responsibility that Jeong-ha took for example, who want to end the relationship with Hye-jun to help him in his career and to pursue her dreams... Or that of Hae-hyo who decided to enlist and thus take back his life... Or even that of Hye-jun who has
  2. Hello everyone, I can't believe we have reached the last episode ... This drama on an emotional level, really reshufled me, I felt a range of emotions, hate love, anxiety, fear, respect, nostalgia, anger ... Much of the credit I think is due the great emotional acting of Bogum, but also Sodam, that I must say that gradually convinced me , making me know a character in some ways elusive, but really profound ... We are at the end therefore, we still do not know what will become of our two leads, while we have a clue as to what Haehyo will decide to do ... I'm sorry I had so little faith in hi
  3. Hi everyone, it's still night in my country but I know many of you are waking up ... I finished watching Episode 14 and I have to admit I've changed my mind ... Hae-hyo and Jung-ha aren't that bad in their respective roles as Hye-Joon's friend and girlfriend. ..are human! After all, the super girlfriend or the super friend don't really exist ... Hae-hyo and Jung-ha often see each other and dating, but they know how to set boundaries like when Jung-ha refused Hae-hyo's hand to wipe his lips. That of these three guys is not the classic triangle because Jung-ha never questioned his rel
  4. The 12th is an episode that confused me and at the same time clarified some things. Jeong-ha loves Hye-jun and is walking away from him because she is afraid of causing him trouble. Towards Hae-Hyo she feels only gratitude but somehow she feels that she can talk to him about everything while with Hye-jun she can't really communicate. Hae-Hyo came down from his high horse for a moment and realized he has never achieved anything by his own merits and now what does he do, do you think he decides to apply himself more? No, he goes crying on Jeong-ha's shoulder, deceiving her about what her rea
  5. Certainly ... A boyfriend who is sure of the loyalty of both would have no problems and in fact up to now he has accepted the exclusive contract and has only jokingly expressed his jealousy ... but anyway we are talking about a meeting at home at night, I doubt that a man (or a girlfiend) would accept this without any problem .. I still think that for a woman it is not appropriate and whatever he may have said to her to convince her, she should not have so easily yield to his request andalso with that strange smile...I know she really loves Hye-Joon..But she said it in another episode, in ma
  6. Hi everyone, I've read your reading of the final scene of 12th episode... I do not deny that I did not like what apparently anticipates. Now, I am open minded, I have male friends, whit which I went out even when I was as a girlfriend. But every situation is different, the reality in which Jeong-Ha lives is not mine. I wonder how a girl of her age could be so naïve, hhow she didn’t understand that behind Hae-Hyo's attentions there are feelings that a loyal friend shouldn't have towards his best friend's girlfriend... She seems to live in a world of her own: she accuses Hye-Jun of not t
  7. The realistic portrayal of the entertainment industry stories is one of the aspects that strikes me most of this magnificent drama. I read someone wrote that it is too obvious a story and I wonder if they looked at it seriously, nothing is obvious in the drama, the story is complex, the characters are all well described and the attention to detail is great. Starting with the relationships between the protagonists, because there is no classic triangle, the friend is neither good nor bad, the girlfriend is sweet but often keeps her emotions to herself and Hye Joon now is a top star but not as h
  8. yes, there were beautiful action scenes, but sadly few romantic scenes, maybe we were loaded with expectations for that bedroom scene. However, the awards gave me almost as much enthusiasm as those with Bo Gum as protagonist
  9. Good evening everyone, I just finished watching today's episode and I want to leave you my impressions. I really like this drama, it adds something more to Bogum's career, it not only allows us to see him in multiple roles in the same drama, making us appreciate his talent and technique, but also describes what goes on behind theglossy showbusiness world ,showing that really not all is gold, there are rivalries, envy and wickedness. I am obviously rooting for Hye Joon, who like Bogum has a pure heart, and I hope that his love affair with Jong Ha will not be affected by media pressure, by the
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