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  1. 9 hours ago, lila21 said:

    I don't understand why they kept the identity of the Gidaeryong. Since "he", the Gidaeryong was sent to Ching by orders of the Ching emperor to play baduk, that could have been the end of the Gidaeryong character in Joseon. Instead of the character of KMW returning as the Gidaeryong to Joseon, what could have been done was to come back as HS together with his father, since it was already said that the Ching dynasty was in the verge of internal struggle with Prince Rui and some other Ching Prince vying for the position of "Emperor". The king could have brought back the father of Hee Soo and sent someone else to take his position as the Joseon Envoy. Therefore, HS would have been free to be herself and her father give his blessing to marry the king.

    I think they only wanted to focus on the king. Yi In did everything right, right from the beginning when he ascended the throne and did not waver when he had to make the decision to prosecute his uncle. He was always one step ahead of everyone and he has my vote for the best king in k-drama so far. Having a wedding and all that would be to cliché.  


    ....but i still do not like HeeSoo dressed as a man at the end.

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  2. 3 hours ago, LanHua7 said:



    Just finished ep 16 and all I can say is what I have previously said: This kdrama was defenitly very queer coded, they kept KHS in man's clothes for the final romantic scene say a LOT about it, a type of ending that kdramas like "Mr Queen" was not able to have (just an example).

    I too do not understand why they kept KHS in man’s clothing for the last scene. What was she thinking (with no clear plan) urghhh!! going around the country dressed as a man. My  understanding is that she went to China as KMW and secretly came back a year later. Only MyungHa is aware of this. HeeSoo should then assume her real identity as a woman and the issue of KMW being a woman will not arise hmmm i guess that must be somerwhere in the unforseen future. 
    I agree that JJS acting was superb in this drama. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, larus said:


    On the previous episode of “Captivating the King,” the Queen Dowager (Jang Young Nam) discovered that “Kang Mong Woo” (Kang Hee Soo’s alter ego) was, in fact, a woman. The Queen Dowager then gifted her with a ceremonial robe and pressured her to openly become Yi In’s woman. At the very end of the episode, Yi In stormed in, leaving viewers wondering what sort of conflict would ensue between him and the Queen Dowager.

    In newly released stills from the drama’s final episode, Yi In and Kang Hee Soo share a romantic kiss under the moonlight. Yi In seems unable to tear his eyes off Kang Hee Soo, as if trying to memorize every part of her face—and Kang Hee Soo returns his gaze with a look of complete trust.

    Notably, however, Kang Hee Soo is now dressed as a woman, raising the question of whether she will come clean about her identity and officially become the king’s lover.

    I didn’t catch the stills in the preview of ep16. 
    i think the Queen Dowager’s intention was to provoke the king. She is angry at the king for executing her brother the king’s uncle. If Mong Woo’s identity is revealed that he is a woman Mong Woo/Hee Soo may be prosecuted. This will definitely put the king in a spot.
    I dont see an immediate happiness for the king and HeeSoo. It seems she will be taken to Qing and that is also where her father is. Yi In and HeeSoo will be separated and i believe this is to settle the issue of HeeSoo assuming a male identity. 
    And HeeSoo being pregnant will also not happen because that will make things complicated with the young crown prince. But Yin In and HeeSoo will be together in the future as shown in the preview.


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  4. 8 hours ago, larus said:

    I think the best scenario is for Lee In to continue to be a king and to give his adopted son (his nephew) the Crown Prince status even if he will have other children

    His adopted son is already given the crown prince status. I think that was Lee In’s thought all along.  The cycle will begin again when he has other sons. Fierce fighting for the crown and all.  The situation is often used by greedy palace politician to sieze power in court. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Ana Paula Lima said:

    Is there any chance for Hee Soo had got pregnat from THAT night, this would make her free even from trying to take a criminal to kill the king (in this storyline we know that she always will be saved even when she acts dumb) and by this she would be promoted to the King's new spouse therefore NEW Queen and the king revealing that her father is actualy alive this whole time what would make her hate for him lessen. 


    The script is hidding her real name and filiation intencionaly to create that surprise moment for the couple?

    From the preview of ep13 it seems that someone got hurt and i’m guessing its MongWoo/HeeSoo. The palace physician is called out and seen talking to CaptJu. I will not be surprised if later the physician will inform the king that MW/HS is pregnant ha ha ha 

    I dont know about HS being free from helping in the assassination attempt on the king. The king’s uncle and queen dowager will want her and KimMyungHa executed.

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  6. On 2/18/2024 at 4:24 PM, larus said:

    After Kim Myung-Ha`s father died, the villains were not impressive. They are mostly annoying. 

    Court Lady Dong is the only one who is interesting.

    Yes, i agree with you about Court Lady Dong. One other character that is consistent in this drama is Chu Dal Ha. He feels strongly about his revenge against the king unlike Myung Ha. I can only see Myung Ha's anger towards the king at the end of episode 12 omg where has he been for 10 episodes. 

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  7. 11 hours ago, larus said:

    It was so obvious why the king said those words to his uncle. If she had trusted the king she would have realized why he played along with Park Jong-Hwan. She is a baduk player and suposed to see things from different perspective. Spoilers****I read that there are pictures of Hee soo in queen clothes (probably she will give an heir too)  so the drama will have a happy ending but I don`t care. She doesn`t deserve to be a queen. Whatever. It is good that the king will be happy. I hope Kang Hang Soon will come back because her daughter needs his guidance and love.

    Agreed! she was easily swayed by DalHa and the king's words to PJH but her heart is telling her otherwise. Can someone just shake some sense into her. 


    I'm thinking that maybe the king was testing her when he said those words to PJH. It was loud enough to be heard from inside. When PJH left the king went in and was looking for her. 

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  8. 38 minutes ago, larus said:

    Now that Hee Soo start to change her thought and not plotting further, it will be bearable to watch. I assume that she will try to protect the king, perhaps she will guard him, getting hit herself to protect the king. She can redeeem herself.

    We have to see about that. HeeSoo may soon get herself in trouble again when she suggested to the queen that the grand prince be made a crown prince. I hope the writer will redeem HS character and stop making her dumber still 

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  9. 16 hours ago, larus said:

    And the second male lead, this Kim Myung-Ha, does nothing in this drama.

    He’s such a lame duck, all he does is running to HeeSoo whenever he thinks she is in danger. To me he should be the one to plot revenge instead he does nothing and act indifferently towards the grand prince and princess. HeeSoo is unaware that its KMH’s father who caused her father to be taken to Qing as prisoner and DalHa was toutured. And HyunBo acted on KMH father’s orders and had HS and Hongjang to be totured and HongJang died. HS should be angry at KMH not the king. 

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  10. On 2/13/2024 at 2:19 AM, larus said:

    The maid who told Principal Director about her suspicions was not the same maid who was paid by Hee Soo`s people to help them?

    I think that was to secure BY place at the princess palace when Queen Dowager ordered The maids to be replaced. 

    Hi all its been a while since i was on a soompi forum. I’m captivated by ‘Captivating the King’ 

    I agree with you @larus @lila21 that HeeSoo’s revenge plans is weak and stupid. It laughable

    at best. How in heavens name is she going to outwit the Principal Director and the Queens Dowagers people. HS told her maid that she is fooling the king with her love ha ha i think she is fooling herself. Why else was she drunk the night the king was to bed court lady Dong. I am very sure HS did not take precaution whe she allowed the king to bed her omg! and few eps later ……fill in the blanks


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  11. Well a drama isnt a drama if it isnt ‘dramatic’. 
    i havent watch ep16 but after reading the online recap i’m just going to take my time watching no hurry. 
    At least they didnt make NJD into a much bigger monster by being the ‘killer’ of his own son JH. Was he really sincere when he knealt and apologized to YJ and was he working really hard to reedem himself? 
    I dont think WJ could have saved JH. I dont know why they need to also make him a monster??? Sigh

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  12. 4 hours ago, CarolynH said:

    I'm finally resigned to the fact that NJD is a bad man.  I'm so disappointed in him.  I held out hope for a long time.  I loved this couple and wanted to see them happy at the end.  But alas such is life:bawling:

    I think we all are disappointed in NJD. I really wanted a happy ending for the couple. A few episodes back when HJ confronted NJD about Jh’s phone i’m thinking that was the end of their problem. It just so sad and a pity for HJ when all she wanted was a quiet life away from the public eye. @nrlleeI do not see that for HJ now if as you suggested that last scene is not a ‘dream’ of HJ. 

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  13. @lila21its proven now the ‘betrayal’ SB hinted to YJ at the restaurant was about their ‘affair’.

    8 hours ago, nrllee said:

    It makes sense now why JH went off the rails after middle school.  They were such a happy family before then.  He witnessed the “affair”.  Although now it looks like it wasn’t “an affair”, it was a rape.  If it was a rape, then it’s unlikely that YJ would continue to sleep with NJD.  And it makes no sense that YJ would continue to live in the same house which would leave her open to more abuse?  She’s not a minor with nowhere to escape to?  Even if NJD was drunk and she excused him for it, it makes no sense that she would live there for 5 years in constant fear that he would come knocking again?  That afternoon when NJD returned early in the afternoon and JH/SB saw them downstairs, did they have a lover’s tryst?  Unlikely unless it was another instance when he forced himself on her again.  <_< I am not sure why YJ didn’t just call him out in front of HJ when she asked her in the beginning of the episode.  Why have HJ believe that there was “something between the 2 of them”?  Why not tell HJ the truth like she did WJ?  

    Yes i was puzzled at first how JH turned out to be problematic. He looks happy as a child with YS and also the in the graduation photo. 
    Was there really an affair or was it rape? The conversation between NJD and YJ that JH overheard went something like, YJ to NJD : “it may be a mistake for you but i was tormented ever since”.

    Like you i cant understand why YJ would go on living in the house if she was rape by NJD.  
    You mentioned in an earlier post about JH’s phone. It was never brought up in ep14. How it ended up in NJD’s possession. A flashback showed JH hurriedly exiting the vehicle he was in with NJD it was raining and NJD gave him an umbrella. Did he dropped the phone in the van? According to NJD that the police returned the phone to him.

    6 hours ago, nrllee said:

    O…and the typo by JH for that last text that didn’t send to SB.  He meant to type “I am going to kill him.”  Instead he typed “I am going to kill myself”.  Another red herring.


    i dont know how the text JH texted sounds like in the korean language. Its sounds too far fetched in english

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  14. @chickfactor quiet agree that title ‘infidelity’ at the end of ep13 was intended to jolt us from our seats but the scene of NJD and YJ staring at each other from across the room fully clothed doesnt factor much. The writer/director is clever enough not to give it awsy so soon.

    10 hours ago, nrllee said:

    Are you afraid that Hye Joo will find out?”  

    I dont know, if YJ is the mistress she would be saying something like ‘i’m scared HJ will find out’ 


    Another theory that could explain it is NJD is having and affair with someone else and YJ knows about it. What SB and JH overheard could be the tail end of the conversation

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  15. Wow!! I was all tears when NJD confessd to KHJ that he did meet JH that night and scolded him. NJD was feeling all guilty about it, but this was before SB dropped the bomb about the affair! I still cant believe it and I dont think i want to.

    @nrllee was it the same night that JH and SB oveheard NJD and YJ’s conversation at the house before NJD left for the ‘said wake’ ? It seems odd and unclear to me . If JH and SB were at the house why would JH call NJD and both agreed they met somwhere that night?


    I agree with you NJD would not want to risk and affair. As for YJ i cant understand why she still wants to go on living there if its true. I mean she has been staying in the house since YS was born.

    2 hours ago, nrllee said:

    JH is definitely not the baby’s father.  Why did SB go through all the hassle of faking the documents and fronting up at the Nam household in the first place?  I still can’t work that out.  Was she trying to figure out the circumstances around JH’s death?

    I can only think that she is running away from that pimp bf. 

    I noted that KHJ’s friend the doctor who told her about SB misscarriage did not mentioned to KHJ about YJ being there when SB had the surgery. It occured to me that probably YJ had put something in SB’s food/drink to make her misscarry on the instruction of NJD/WJ - just speculating

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  16. 3 hours ago, nrllee said:

    I am confused about SB now.  Now that we know the baby was her ex bf’s, why did she turn up at the doorstep of NJD?  Claiming that the baby was JH’s?  Was she out to blackmail them?  She didn’t really ask for money though?  WJ was happy to pay her off to keep her mouth shut but she didn’t take up his offer?  And it wasn’t like she knew KHJ would be so kind to her?

    I don't really like the girl from the start. She wasn't particularly nice to everybody in the house except KHJ and i assume that is because she looks to KHJ as a mother figure when her real one abandoned her. I also have a feeling that NJD and WJ had encountered her probably with JH,  before she came to the house. 


    SB left the house when she miscarried the baby. Why did she keep it from KHJ? and why is YJ helping her? She had no money left after paying off her pimp bf to get her phone back with the money YJ had given her and was sleeping in the bathhouse. I think she had gone back to being a sex worker when WJ offered her money and the place to stay.

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  17. Just now, nrllee said:

    KHJ visits mill lady at granddaughter’s wake in the afternoon.  She’s told by mill lady later on that NJD had visited as well.  And that he was wearing his badge.  Mill lady showed her the records for the day.  He had visited before KHJ.  So that would place his visit in the afternoon (and he had his badge).  He told KHJ that night that he was heading out again to attend a wake.

    wasn't NJD's visit to the mill lady's granddaughters wake on the same night after he visited Taeyang's shopping centre leaders mother in-law's wake? because the scene after he shooked hands with the leader was he was leaving and saw the monitor with the name "Hall 5 Namgoog Sol" and stopped by to meet the old lady. The scene preceding that was the clock on KHJ bed table showing 11:15pm 


    And what did JH means when he said he'll make sure his dad will never be in politics again. 


    I just didnt see all this coming. NJD looked very very sad

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  18. Just now, nrllee said:

    I think even if she decides to be by his side and help him campaign, I get the feeling she will not approve of how he manipulates the public sentiment using information about the people he meets.  There were clear differences in how they both felt about whether he should’ve released the information on TV about the mill lady’s suicide attempt.  He didn’t think it was wrong to release more information to swing the public sentiment against the Med student.  KHJ didn’t like it at all.  She felt that the repercussions for his parents with another onslaught of hate comments would increase their suffering.  

    Gosh! i hope KHJ will not find out that it was WJ and NJD who posted the assault video. I just dont want this couple's marriage to fall apart. 

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