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  1. Tried it now and it worked! Thank you~ My only problem now is the translation. Lol. My basic hangul knowledge can't understand anything and the app doesn't allow screenshot so I can translate it using google translate Anyone here with kinda advance knowledge in hangul who is kind enough to translate it for us? Hehe. We'll be forever grateful.
  2. Hi! Does anyone know a website with the manhwa version of Touch your heart? I tried the kakaopage but only the first 3 chapters were unlocked I read the manhwa version of WWWSK on toonkor all for free but sad they don't have Touch your heart there
  3. I just read it too <3 Hi Chingu @princessfiana can you translate it? huhu~ Thank you sooooooo much :*
  4. OMG Thank you chinguuu~ Yeah same. I didn't also expect it to be flashback. I was looking forward to a chapter with their baby. HAHAHA I guess another week of waiting for that chapter *cross finger*
  5. Finally! After 2 weeks. Webtoon update waaaaah ❤ Hi Chingu @princessfiana, have you read it yet? Can you translate it? Huhu~ Thank you so much!
  6. Whuuuuuut?!! Huhu~ I was looking forward to it since last weekkkk~ Why is the world so cruel. Char. Lol. So sad. 2 weeks of waiting again. Hay. Thank you so much chingu for the info!
  7. Its almost 2 weeks since the drama ended but here I am still can't move on. Lol. I'm currently backread-ing from page 1 of this thread to find @princessfiana's webtoon translation. HAHAHHAHHA The WWWSK after effect on me ghad.
  8. Thank you so much for the translation chingu! Thank you so much for the translation chinguu!!
  9. @princessfiana Hi Chingu! I've seen you are translating the webtoon update and I'm always looking forward on your translation of every updates. Thank you so much! Now that the drama ended, are you still going to translate the webtoon updates?
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