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  1. Has anyone linked the Blu-ray/DVD pre-survey for HPL here already? If not, here it is. Let's raise the demand for it. http://cafe.daum.net/herprivatelife
  2. Arghhghgh I promised myself to never gif another drama again because work is killing me and I tend to get very obsessed and since a lot of giffers are already doing the Lord's work but I just can't. JUST CAN'T. GET. OVER. HIS. HAND. SQUEEZE.
  3. I nearly burst my throat trying to hold my squeals at the new BTS. That hand grabbing her waist is firm and sure and she's not even bothered/surprised/fazed by it. ARGHHGHH but I feel so ROBBED. I want the BTS of the kiss when they were cooking! I'm freaken bawling!!
  4. OMG I legit cackled at your own interpretation/translation. Are you doing this for the rest of the episodes?
  5. I might be weird because every time an awesome episode or a BTS drops showing KJW and PMY's AMAZEBALLS chemistry, I always go check out the *other* thread because they seem to get more heated lol. It's like they're trying their utmost best to find every tiny wrong in whatever they just watched. I know they're shippers, and I'm glad they're staying in that thread, still, it hurts a bit lol. Anyhow, I'm really happy with the latest BTS! It didn't have what we'd always wanted lol but I still like it since we can still see how cute they are together, especially the last part! They're so adorable and the only thing I wish for both of them is that they're both really happy to be doing this project together.
  6. TRUE! Although I understand since most viewers are female anyway, they're obviously going to thirst over KJW lolol
  7. LMAO I've seen a lot of people wondering how his car changed colors. Earlier in the episode, DM's male coworker informed RG that the lease on his previous car is up so they're sending a new car lol. ANYWAY. MY PERVY MIND KEEP REPLAYING THE KISS. I FEEL LIKE I DIED AND BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE AGAIN LOADS OF TIMES. KJW WILL BE THE DEATH OF US ALL. I CALLED IT.
  8. I'm really going crazy for these two. They look soooooo happy in the BTS and I can't even count how many secret glances they already threw towards each other.
  9. Argh! Just done with the ep and I am full of FEELINGS!! I want to share my thoughts about the peck. The peck they had later that day that DM will never count as a kiss? I bet she has wilder ideas. I have a teeny tiny suspicion about it. It does look half-hearted to me. It doesn't look like a spur-of-the-moment, impulse kiss that I expected when RG is so overwhelmed with feeling sorry at how he acted earlier. Also, I didn't think him to be the type to take a kiss without permission, so I'm leaning a wee bit to the theory that he might have done it because of CUPATCH, and that after that quick peck, he'd silently whisper to her why he did so. But of course, as shown in the preview, the parents saw it too lol. Also, I know previews are tricky af so I feel like RG's YES right after DM's mom's question isn't an answer to it. I feel like RG would choose a more careful answer to that, although still telling the *wink* truth. Just a thought.
  10. Damn this episode. They look so good together. KJW is so hot. Darn it!
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