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  1. Hi everyone, been trying to read every page of this thread but there are just too many details. Like you all, I have been faithfully watching every episode. Kim Go Eun must have saved her country in her past life. First she acts with Gong Yoo with steamy scenes and now she gets all this princess treatment with Lee Min Ho, he even dries your hair for you? Girl, you're so lucky! I agree with the comments that the hugs and emotions seem real and natural, especially in the hospital scenes. I have been watching most of LMH's drama and I think his romantic scenes are the most natural here. He has matured as an actor and he got himself a very good acting partner in KGE. I am a fan of hers and have watched Goblin multiple times, also some of her movies (I tend to like her in romantic roles only, so I watched Tune In For Love and Cheese in the Trap too). She is very good in building rapport with her co-actors. They always seem natural around her. For example, I find LMH not as natural in Legend of the Blue Sea. In TKEM, you can see their couple chemistry get much better in the middle episodes after she visited Corea for the first time. Because of this, and leading up to it, you can really see LMH's real emotions from the hospital outdoor hugging scene where LMH's tears just flowed. The church scene where time froze as their photo was taken too. I think it's my first time to see his raw emotion captured so much that he even cried tears from his nose. I really enjoy such acting from him because he always looks perfect. He can truly enter the next level when such a perfect looking person/idol can 'let go' in front of the camera and look human and vulnerable. This is especially so for LMH specifically because he has been taking on these 'Prince Charming', 'hero comes in and saves the day', 'I'm so handsome I'm so chaebol' type of roles from the start. Maybe next drama he can take on a role where he is poor and lives in basement apartment, just a normal human. After TKEM, I hope KGE takes up non-blockbuster roles. Goblin and TKEM are enough, I hope she acts in maybe murder case drama, or good-feeling slice of life drama like Hospital Playlist. As for ep 16, I'm looking forward to see how this wraps up. After watching KES drama (I'm also huge fan of KES, and huge fan of LMH and KGE, so you can see how I get really excited for every episode of TKEM), I feel that her plot is not so tight in this drama. I wish she had maybe 24 episodes so that it's not so choppy and all over the place. For instance, I find Luna's character development so limited. It will be cool if there was more backstory to Luna, such as developing romantic feelings for Sin Jae, etc. JTE's father is also lacking in scenes. We know nothing about him except his taekwando school and he likes to patrol as neighbourhood police volunteer. Na Ri has so few scenes! What happened to Na Ri's equivalent in Corea? She just disappeared from the plot. I'm waiting for JY and Corea-NaRi to fall in love too. Also, how about little yoyo boy? He just turns up and speaks to people randomly, there could have been a more elegant explanation for this interesting character. So many things unanswered and left hanging. 16 eps is just too short for this type of epic plotline. It's too rushed. There isn't a breather in between the scenes. For example, in Goblin, the actors had time to argue and cook, or go out and take a walk. In Mr Sunshine, there are wide-angle shots of beautiful scenery and landscapes. The premise is good and I can see a lot of research went on to establish the timing and the mathematics. Maybe 40 eps will be good for TKEM, like the Chinese period drama ones. Overall, it just feels like KES has this really great idea for a drama, writes it up but squeezes it all into 16 eps. Like writing a thesis for final year of university, only to produce a summary. I still love and look forward to every ep, but I really really wish she could have refined and done what she really wanted with the show with enough air-time.
  2. Thanks for sharing the fan cam, wow! So many horses on the road! I can't wait to watch the next episodes. What happened for him to bring so many guards with him? Is this in Corea or Korea? I'm sooooooo excited. Maybe JTE gave it to him, she's probably much better at shooting
  3. Has anyone mentioned this yet? LG hates anyone touching him but seems like to him, JTE is an exception.
  4. During this episode, it is near to her 70th birthday. He is discussing with her, he will send her for a holiday, throw a birthday party for her, and make some filial plans. He forgot his phone and left the office, she received a call from the priest association that Jwon's application is successful. She is very angry and told him, "I don't need you to make any birthday plan. Just stay by my side and not be a priest. It's ok if you don't visit me or call me regularly, I just want a normal son who has a normal life." Something like that.
  5. I have found a version of 'Love Letter' with Chinese character subtitles online. If anyone wants to watch it, please send me a PM and I'll send you the link. I tried hard to look for a version with English subtitles, but so far I have not found it yet.
  6. I feel like the child of LBY is fathered by the male lead. There is some resemblance between the child actor and the male lead.
  7. Dear friend, you put into words how I felt. I'm glad my life is still sweet and girly in my late 30s that I can still feel feelings when I watch this show. KES is cheesy and old-school romantic, I think not all viewers are like that. Some like medical drama, or family tragedy shows and that's ok. For me, I love a new KES script any day, and willing to chase 2 nights every week for it.
  8. Since he crossed the parallel worlds, he will get the shoulder pain whenever there is lightning, why did he bring her? She will get hurt. But that is the only complaint I have of ep 4. hehehe!
  9. If it is a parallel world plot, there are double characters for the same actor. Kim Go Eun: Jong Tae-Eul, Luna. Woo Do Hwan: King's bodyguard, public service worker. Lee Rim: Royalty, wheelchair guy. So how about Lee Min Ho's character? He is so far just 'The King' in Monarchy Korea, what about his identity in Dem-Korea?
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