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  1. There will be streaming but dont hope for sub and eventhough live stream we wont able to see certain actor or actress for whole time, because they have to shoot all the events esp the stage and award present Usually fans rely on fancam from the audiences which will be shared right after or day or two days after But since there will be no audiences this year I wont get much hope for "captured" interaction between binjin
  2. Yes there is, because my another bias won this back then in 2017 For this year just wait and see
  3. Any news regarding popularity awards? Lets vote for BinJin that the least we can do the make them attend and win Inkisang Though it will be hard battle against IU fandom for female category And usually it will require you to pay after 1st to final round
  4. I think they will attend coz its a rare case actor actress didnt attend even less chance to win, Baeksang is prestigious awards not your easy no attendance no winning awards and no matter how busy they are they will still try make time to attend, well at least till the categories announced...so lets pray desperately for them to attend I hope CLOY can win best drama, actor and actress at least hahaha
  5. Can they win even if they didnt get nomination as best drama? Or maybe you mean the female lead who probably get Daesang since she is the only one who nominated from that drama?
  6. Im sorry but that account pretty much reliable though it didnt put the official source I will delete my posts if it turn out to be fake, but Im sure its official, we will see Im sorry if my posts get everyone uncomfortable Someone asked the source and the account provided u can check
  7. The lists is out guys https://twitter.com/NetizenDrama/status/1258496138518331392?s=19 CLOY nominated and also both BinJin yayy Im happy
  8. Hii all...been silent reader here... Im kinda excited with the nbuzz article shared here so lets make it short, So I read the comment section there by an uname fortinbras replied by sungoeson that there is naver comment mentioned hyun bin and so ye jin (they have an upcoming movie together) since this article released in april 2018 Maybe the comment didnt make it to the top since hb and syj wasnt really in the picture yet (TN promos havent started yet but some knetz already guessing it) I want to sc but I cant bc of security policy
  9. Hi everyone, was a silent reader here but I just decided to drop by bc Im sooooo in love with the drama I just feel lile to spazz more outside twitter..hahaaa Really want to see them act together after watching The Negotiation and how close they are while promoting the movie (insert that dating rumour too) hahaaha, already can feel the sizzling chemistry from the movie eventho they barely had any scene together and IM SOOOO HAPPY that my wish granted so fast!!! And its true, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin chemistry really sold me with the drama, And this drama really made me in love with Son Ye Jin, I just love Yoon Se Ri so much hahaha...(Hyun Bin too)...its not my first time watching their project tho, and Im not always following all their previous project but I really love them here and Im so glad that they decided to take this project despite the dating rumours (but Im secretly wish that they really date lol) I really enjoyed the discussion here so lets keep it up..hehee I really cant wait to see ep 11, hope to see cute jealous protective Capt Ri over Se Ri hahahaa TVN really mean made us wait with those lovely still pic and preview
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