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  1. When i first joined this thread i was quiet surprised too that it had only reached 10 pages even when the drama was nearing its completion. I assume the only factor is that there was zero romance in the drama. Maybe if there is Doctor Prisoner2 i want Dr Han paired with NYJ with some added romance and probably we'll get to see these pages moving.
  2. ahh! but that will make all the fun to watch. I would love to see NYJ smart moves to counter Director Seon
  3. Spoiler! (for those who haven't seen the finale) haha! so LJH being in a coma was a fake after all! not even MYR knew! NYJ had expected LJJ to inject LJH with the same substance he did his father because he thought LJH had Huntington's diseases. NYJ planned everything and injected LJH with a substance to counter the effects and had LJH record that incriminating conversation He's so smart!! The ending was good over all. Surprising that Dr Seon wasn't arrested or something like that despite him being a corrupted guy. Anyway I like that Dr Seon and NYJ are working together. I would love to see them in Doctor Prisoner 2, anyone?
  4. I wasn't surprised that NYJ and the gang failed to secure the video showing LJJ trying to kill LJH. It all seems too easy and i can't believe NYJ would think LJJ could easily walked into his trap without having prepared in advance even though he managed have the audio of that episode. The question is: what substance did LJJ inject LJH with? He told NYJ that it was not the same substance he injected his father with. If LJJ knew that it was a set up to trap him the substance he injected into LJH may not be enough to kill him. At the end of episode we see Prosecutor Jung and his team heading in supposedly to arrest LJJ. On what grounds? Was it about the laborers of Taekang chemicals?
  5. @gm4queen i was just wondering that NYJ's true intention of helping LJH to get out of jail on stay of execution is for his own revenge plans after all LJH did cause the disabled couple's accident. LJH might just suffer from renal failure like how KSW suffered from liver damage.
  6. Another late comer here. I had wanted to wait until the all episodes were completed but after watching episodes 1 and 2 was really hooked and couldn't hold back! hahaha now the waiting is killing me @confusedheart7997 if you're a fan of NGM you should definitely see him in GWSS he is good as a baddie there but that didn't make me dislike him. It means he is a good actor. Like you i have no sympathy for LJJ. I don't know why writers tend to make these characters have a backstory to justify their evil deeds. I am quiet sure NYJ has everything covered. He knows Director Seon cannot be trusted and you may be right to say its his ploy to bait the bigger fish. This drama is quiet fast pace in that if Seon wins in one episode NYJ quickly makes up in the next.
  7. Just finished watching this drama. Such a beautiful and endearing love story, even though it was slow and moving at some point i didn't find myself hitting the ff button and was more focus on their conversation. Can't seem to get it out of my system yet. Both leading actor and actress delivered a commendable performance and the other casts were amazing. Its my first time seeing PBG in a drama and i think he did an awesome job as Jin Hyuk and not to mention his charming smile. I really fell in love with his character here. Even though he was faced with the many obstacles in the relationship he was unperturbed and stood his ground. Will definitely watch out for his other dramas.
  8. Thank you @rori0711 for the explanation. I'm still confused though, maybe i'm the sort of person who can't see fantasy and reality coexisting.
  9. This drama has been on my 'to watch list' and finally caught up with it. The Only thing that attracted me to this drama was Hyun Bin and Park shin Hye. Don't really know much about these AR games and stuff, but i have some questions. In all the time that Jin Woo disappeared, the time span was about a year and CEO Park couldn't trace his whereabouts and even HJ didn't know where to find him. Was JW locked in the game? Doesn't he need to eat or sleep? these are basic human needs. CEO Park can certainly trace JW's credit card eg. if he slept at a hotel or had a meal somewhere. Even SeJu when he was 'locked in the dungeon' it was what a year or two years. Didn't he eat or sleep. I'm confused
  10. Haven't been on this thread but just giving my two cents worth. I'm not really into fantasy stuff but was watching this for Ju Ji Hoon and literally zaz through 28eps and just completed ep32. At the end I was like WHAT!! What happened here?? And someone said the ending makes no sense and they offer no explanation. Well I have come to realize that this is just a fantasy drama where anything can happen. How can you explain a man lying unconscious and suddenly disappears? There's no logic there. There were a few issues that were left open, like what happened to the items. Se Yeon had a bomb locked to her neck and she and Gon were transported somewhere but only Gon was in limbo. There was a convo scene between a young Gon and his father. His father tells Gon he will grant him his wish. I'm guessing that was meant by 'the Room of Wishes'. And Gon must have wished to be reunited with Da In that's when he came back. They were too much lovey dovey stuff at the end and then we were given a bomb of 'who excatly was hanging at the prison bar'?
  11. @philosophie Director Woo Vietnamese wife needed a heart transplant and it wouldn't be possible unless JW is brain dead and i don't think it was possible for JW to donate any of her organs since she is pregnant. Anyway Director Woo's wife died. it takes so long for subs to come out and it still not completed the last i look. At the prison convo between WH and HS, HS was still being arrogant and told WH that she will be out in no time and have him and JW killed. Then WH started to tell her something about a meeting between him and the chairman. The subs stops there. I think its about the will. I remember in the earlier episode the chairman wanted WH to prepare his new will. The will that JW gave HS must be the old will. I believe the revenge in this drama is not WH's but between the chairman and HS. He hated HS for having an affair but kept her by his side tormenting her. He had a illegitimate child (MW) and brought him home to be raised by HS. MW was the chairman's tool to torture HS. On the outside he praised MW while ignoring SH and mistreats him. It was a way of showing his hatred towards HS. They are both crazy!
  12. @lu09 @philosophie the baby's is WH's, i think there was a hint of that in episode 14. It was in the scene after she tried to stab MW. They were arguing and MW said he loves her and want to work things out so they will live happily together but JW said "can you be happy even if i conceived another man's child'. That is one of the issues without closure in this drama. Did the hit man escaped without being arrested? What happen to HS's brother? WH's dad was stabbed by HS but was anyone charged for his murder? The synopsis says WH's father died in an accident whose caused is unclear.
  13. The chairman must have showed WH's mom pics of her husband and HS and she committed suicide. Why in hell did he have to do that anyway. The man is already dead. He spent half his life being spiteful of his wife's affair with another man and HS went crazy because she was jilted. Both are crazy they destroyed so many lives.
  14. Director Woo(MH's assistant) is the one who killed MH. He was arrested near the end of ep16. I think WH's revenge was quite lame. His father wasn't a victim but rather he was involved with HS but jilted her because he couldn't leave his family and that led to HS anger and she killed him. I really felt sorry for SH. He and YE could have gone traveling and live happily. I didn't catch what WH told HS when he visited her at the prison the subs aren't fully completed. It looks serious. Somehow didn't feel anything for the OTP. To me their relationship was kind of shallow.
  15. The sub for ep15 is completed. SH reject being chairman of Geosan. That was a good decision. If he is to become chairman HS will keep manipulating him so once and for all he will be free of his evil mother.
  16. Yep just watched the partially sub ep15 too. Did they use a younger actor for Ricky wow! he certainly look like the older Ricky the eyes and all but younger. I can't understand why the chairman wanted to protect that evil woman. It was stupid of Director Woo to kidnap JW. Was he thinking of having JW undergo a heart transplant surgery? That's like killing her and did the doctor even know that she is a living donor. All the running around was just stupid waste of time.
  17. I'm with you on this one. I'm not convince HS killed WH's dad and i wonder why she confessed that she did. How did Ricky got hold of the knife and wasn't Ricky the Chairman's driver? If HS did indeed had and affair with WH's dad and she conceived SH, when did YR came about? hahaha so confusing.
  18. Before watching ep13 i had suspected that HS and WH's dad were in a relationship hence the photo that chairman Tae showed to WH's mom (in the flashback) and she committed suicide. I also have a feeling that SH is not Chairman Tae's bio son all the more reason for the chairman to dismiss SH as the heir of Geosan. hahaha quiet interesting! but the plot seems overused. I'm beginning to like SH and YE's relationship.
  19. thanks @mizkorea i went back and watch end of ep7, don't know how i miss that. Anyway when JW offered to get tested it was after Director Woo caught her at the airport trying to leave, but that was a flashback, I wonder if she was pregnant then. At the end of the convo between JW and Director Woo in the same episode (current time) Director Woo said "forget about it, its not easy as long as you keep your promise there will be no problem" now i understand that Director Woo meant it was not easy for JW to donate her organs, She may not be a match etc. So what JW promised Director Woo isn't about donating her organ.
  20. Sorry but i didn't get this part about JW promising Director Woo to donate her organ anywhere in the last two episodes. From what i understand is that she had made a promise to him about something which we are unclear of to this point and i don't think JW got to tell Director Woo about her pregnancy the last time they met. So now JW has the original will of Chairman Tae which states MH as the sole inheritor? I'm guessing Director Woo also knows the contents of the will and i think what he is after is really monetary for his wife transplant. Its interesting that JW is using the will as a bargaining chip to get herself release but now YR becomes her attorney. I don't think HS knows that YR wants to get JW out of the way and have WH all to herself. Anyway the reason Chairman Tae killed WH's father and his mom committed suicide is still vague. There was a flashback scene where WH saw his mom meeting someone in a car at their front gate. That 'someone' must be Chairman Tae. Looks like he gave her a photograph and not long after she committed suicide.
  21. I haven't seen ep12, subs are not up yet. I have a feeling that its Director Woo (MH's assistant) who stabbed MH and JW is keeping silent to protect him because he has a sick wife to care for. @ymiss i have no problem with WH and JW's relationship but as a prosecutor he should have been upfront with his team and distant himself from the case.
  22. Thank you @zenya22 for your insight on this drama thus far. It makes me look from a different perspective. However I can only agree that the drama is taking an interesting turn after SH miraculously survived a jump from what a two storey building? with only minor injuries and a broken leg. He seems to have been cured of his drug addiction and is talking and thinking with a clear mind. So far it makes for an interesting watch. Maybe SH is the one i should root for. Somehow i quiet agree with @anony12345 on WH's behaviour. He has the testimony of YE who say she saw JW came home at 4am on the day of MH's murder instead of 2am as insisted by JW but he didn't questioned her about it. He visits Chairman Tae and was short of choking him to death. So i fail to see WH's honesty in investigating.
  23. Ok we are already at ep10 and am still blur with the revenge thing but for sure i'm getting annoyed with Yoo Ra. She is acting like a woman scorned with her one sided love for the WH. Are the evidence from the drone still pictures or videos? The pictures only shows JW holding the letter opener. There was a hint that the baby isn't WH's when JW looked surprised at Mi Seon mentioning WH as the baby's father. Are there two episode per week or one, unlike other dramas the subs for this show are slow in coming.
  24. RAW episode 10 is already up
  25. It was a bitter sweet end. Some of the characters that we came to love died. Although officer Jang was happy to die in the line of duty Haksan died a tragic death. So sad for Woon Sim. I would say the writers were venturous to deviate from the norm by having the King abdicate and choose a successor other then his blood. When HS told SW his intention to abdicate he said he does not want to put his blood on the throne. There was a period of peace and stability and the King was pressured to take a concubine so he can have an heir. At that point i was thinking HS couldn't think of keeping the throne because then he would be greedy and it was not his to begin with. I didn't notice that but i was quiet anxious when he was shot by the arrows, i was going like WHAT!! nonono!! they will not give us a sad ending?? No, he was hurt but took a long time to recover. When SW saw the little girl with the hazelnut i knew that HS was alive somewhere. Two years they were separated wow! beautiful ending. Love reading everyone thoughts here, thank you. Going to miss this show.
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