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  1. I posted a number of times from the DOTS period till they got married. She has been my favourite Kdrama star for 20 years and DOTS my favourite drama. I thought it was really strange that she did Encounter with PBG and he did Arthdal Chronicles with Kim Ji Won so I thought they picked co-leads who were good friends of both of them so there would be no misunderstandings. I can't believe that anything happened with PBG. He's practically SJK's younger brother. In fact when I went to a PBG fan meet, SJK attended and there were even rumours linking the 2 of them since they were so close. Also, SJK cried at an award ceremony when PBG won an award because he was so proud and happy. Seriously the rumours now are getting so ridiculous I don't know what to believe, if any at all. Some Korean media sources say he has been dating the 2nd lead in Arthdal Chronicles for the past few months. I think they were fundamentally incompatible and she couldn't change (give up her career etc) to become the wife he wanted her to be. However now with all the accusations of affairs on both sides, neither is going to come out favourably. I hope they both do this in a manner that minimizes damage to both of them. They are both greatly loved superstars and it would be tragic if their careers ended because they fell in love with each other. In the end I will recover from my heartbreak over this but neither of them will probably fully recover.
  2. I am heartbroken. I shipped them so much. I kind of figured there was something wrong when he talked about starting a family and having to support his family (during Battleship Island) while she was announcing new projects. Don't think they wanted the same things. But I've been her fan for almost 20 years and I am so sad
  3. It's on Korea Portal but I don't know how reliable that site is. Anyway I didn't mean to cause any controversy but rather to express that I'm glad they both accepted. Yes I am sure any PD would want both of them. Both are mega stars in their own right who took breaks after huge rating hits 'DOTS' and "Love in the Moonlight'. So their comebacks would be eagerly anticipated and they hit the jackpot when they got both.
  4. Some have said that the role is very much like PBG's actual character but he apparently he turned down lots of roles before he finally accepted this one so there probably will be interesting developments which prompted him to take this. PBG has been called Nation's "Son-in-law" meaning that Korean mothers would pick him as their ideal son-in-law but clearly this won't be the case with Cha -Soo-Hyun's mother who is so ambitious that she wants her old son-in-law back.
  5. I have been a SHK fan since Autumn in my Heart and a PBG fan more recently. More strongly her fan but I actually went to a fan meet of his. There was a Hi-Touch so I got to high five him and he is really gorgeous with flawless skin. He just glows. Anyway I wasn't too sure about this pairing although I love them individually but they're really killing it. The drunken scene will become a classic. I can just imagine the heartbreak coming with their differences in age, background and the Korean culture. Better get the tissues ready.
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