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    I don't understand how you can feel bad for HT but not for Haru. They are in similar situation except he loves his best friends wife and she loves her ex-step brother. Is her love any less important than HT because you deem the relationship wrong. what they are both doing is wrong but that does not make their feelings any less important. How can you justify one person and condemn another for the exact same thing?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I don't like her behavior. Hyuntae likes Soo In, and he expresses his feeling in front of Soo In and Hwal. That means he wants to fight fairly. I like his straight character. But for Haru, she acts like an innocent girl, but she does something which is selfish and bad. Behind Soo In's back, she always takes Soo In's things and listens to them without permit. She even breaks Soo In's CD which was given by Hwal. Her actions are unacceptable. It can't be excused that she is young because it is the human's nature.

    I blame all four (Hwal, HT, Haru, and Soo-In) for the mess they are in. Hwal for not being decisive enough with either making it a go with Soo-In and putting Haru in her place, HT for butting into a relationship that he has no business being in, Haru for the same reason as HT, and Soo-In for letting HT crowd her when she knew perfectly well she could have crushed his heart with one blow but didn't.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I think u got a good point. :P
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Haru's behavior is like a mad girl. Looking at her really makes me angry. Her brother is so good to let her stay with him already, why does she want more and more like she is a very important person? So crazy. I want to throw her out immediately. She looks too old to be called a kid, but she tries to act as a kid in front of them. Her mind is already like adult. So angry to look at her.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I feel bad for Hyuntae because he loves his friend's wife. But i don't like the way he acts. He already knows that Su In is his friend's wife and Hwal also told him to stop, why does he still bother them like that?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    If Su In and Hwal no more love each other, then he can pursue Su In with any way he wants. But they still love each other and want to reunite. If Hyuntae is the best friend, he should help Su In and Hwal to reunite because one is his best friend and another is his loved one. He should help them to gain their happiness.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hyuntae and Haru are troublemakers, but i hate Haru more than Hyuntae. I feel bad for Hyuntae, but i have never felt bad for Haru. I really don't like the brother-sister relationship. :angry:

































































    i don't understand why haru has to always look all messy and dirty.

    I mean looking young and natural I understand but the hair and dark circles gets pretty distracting
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    can't they just put some bobby pins in her hair and concealer under her eyes?































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I agree with u. She looks very dirty and messy. I don't think that it is because of this character and the make-up, but i think it is because of this actress herself. Many young actresses have filmed many similar roles like hers, but they look very attractive and clean even they play the roles of poor kids. For example, Go Ah Ra, she is younger than this actress but she looks very clean, not mention to who is prettier.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    At first, i didn't want to watch this drama because looking at her i lost my interest. After considering, i force myself to watch it since i like other actors and actresses.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I am watching Episode 7 right now. I can't stand to see her, so i have to stop to give some comments to calm down. Haha... She likes her brother as a man, not a brother. I don't like this fact. Her behavior is really strange, beyond expression. She should know who she is and where she stands. After knowing the fact that her brother got married, she treats her brother and the coach coldly like they did something wrong to her. I know that she is jealous, but she must know that she has no right to do so since she intervenes their life, not they intervene her life. I really can't stand to look at her.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I hope the brother and his wife will be together, but looks like the screenwriter doesn't want to do so. :D
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    This drama was shown on Channel U with Enlish sub in Singapore last year. It was so bad that i didn't watch it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I have seen someone recorded it and uploaded on websites, but just only 16 episodes.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I hope that fan will upload the rest of this drama soon. :P
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I have finished ep.56. I really hate the ending. I don't know what was wrong with the screenwiter's brain when she wrote the ending like this. How come the good guy (DC) had a painful death while the bad guy as Shin Tae Hwan had a very light death. They didn't even show how the man who was Shin Tae Hwan's right hand died, and what had happened to the man whose name is Mr.Hwang. These two men deserve to have a terrible death as they did many bad things.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    DW acted as a crazy man who didn't know what was right and what was wrong. How come a perfect prosecutor acted like that? He just listened to some rubbishy words from Shin Tae Hwan and did all the wrong judgement. At first, when there was nothing happened, DW was a smart man, but after he knew who he was, he became a mental person. If DW is really smart, then he should be able to distinguish what is right and what is wrong regardless of situation. That should be correct way since he is already professional. What a lousy screenplay.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I am really disappointed with the ending. The last ep was too fast.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    SB is fantastic. She always wants to do something which makes her to be sorry later. What a awful girl.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Not only SB, but her own family has problems too. Mrs.Kim sometime acts really stupid. She makes things become worse.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    SB always wants her mother-in-law to love her, but with all of her doings, if i was her mother-in-law, i also couldn't accept her as my daughter-in-law. She is so lousy.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Her mother-in-law said that SB was a wily fox, i think that is true. Sometimes she acts like she is a good girl, but sometimes, she is very insolent. The way she always talk back when her mother-in-law tries to teach her, i can't accept. For example, when she came back home and saw her mother did the housekeeping at her house, she was angry with her mother-in-law, and later she came out and asked her mother-in-law to respect her mother. She had the right to request that, but the way she talked makes me want to give her some slaps because she was very insolent.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I like Hose's mother more than i like him and SB. :tongue2: His mother is evil, but her acting makes people can hate and feel symathetic for her, while i can't find any symathetic for SB. What a lousy girl. :tongue2: If i was Hose's mother and in her situation, i think perhaps i also behave like her.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The problems in this drama are not only because of the screenplay, but also because of the performances of 2 lead actor and actress. Their actings are really lousy, not only SB, but Hose also. When he tried to act at the cute way (i.e. he wanted to show his love to his mother), he really knew how to make me vomit. His acting really had problems. I think this actor should learn more how to act.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I was very surprised when i first heard that Im Yoon Ah had an award at KBS Drama Awards. :wacko:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The ones who make me to carry on watching this drama are Kim Tae Poong, Kim Tae Young, Ban So Young, Kim Soo Bin, Nam Gyeong Woo, Kim Dae Gu, Hong Yeon Shil, Yu Ri,... In short, all of other actors and actresses did great jobs, except 2 lead actor and actress.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I just watched the part which Dong Wook and DC's mother had a conversation. DW said: "Human beings are all the same. In front of money, fame, success, they all become the same. Lee Dong Chul and Shin Tae Hwan, they are all the same when it comes to money." Hearing this really makes me angry. Dong Wook is too stupid since he can't realise that he is the one who likes Shin Tae Hwan and because of power, he ignores his own family. The more i watch, the more i think that the screenwriter must have something wrong with her brain. She is somewhat stupid. :tongue2:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I am now watching Ep.55. I can't believe that Dong Wook become like this. Now he is not human anymore. The screenwriter somehow or other must be crazy. :tongue2:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    When seeing the poster, i thought that the lead actress was ugly and looked awful. But after watching few eps, i find out that she is quite pretty. :lol:








































































































































































    Last time, DW was so smart, but now, he is really stupid. Now he doesn't know what is right and what is wrong. As a prosecutor, i think he is not qualified. I can't adapt the way he changes too fast.
























































































































    About Myung Hoon, when he carried the important documents to go somewhere alone, he was stupid too. He should know that it was dangerous. :wacko:
















































































































































    I just finished watching ep.153. Sae Byuk's mother-in-law is elvil, but frankly to say, Sae Byuk is really stupid. She is the one who always makes her mother-in-law angry and hate her more. Many times when her mother-in-law wants to give in and tries to like her for Hosae's sake, she always makes her mother-in-law disappointed. This is the first time her mother-in-law wants her to go out for dinner, she doesn't appreciate it. So stupid girl. If look carefully, we can see that almost of her mother-in-law's evil action are caused by Sae Byuk. :tongue2:








































































































































    I just started to watch this drama and straightway finished 6 eps which were subbed by akinaz89. This drama is quite funny. I like Jung Joon Ha's acting who plays the role of Su Dong (Gi Dong's brother). I knew him since i watched Prince's First Love (2004) and Outrageous Women (2006) and i liked his acting since that time. Everytime when he plays the role of a fool, he always makes me laugh very loudly. Haha...
















































































































    I also like Kim Jung Nan who palys the role of Han Deuk Soo. She is also very funny and i especially like her more since i watched You Are My Destiny.
















































































































    This is the first time i watch Lee So Yeon's drama. Her acting is also quite good. She and Gil Dong make a nice and funny couple. :lol:
















































































































    I am waiting to watch the rest of this drama. :w00t:

















    i agree with you, but i think Ji Hyun has a kind heart inside, it's just that she is blinded by the greed for her son to own Tae sung...
















































































































    Yes, Ji Hyun is blinded by power and money, not for her son, but for herself. I just finished watching Ep.52. Ji Hyun told Shin Tae Hwan that at first, she did everything for Tae Ho, but later on, she thought about herself only. She thought she would become a successful woman who would sit on Shin Tae Hwan's position and would be better than him. That showed how greedy she was.
















































































































    Her mother-in-law, Mrs.Oh, was very smart. She could guess Ji Hyun's true intention before Ji Hyun exposed herself. Even Mrs.Oh knew that fact, she still wants to help Ji Hyun. She is really good. She and Myung Hoon are really pitied. They have to live with the ones who are too greedy and don't love them.








































































































































    The way Ji Hyun talked to her mother-in-law (Mrs. Oh) was too insolent. If i were Mrs.Oh, i would give her a slap. She doesn't know how to respect elders. President Oh and Mrs.Oh were too good to her, how could she say something like this? I want to give her not only one slap, but also many more because she deserves to have these.
































































































































    Ji Hyun is too greedy and filthy. She did all the dirty works, but now she blames all of her wrongdoing on Dong Chul and Myung Hoon. :tongue2: She was willing to get married to MH on her own, noone forced her to do that. Even though she was pregnant, she had a right to decide not get married to MH.








































































































    She always askes Dong Chul not to take revenge on Shin Tae Hwan, while she always wants to take revenge on DC's mother. If she is a generous woman who forgives DC's mother, then she can ask DC to forgive Shin Tae Hwan. But, she is not generous. DC's mother's fault is too small compared to Shin Tae Hwan's fault. DC's mother only said something made her feel sad, but Shin Tae Hwan is the one who killed DC's father. I thought JH was smart, but after all she is just a stupid woman.








































































































    Everytime, she blames on others for everything which doesn't happen following what she planed. So crazy woman!








































































































    Although i haven't watched Ep.52 yet, but knowing that JH will be jailed, i feel happy (of course i feel sorry for Tae Ho).
























































































































    At first i thought that Ji Hyun was a generous person. But now, the all i see are how selfish and heartless she is. It was Myung Hun's fault at first, but after many years, Ji Hyun still keeps it in her heart and says all the lousy words. It makes me so angry. :tongue2: She always behaves like she is an angel and never makes any mistake. I can see that she is a greedy woman.
























































































































    Watching this drama from begining until now, i still don't have any feeling for Ji Hyun. I really hate her. :tongue2: DW turns bad, doesn't make me hate him much as i hate Ji Hyun. The way she behaves and treats others make me hate her. I hate her mouth too. :tongue2:
























































































































    DC looks younger with new hair style but not handsome as last time. Vice versa, Myung Hoon looks more handsome with the new hair style. :rolleyes:
























































































































    Thanks Luv for ur caps! :wub:

    Do you guys know where we can watch EOE with subs aside from ViiKii ?
































































































    I think viikii is the fastest side where makes the English sub. :wub:
































































































    Yesterday and today are Chinese New Year, so i think they don't have time to do the sub. We have to wait. Be patient. :P









  22. Why does LKW always have to cooperate with older actresses? :sweatingbullets: Those actresses are pretty and i also like them, but they are too old compared with LKW. Until now, the only one who i think makes a nice match for LKW is Kim Bin Woo. They were a perfect couple in "Kid Gang" drama. :wub:

  23. Cinderella's Man Leading Lady Han Eun Jung

    January 21st, 2009 // by javabeans

    Han Eun-jung (Lawyers of Korea, Full House) will be the leading lady opposite Kwon Sang-woo’s pauper-into-prince main character in upcoming MBC drama Cinderella Man.

    Or should I say, leading lady opposite both of Kwon’s pauper AND prince characters — his Dongdaemun market shopkeeper character (the “pauper”) switches places with a businessman who owns a large-scale clothing enterprise (the “prince”). Hilarity (I’m sure) ensues.

    Han Eun-jung plays a rich daughter of a banker, who falls for Kwon’s shopkeeper character. Neither actor excites me, but the premise seems rife with possibility for ridiculous cheesiness. The drama will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays in early May.

    Via DongA

    credit:drama beans

    I don't like Han Eun-jung. She is not pretty and looks quite old although her age is not that old. :tongue2: Playing the role of a rich girl is not suitable for her. So disapppointed!
































































    I haven't watched this drama yet, but after seeing the photos, i think the lead actor looks quite handsome, and i like his custumes. They are so nice. :wub: On the other hand, the lead actress (Yoon Jin Suh) is not pretty and looks too old compared to him. Disappointed!









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