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  1. [KBS] Song Hye Kyo, Bi, Kim Sung Soo, Han Eun Jung Full House Started airing on: July 7th, 2004 Starring: Bi (Jung Ji Hoon) as Lee Young Jae Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun Kim Sung Soo as Yoo Min Heuk Han Eun Jung as Kang Hye Won After coming back from a trip to China that her friends paid for, Han Ji Eun finds out that they did so only to sell her house while she was away. She returns and finds that the new owner of the house is none other than famous actor Lee Young Jae, whom she happened to meet on her trip. Circumstances bring Young Jae and Ji Eun into a marriage by contract, making them appear as a couple to the public. Under the terms of the contract, they will be married for 6 months while Ji Eun does all the housework. After 6 months, she will get the house back. Ji Eun finds herself falling for Young Jae, but he loves his childhood friend, Hae Won. Young Jae's friend, Min Hyuk, also shows an interest in Ji Eun. Many interesting and amusing things happen to this "couple" throughout their married life that bring them closer together, but will they really become a couple? synopsis credit to www.spcnet.tv mms:// to mms:// mms:// to mms:// 01. Full House (Instrumental) 02. d-a oon myung - Why 03. Forever (Instrumental) 04. I Think I - Byul 05. shi (Instrumental) 06. chin goo ran mal - Noel 07. oon myung (Full Slow Instrumental) 08. Blue Hills (Instrumental) 09. oon myung (Slow Version) - Why 10. I Think I (Guitar Instrumental) 11. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late) - G-soul 12. Forever - Why 13. oon myung (Semi Slow Instrumental) 14. Love At The Gate (Instrumental) 15. go ma wuh hal ge yo - Byul 16. neut ge pin sarang (Too Late) (Violin Instrumental) 17. Amazing Love (Instrumental) 18. Paradiso (Instrumental) 19. oon myung (Instrumental) Additional Songs: 1. Lee Bo Ram - chuh eum geu ja ri eh 2. Sha la la (Humming) 3. Title Shuffle (Humming) 4. Children's Choir - gom se ma ri 5. Song Hye Kyo - gom se ma ri credit to: azngurl4eva in the final episode, songs that SHG & Bi sing in Karaoke DJ DOC - DOC wa choom eul Jo Kyu Man - da jool gguh ya (Acoustic Version) cantonese song played at the scene of Yong Jae's movie, 'bi ga' Jade Kwan - gwan sam...sam yin (Care About Jade) ed2k links ed2k://|file|풀.하우스.(Full.House).OST.zip|83115091|5783EB4B188CC64B804714605D94163B| ed2k://|file|풀하우스(Full.House).O.S.T..zip|83115055|6E872367E13E9C0AA8E10BA646658935| credits:Soompi **Full House OST Lyricspost#2104 **Gom Se Mari (3 Bears) Song Lyrics post#784 mms:// mms:// to mms:// mms:// mms:// mms:// to mms:// mms:// mms:// to mms:// The Official Full House webpage Download Full House Episodes at idols-unlimited Get Full House Episodes at kpop.bww2.com [must register] Get Full House Episodes torrents at www.d-addicts.com Full House on YouTube! Watch Full House episodes,NGs, MVs and other miscellanous stuff here. Buy Full House DVD/VCD/Manhwa on YesAsia Full House Data,Making,Special Translations (Credits:p_ballereena) FH special translation Full House MVs post#507 Ful House Data 01-07, ETN vod Translation post#485 Full House Special Caps and Translation Full House Making 23 Translation Full House Data ... the last making translation post#462 Bi and SHK winning Best Couple Award at KBS Drama Translation post #254 Full House gifs Full House Cartoon gifspost#262 Full House Kisses gifs post#266 Full House Scenes gifs post#304 Full House ... more gifs post#343 Download Full House Party subtitles Credits : ubersocks (bww2.kpop*) Full House Party subtitles Watch! Full House Memories - by bm05om Agent P's Full House Adventure PLEASE READ! Forum Rules SUPER DUPER credits to bm05om, who basically PMed me the changes, so that all I had to do was copy/paste :phew: and credits to the following soompiers/FullHousers for their posts that were used as links: mei yee chan, madyjune, p_ballereena, biase_jer, gemt, Jacquie :)
  2. The Man is back! Real Name: Kim Do-Jin Stage Name: Won Bin Birthday: September 29, 1977 (lunar date); November 10 (western date) Height/Weight: 5'10"/ 138lbs Blood Type: O Education: Yeo-Ryang Elementary School, Yeo-Ryang Middle School, Chun-Cheon Mechanical Engineering High School, Baek-Je Art College, Yong-In University (major: median and drama) Special Interest: Taekwondo, Snowboarding, Car Racing Hobby: Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Fishing, Computer Games, Photography 2009: Mother 2005: My Brother 2004: Taegukgi 2002: Guns and Talks * Friends (MBC, 2002) * Autumn Tale (KBS2, 2000) * Tough Guy's Love (KBS, 2000) * A Light at the Small Station (KBS, 2000) * Kwangki Ad Maniac / Want You (KBS, 1999) * Ready, Go (1998) * Our Story (1997) * Propose (KBS, 1997) *Maxim Espresso T.O.P * LG Cyon * Ziozia * Foval * Omphalos * Coax * Woori Bank PR * Baskin Robbins * Namyang 'French Cafe' * Hite Beer * 2009 UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador * 2004 Golden Filming Awards: Best Newcomer for "Taegukgi" * 2004 Chinsa Film Art Festival: Best Newcomer for "Taegukgi" * 2002 Bvlgari Brilliant Dreams Awards (Japan) * 2000 Baek-Sang Awards: Best Newcomer Award (TV Drama) for Kkokji and Autumn Tale * 2000 KBS Acting Awards: Best Male Actor * 1999 KBS Acting Awards: Best Newcomer award Won Bin's Official Website Won Bin Wonderland Won Bin Thailand MyBinSpace PLEASE READ! Forum Rules Note: If you have any additional information, updates, or corrections kindly PM me so I can update Won Bin's thread
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