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  1. Caught up with this drama a few days ago and have finished watching till ep10. I'm enjoying it and can't wait for ep11 already. Judging from the number of pages on this thread the drama doesn't seem as popular.


    I like that its quiet fast paced, MH was fired from the law firm, had his licence barred and all the perks taken away but he didn't suffer as much and settled in quickly at the school.  Quiet interesting that at  the end of ep10 we are still guessing who SA's killer is. 

    16 hours ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    When LTS met with the Assemblyman, what did he mean when he said, I know how much you liked SA?

    What did HM see that made him assess that LTS was murdered?

    Also, didn't HM witness LTS installing cameras in his office? What happened to those cameras?

    How did BJ find out that HM was a lawyer at KH's father's firm? And how did he know KH already knew?

    If the foursome all know who HM really is, why haven't they said anything?

    It is clear that the cliffhanger is just that. We all know that HM isn't going anywhere because clearly the foursome are all afraid of him not being at the school than him being there, so why did BJ set this up to scare HM?

    Has BJ been behind all of the evil misdeeds all along? He seems to be the thread tying everything together.

     LTS is aiming to takeover Woonam University but the bill that YK introduced to the National Assembly that allows private institution to takeover substandard universities has been pending for over a year. If you watch closely LTS was basically threatening YK. When YK said it was not the right time to pass the bill, LTS started saying words like "I did things to protect you' and saying that he knew YK visited SA that day. So yes its is highly likely that YK killed LTS. The scene where he burned all of LTS things is telling. 


    When HM was searching LTS's body for his phone hid didn't find anything on him. Its strange because his phone is not on his desk where his suicide note was. I think if a person were to commit suicide they will probably leave their personal items close by but in this case HM didn't find any, so the killer would probably have gotten rid of it. 


    I don't think they were installing cameras when HM was there instead they were dismantling all the cameras that LTS said his brother had installed there to spy on him. 


    It was BH who told BJ that HM is a lawyer. Since HM knows their secret i don't think the foursome can do anything except scare him.

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  2. What a sad ending for OYS. His colleague Sangmin understood that it would have been better to die like that then be ridiculed by the public when they have been cheered as heroes. I wonder if PMJ would make known of their involvement in the NA bombing. 


    @pompyavi @bebebisous33 i share your thoughts on Tailor Kim that he may be the VIP. I have a feeling we may never know/see who the VIP is till the end of the show. 

    With all that has happened in ep14 i'm of the opinion that the VIP's plan were flawed. With such magnitude as bombing a National Assembly and killing 200+ people to change a government whoever he/she is did not take into consideration the characters in play like OYS and General Eun. He expected them to obey his orders without question when really they have a mind of their own. There was no plan B or C and tailor Kim was shaking when confronted by General Eun. 


    7 hours ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

    The awkwardness was funny too when PMJ was confronted by the missus.

    I thought he displayed that same nerdiness when he proposed to her. He smiled sheepishly and looked like a school boy being reprimanded for not doing his homework hahaha


    I don't think Gen Lee will join hands with Gen Eun. He was proud enough not to bow to PMJ but he is a honorable man. 


    There is still that nagging question of who the mole is in the BH. 



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  3. 2 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Anyone want to take a stab at what the primary goal is for the terror cell?  All I have worked out is what they are AGAINST (no peace with North Korea) but not much seems to be revealed about what their actual cause is?  If they want a new Korea, what is it they really want to see?  We sort of know what Oh wants to see and his leadership style but he seems to be at odds with the VIP so his personal views doesn’t seem to be aligning with the VIP’s?  I am trying to work out what their (VIP) primary driver is.  Advisor Han’s conversation with Cha in the corridors.  He spits out rather hatefully that the people don’t “deserve” a good President.  Instead they have chosen a man like Oh who wields power as he pleases.  What is his (Han) motive in letting the country implode like that?   It’s as if he is saying, “well I really don’t care anymore. This country has chosen to kill itself by choosing a dictator like Oh.  So be it.”  Is he so bitter about the whole nation that this is his way of personal vengeance (on a large scale?)?  So it’s not so much about building a new (or better) country at all, it’s about sending the country to it’s “death”.  Just thinking out loud. :lol:

    Ok let me try. First of all we have to look at the mastermind meaning the VIP. I don't think Han is the VIP. Someone said in the drama (can't remember who, have to rewatch ep13) that the VIP is a very rich and powerful person. A peace treaty with NK means the US will have a limited presence in SK. These rich and powerful conglomerates may loose billions in arms deals with the US. Things like creating a new Korea is just a farce and OYS may soon realize he is just a tool. 

    I believe Han still mourns for Yang. President Yang worked so hard to realize the peace treaty but people just don't care. They choose to believe what they want. As an eg. the Discrimination Act is for basic equal rights not just sexual orientation but the opposition is manipulating the truth to discredit PMJ. Han must be tired and have lost faith in the masses. Could it be that Han is protecting PMJ in some way?


    So who is the mole in the BH? The issue of why Gen Lee security clearance was revoked was not dealt with or did it. Will someone care to enlightened me on that one. 


    p.s. Gen Eun had knew the contents of the confidential file but did not have accesses to it. Who then leaked it, it comes back to the mole then. 

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  4. 9 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Actually, OYS revealed his weakness during this episode. He relies on no one, even the Chief of Defense who belongs to the organization was treated like trash by OYS. He even rejects CYJ as he views him as someone insignificant. He believes that he did great all this time, however his decisions were made based on money. He didn't close the market in order to help a certain group to buy another company. Only the rich people from that organization could benefit from it. Then the expansion of the naval base was only possible because he had the backing of someone rich: the inhabitants from that island were offered a huge compensation. Furthermore, the social media were manipulated. Everything was organized hence he shows no greatness... His successes are just the results of manipulation. 

    OYS is displaying his arrogance which i believe will be his downfall. I wonder if expanding the naval base was a plan/order by the VIP.  As we can already see OYS is not the kind of person who take orders. As @40somethingahjumma said OYS is only succeeding because he has a powerful backer. I'd like to think that he will be abandoned if he gets too way over his head. 


    About the leak on Sec Cha, we know it was OYS who had someone leaked that to the press. OYS was talking to someone and the camera zoomed in on his shoe. In another scene we saw Mayor Kang was tipping some reporters on Sec Cha. I guess the reason he's doing that is because his trying every means to tip the scales in his favor because of his current low rating but where did he get that info from?


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  5. 24 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Striking is that I see some conflict between OYS and the VIP coming due to the tailor's words: "the VIP is not fond of people crossing the line".So far, the VIP is the real leader of the group but OYS sees himself as the captain. At some point, OYS might question the VIP's leadership: Who is the true leader of the organization? It looks like the VIP is the brain and OYS is the face. I do think that OYS could "cross the line" as he has the impression that he has the support of the citizens. But like the reporter Woo said, the ratings are not reflecting how people will vote 40 days later. Nothing is sure. 


    There is one thing that bothered in the last episode: what happened to HM's kid? Was he rescued or not?

    That is exactly why OYS was as @triplem mentioned visibly angry when he went to confront the tailor about the assassination attempt on PMJ. OYS wasn't informed of what was to take place at the investiture and it could be the same with the bombing, he was only told at the last minute before the bomb went off. 

    Its safe to assume now that everyone within the group do not each other and have not met the VIP. I think only the tailor knows his identity. The reason for this would be if their plan didn't work out they can easily disband and regroup later and that makes it harder to track them down. 

    I'm beginning to think that the VIP is head of the 'group' which the tailor mentioned. They could be members made up of conglomerates who definitely benefited when the market crash and rebound. I don't think Han is the VIP but i'm not denying his involvement in it. 


    Han said the next line to take over PMJ is Minister of Finance but he was also shot in the incident. Do you think that was a coincidence? I heard they say there was two shots. Meaning they didn't take into account the shot by Agent Han. It was not surprise that OYS ordered the sniper to be killed, that should cover his track but i'm wondering if they would just stop there. Would OYS be ordering an investigation into the dead sniper, his family, his recent contacts et al? 


    @nrllee about Han being pensive and all that, i'm thinking as the case with OYS, Han too did not know about the assassination attempt and what the VIP is planning. I remember a couple of episodes back in one scene after a drinking session with PMJ, Han broke down. When i think about it now it could probably mean that Han is part of the group but did not know what was being planned (the NA bombing). 


    Yes, it seems the issue of HM;s son was not dealt with in ep11, i hope we get to know something about it in ep12. Looks like agent Han is out. 


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  6. 1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:

    Honestly, I doubt that PMJ's bodyguard could be a mole. I am suspecting more someone else... HNG's colleague from the NSI because he was the one who was asked first to track down KJW's cellphone. Remember that after she found the cellphone, a few minutes later TaeIk took it away from her. How could have he known about the location of the cellphone? Since Han believed, KJW was dead, the organization believed it as well. And her colleague was the first one to know about it without her telling him. In my opinion, he might have asked for a favor: HNG shouldn't be hurt as he loves her. Once KJW was declared dead, he could start at some point woo her but now the way he died makes it impossible. Don't forget that HNG has never suspected him once... he was already part of the investigation. Yet, on the way to deliver the new discoveries, HM was forced to admit his guilt. HM hadn't even mentioned anything to the NSI chief. Besides, don't you find it weird that HNG has been accused of being an accomplice, while he was spared? Yet the others from the NSI could see that HNG and him were quite close. Do you think that it is a coincidence with his "punishment"? Now he is able to be by her side all the time... Remember that when HNG discovered that KJW was alive, soon after he got killed. He was with her, when he realized that KJW was alive.

    Do you mean that computer guy?? i just thought that it was weird that he is with her all the time. He is not a field guy but base in the office right? Doesn't his boss notice that he's been missing from his work station??

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  7. 48 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    2 shots. The first misfired because HNG intervened.  TaeIk curses, reloads and then there’s another shot which is masked and coincides with the screen blacking out. PMJ is hit with the second shot.

    There was three shots. One from agent Han the second shot is from the shooter he missed and tried a second time and it coincides with the ending. The third shot is debatable. They probably did that to let us speculate if it was really a shot or they just making that sound for the closing of that episode. 


    48 minutes ago, nrllee said:

    They thought he was part of the Security Detail.  He was wearing the same get up, had the intercom with ear piece and the Security lapel pin.  Plus he strode so confidently past them that they probably thought he was doing a routine check.

    That is why i said security is lax. These men are the presidents security guards they know each other there shouldn't be someone new without the chief of security's knowledge. 

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  8. 59 minutes ago, liltash85 said:

    who is PArk Su Gyo? 

    haha i'm wondering that too


    11 hours ago, pompyavi said:

    Yeah on watching the trailer again, it looked like neither OYS nor PMJ got hurt. OYS looked shocked and PMJ's expression didn't seem like he his hurt. It's more like OYS pulled PMJ down so that he doesn't get shot. Instead now I feel the guy sitting behind on the chair has died.

    Someone mentioned that probably the shooter was aiming at OYS but watching the preview of ep11 for the umpteen time its definitely looks like he was aiming at PMJ. At the end of ep10 we heard only one shot and the shooter must have missed his target when agent Han shot at him. There is a guy who is sitting motionless behind OYS he must have been hit. 


    And i don't think OYS pulled PMJ down. I think the president's security guards pulled PMJ down from behind him. I know some of us here do not want OYS to be the bad guy, that probably he's a double agent probably snooping around to see if anyone around him is an accomplice in the bombing.  I hope he is not but i can't seem to see him that way. A double agent would definitely hide his true self but

    1. OYS reveals his deeper feelings especially to Assemblywoman Yun. He tells her something like 'In the nation i hope to live in there is no place for you' (sorry if i got that wrong) that's so frightening.

    2, When he was cornered by PMJ about agent Han. He says Han probably resent him because her boyfriend died in the bombing. How did he know this when even the president didn't.

    3. When they failed to kill off agent Han by the gas explosion his tailor reported it to him in riddles. 

    4. When the tailor inform him that they failed to reveal PMJ's scandal he says "that's alright I think we have everything covered"


    Thank you @bebebisous33 for you insight on political advisor Han's involvement in the bombing it has somehow 'open my eyes' to his behavior. You could be right in suspecting him.


    Just some thoughts.

    1,I didn't like how JunO died. I mean they are NIS agents. They a highly trained in tough situation but there they were standing in the middle of the road. They were easy targets. I was expecting the truck of doom to come hahaha.

    2. Why was security so lax at the investiture ceremony. The two security guards just let a guy into a building facing the place where the ceremony is taking place. The nation just went through a bomb attack and security is so lax omg! 


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  9. Looks like everyone here doesn't think or do not want Sec Cha to be that mole in the BH and i sooooooo do not want him to be too hahaha! but that recording Sec Jeong just heard could put a damper on their ongoing romance i'm sorry to say hahaha


    Could there be a reason why the Mins of Def revoked Gen Lee's security clearance? To me Gen Lee was rather suspicious at the beginning when he pushed for Defcon 2 in the case of the NK submarine and calling his man to be on standby to strike without permission from PMJ. I think he acts rather rashly when it comes to NK, that could be the reason his security clearance was revoked. 

    2 hours ago, Seiran029 said:

    about OYS, yes he is certainly hard to read. one thing for sure, he loves his country, or more he loves the people of his country but hated the politics.

    Sometimes a person believes can be quiet dangerous. I find OYS calm and clean cut demeanor rather eerie especially how he settled easily and quickly after the bombing mind you he was the victim. His talk about a New Korea is just frightening. 


    The title for ep11 is Acting President OYS? if i'm not mistaken someone mentioned that they had planned it so that OYS couldn't run for president because he needs to resign withing 10 days. Now is it not dangerous if he is acting president. Remember PMJ had made adjustment to the security level so that if OYS is made Min of Def he will not be able to gain access to the confidential info at will. But an acting President will be able to. 

    Okay, some questions.


    I don't think that person they brought in on the gurney with the face covered is PMJ. Why cover his face?


    Was Agent Han able to rescue Han Mo's son? 



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  10. 4 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Loved how he went straight from Let’s Have a Meal to It’s a Date, meaning he didn’t care that she was a single mum.

    but i wouldn't give him credit for the way he proposed to her. It was in the hospital where SW was admitted for cut on his head. PMJ took the ring case from his coat pocket and handed it to her. He said something like he promise to not let SW get hurt again. Nothing like "i love you bla bla bla. Hahaha such a nerd!

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  11. 12 hours ago, disembody said:

    i am confused about the whistleblower. so the man who gave her (reporter) info was choe's ex. got it. but what did the whistleblower do? or was this like a double whammy. whistleblower releases info about the other men who were guilty and either a) lies about what he has on pmj or he knows but that isn't relevant or b) works with her ex? second seems more plausible.

    yeah, i'm confused too about this whistle blower part.

    1. At first Sec Cha was talking to Chief Ahn about a worker who was sent to verify PMJ HR documents but they died in the bombing. Is Chief Ahn talking about JunO?

    2. Then PMJ asked the chief of Security if they had found the whistleblower and he said there is more important things to take care of. He said they had track the IP Address, and found the whistleblower.  The whislteblower had used the scandal as a bait to meet with PMJ. We all know at the end of the ep that he was JunO. I find chief Ahn suspicious especially after OYS said to his tailor 'what if PMJ found that he was part of the bombing'. Is OYS suggesting that PMJ is trying to stop NIS guy from verifying his HR documents re: his scandal? and Chief Ahn seems to put the idea in Sec Cha head?

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  12. @triplem i am thinking the same thing, that PMJ is not SW's real dad. The only reason PMJ was having that worried looked when sec Cha was querying him was because he's afraid SW will find out and not for anything scandalous. 

    I believe Agent Han's superior Han Mo was definitely threatened, remember PMJ said that he has a family if they had killed HM it would have raised suspicion so they probably used his family. 

    The one who had that truck of doomed after Agent Han is probably Ms Yun's aide only two of them knew she was on the way to the hearing. He was also with OYS when he was recovering in the hospital. 


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  13. @nrllee sec Han's actions right from day of the bombing till now doesn't strike me as being the mastermind. To me his more of a loyalist, loyal to Pres Yang. Maybe he was frustrated with the system but i don;t think it was to a point of killing innocent lives.


    Just somethings i found odd though, maybe its just me reading to much into it. On the day of the bombing PMJ was immediately escorted back to the BH. I thought that was rather quick, did they already verify that all the ministers had perished in the bombing before bringing in PMJ? In ep1 when sec Cha was escorting PMJ to meet with sec Han after the bombing, one of the staff stopped him to ask sec Cha about how to treat the deceased and he told him to ask the Minister of Veterans Affairs. I thought that all the ministers had perished.  Maybe it had slipped sec Cha's mind in all the commotion.  

    Did the mastermind really planned to use Article 71 of the Constitution? Whom ever planned the bombing knew that all the cabinet ministers will be present at the President's state of the union address they had created the bunker shelter so OYS would survived  but they did not know that PMJ was fired at the last moment. 


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  14. omg! Tae Ik is OYS's tailor and the NIS boss has just be recruited. Its getting interesting. 

    @liltash85 I'm sure there is someone in the highest echelon of power who is the mastermind and they must have threatened Agent Han Mo to confess he was MHJ's killer. 

    Now that the investiture is postponed OYS is making his move by revealing the scandals of the previous cabinet and PMJ is caught here. I wonder if the pic his son found of PMJ's wife and another man has anything to do with it. 


    Monday is too long a wait!

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  15. 2 hours ago, ryanallright said:

    Cha mentioned that it is not due to his lack of ambition when he rejected the role of Prime Minister, it is rather he understand the mindset of the voters, so he chose to reject the offer. Furthermore, he could use his expertise if he is a Defense Minister.

    The role of PM is more focus on administration but as Defense Minister OYS will be responsible for all the military branches of SK.

    Seeing the wounds on his body OYS may have suffered badly probably tortured too and his comrades perished during the conflict with NK at Baengyeong. My thinking is if OYS's is planning a revenge against NK being the head of Defense will be his priority. 


    Some thoughts on ep7. I thought NIS's security  was rather lax. They went to the trouble to bring MHJ back and even lost a man but his detention site was compromised. But that was necessary for whats to follow.

     I like the way PMJ dealt with Chief Ahn and Mayor Kang. He uses Chief Ahn to counter Mayor Kang and at the same time YCK at the same time, even Sec Cha didn;t expect it.


    Waiting for ep8

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  16. Hi to everyone on this thread. 

    I started to watch this drama a few days ago and just finished watching ep6. Was looking around for something 'intriguing and intelligent' to watch and ...JJH is here ok!!!  i'm in. I always love his intense thinking look can't think of any other Kdrama actor his age that can pull off PMJ's character.  I thought the first two episode was rather slow. Wasn't expecting JJH as PMJ  to be that docile and it almost bore me at some point but that change after ep3. I love to watch how PMJ's character evolved from being a mere Minister of Environment with no political background to Acting Head of Government and Commander in Chief. 

    The casts are really great. Everyone is doing a great job and particularly like Sec Cha and Nam Wook's characters. When i saw LJH was going to be in this drama my thoughts was that he will be playing a dark character. I first saw him in Man from Equator and then House of Blue Bird and Stranger. I think he does a better job of playing a dark and mysterious character. Is OYS a war hero or something  I thought he was rather young to have all those old wounds and burned marks on his body. Probably there is a backstory to that and he's looking for revenge. 

    Waiting for ep7 

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  17. Finished watching this drama. I think it's was one of the best suspense thriller after Doctor Prisoner. Judging by the number of pages on this thread it doesn't seems to be as popular with members here but I'm glad I stuck with it till the end.

    On 5/15/2019 at 12:49 PM, tofuetoffee said:

    Don't think it's that kind of show with hidden clues and easter eggs, everything that the writer addressed is right in the open,

    I don't quite agree, I felt at the beginning that the characters were holding a piece of a puzzle, they didn't know that they were connected to a crime that happened 10yrs earlier. 

    I think the ending was understandable. Chu Myungeun and many others who were in cahoots will be investigated and prosecuted, that's another story to be told but what was buried 10 yrs ago is revealed. I didn't feel there was any boring moments in the drama.

    Looking for more shows like this.

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  18. 7 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    And finally, I really enjoyed this show when it aired & never had a single boring moment!! Feel sad that it is finished!! :( And this series had high viewer ratings & I believe Namgoong Min is a popular actor in K-drama land!! But how come this thread only has 13 pages even the series ended its run..???! This thread should have reached at least 50 pages by now..... But no!!!! :mellow: What a shame!!!!


    When i first joined this thread i was quiet surprised too that it had only reached 10 pages even when the drama was nearing its completion. I assume the only factor is that there was zero romance in the drama. Maybe if there is Doctor Prisoner2 i want Dr Han paired with NYJ with some added romance and probably we'll get to see these pages moving. 

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  19. Spoiler! (for those who haven't seen the finale)


    haha! so LJH being in a coma was a fake after all! not even MYR knew!  NYJ had expected LJJ to inject LJH with the same substance he did his father because he thought LJH had Huntington's diseases. NYJ planned everything and injected LJH with a substance to counter the effects and had LJH record that incriminating conversation He's so smart!!

    The ending was good over all. Surprising that Dr Seon wasn't arrested or something like that despite him being a corrupted guy. Anyway I like that Dr Seon and NYJ are working together. I would love to see them in Doctor Prisoner 2, anyone?

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