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    Danbo is so cute!
















































    Thanks so much for sharing,
















































    I want a Danbo now.








































































    [noun] --
















































    A real life terminator
















































    ROFL! Awesome. (:








































































    I have to disagree about it being true. And I promise I didn't look ahead.
















































    The number of people that like me - 13. Highly unlikely.
















































    3. 'the guy I love'. Sure I use to like him, but love?! No.
















































    4. 'the person I care about the most'. She's my friend but I wouldn't say that.
















































    6. 'lucky star'. What is a lucky star?! And whatever that is, he's not that to me.
















































    10. Again & Again - I don't see how it tells me most about my mind...
















































    11. Gee - is this suppose to mean I feel happy about my life? O_O
















































    But I must say there were some freaky coincidences...
















































    8. was a song to match 3. 'the supposed guy I love', the song I wrote down was Love Story...
















































    9. a song for 7. 'the guy I like, but our relationship wouldn't work', the son I had was Tears...








































































    Super Junior: Donghae
















































    DBSK: Junsu, Jaejoong
















































    So Nyeo Shi Dae: Sooyoung
















































    Wonder Girls: Sunmi
















































    SS501: idk.. i don't listen to them
















































    Shinee: Key, Taemin
















































    Big Bang: Jiyong
















































    2PM: Jaebum
















































    2AM: Jokwon
















































    2NE1: CL
















































    Kara: Hara
















































    FT Island: Minhwan
















































    4minute: Jiyoon
















































    Afterschool: idk.. i don't listen to them
















































    CSJH The Grace: Sunday
















































    Brown Eyed Girls: Gain
































































































    At the moment, it's the chorus of 2PM - Again & Again.








































































    I'm thinking of changing it, but I don't know what yet..
































































































    Aww, some of the wallpapers















































































































































    BL!NG posted were so cute.















































































































































    Thanks heaps for sharing. :D















































































































































    `& thankyou everyone else.
































































































    wow so many cute cute ones.















































































































































    thanks for sharing everyone.







































































































































































    WOW. There's alots of Cabra dissing. :crazy:































































































































    Well, I live in Lansvale but I'm like in Cabra practically everyday.































































































































    And, I swear I'm not TB.

































































































    Piano Music Sheets Please

    • Don't Don - Super Junior
    • Always - Big Bang
    • Forever With You - Big Bang ft. Park Bom
    • and any other big bang songs

    If someone has it could you please pm the link or something .

    Please & Thank You












    omgoshies it`s him ~













    i loved him in deathnote .













    but he just looked weird in nana ;













    i prefer kanata hongo as shin than ken`ichi matsuyama .





























    omgoshies ~ yay its japanese .














    i learnt hiragana at school ..














    then i`m self-studying katakana ..














    and kanji is sooo hard <_<














    oh wells ..














    i`ll learn it one day


























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