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  1. I so hope lmh will just come out and announce the relationship and stop all the nonsense from now on. Only he can protect her.
  2. Very insightful. He specifically mentioned he didn't know how to open the trunk, and when LSJ gasped about the car, LMH said it is a beautiful car. To me it sounds like a soft advertising. It also makes no sense to stock an off-roader for himself as we all know he is not an outdoor kind of person at all, LOL. Very possible it is a sponsorship like all the camping gears.
  3. I also agree with you, very wise. What was filmed looked more like getting ready before calling action. Whether this would be called being unprofessional or not depends on whether it is filming related. If this action indeed has nothing to do with filming, then according to K-entertainment rule it is unprofessional, people living in other parts of the world might think the other way but that's how they both would be judged in korea. It's questionable any of the two would behave like this to show true affections on the filming site in public to each other since both of them have been in bus
  4. This is a VERY plausible, makes perfect sense. He uses his public (work) account to comment/like only when he needed his recognizable account to show support for promotion (drive traffic to these accounts). He must use his private account quite often.
  5. The melon seeds were gifted by Mineun fans, one to MYM and one to BH. I think kge was just sharing hers and gave appreciations to the fans just like before. I don't know who made these videos, they should be better informed.
  6. LMH may not attend "Hero" premier since he is busy shooting. Let's wait for SBS award then, hope both will attend and we will have more crumbs!
  7. I give it two scenarios (getting more complicated each time LOL) based on the fact that this is the original picture (with or without the filter because this is the only one uncropped): 1. It is from LMH's phone taken with the filter and queen didn't bother to sharpen or crop, put a boarder and was done with it. LMH and WDH's are using the same cropped size and sharpening. Now I think you can "unfilter" a photo after it's taken or even change filters through editing. Who knows, either LMH or WDH edited it and shared the same one on IG. The other two girls edited either in BW or cropped
  8. I think LMH would like to use this kind of filter as he likes to take fuzzy pictures. This particular filter makes image looks old and loose sharpness. This is a camera app so after setting your filter you can take any selfies, pictures and videos using this camera setting. Plus, LMH had a video clip taken in the hotel which I assume his staff was with him and shot the video. If he didn't use the app with the filter first, did he himself add filter afterwards without KGE? Taking the pictures or videos first and then editing it by always applying this same filter seems counterproductive. A
  9. Ok, so whose phone is this that shot the original group pics? LMH's or KGE's? Looks like it's LMH's phone because none of KGE's previous pictures has the same filter but LMH has a lot of pictures with the same filter. One of the IG picture he used to announce his movielog EP1 had it too. Since he was obviously in his hotel I would assume his staff took the photo or short clip with his phone. So my theory is KGE took the group photos (more than these two) with LMH's phone (the one with the filter) just like his staff or friends took the previous photos we saw using t
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