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  1. Reach the highest star SHK. Forget what others think.Happiness comes from within owns self and it projects and beams it to others. WE STAND BY YOU SHK. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  2. Who ever is reporting this be better be good in translating because it does not come out right. I have seen her reporting in YT and it always came out mistranslated thereby making SHK image being at fault. That guy was also rumored having an affair and SHK beautiful image was never tarnished. It was only to the few who were narrow minded and did not see how decent , strong , honest and respectable she is. In addition, she has a good sense of accountability and responsibility by doing her CFs’ commitment in spites of her predicament. WE. STAND BY you KYO no matter what. Pardon for my ranting.Peace.
  3. Still the way he did it was not nice . He did it behind her back. It’s past and she moved on already. Love SHK.
  4. Even though we are quiet , we are still praying for her .She needs time to reflect and heal . We are standing by her silently as well, always and forever.She is an epitome of a true graceful strong woman.
  5. Is that person Kyo’s fan or not? An instigator?Can it not be blocked ?We don’t need anything like that here. I am glad I can’t read and understand them however poor you ahdrianaa , because you can read them. KYO is trying to move on and seems quietly sailing away well. Please don’t rock her boat, the sea is so wide but her boat is so small.Let her be, help her to heal by standing with her so she comes back brighter and stronger.God bless our KYO. MAY God send angels to protect and comfort her.May GOd clear the path for her to a peaceful, joyful and loving future. ❤️❤️
  6. I am from the states but down south That was why her ex-father in law said they were at fault and failed.
  7. What is wrong with having a career? There are a lot of women who have that and loving families who support them with their maturities and strong back bones.There are great women leaders who are quietly supported by their husbands , i.e Queen Elizabeth, late Indira Gandhi, ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and most of all Mary , the mother of God.Kyo is right when she said that if fate and destiny is for her ,it will come naturally . And may I add that if it is according to God ‘s will.
  8. WAY TO GO KYO AND TEAM. They did it with professionalism.God has its own way of taking care of KYO.She may not have a father but she is being watch by our Heavenly Father - God.WE STAND BY YOU KYO.
  9. Thank you everyone for the positive encouragements to Kyo- the quotes, prayers and translations of Korean or Chinese news to English.WE need to continuously pray for KYO. I believe in praying warriors and that is all of us who prayed for her unceasingly in this trying event.She is a survivor.She is like David striking Goliath. Great strength, pure heart ,elegant, humble, sincere , beautiful and a great actress.The reporter seemed like he was saving face or being cautious. Maybe UAA is doing some legal actions now to those people who bashed Kyo with lies.He still bashed her by reporting that SJK affairs were not reported .What did he meant”,not officially recognized”?and Kyo was when they were all lies?He just trying to save himself and not clearing up Kyo’s name.LET’S MOVE ON.GOD and Karma will take care of them.✌️
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