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  1. I like that scene! Maroon and black suit him so i like all his scenes in them. The ending depends on how you take it. It's ambiguous and mysterious as the smile of LFY. Perfect way to make LFY jealous! Maybe they wanted the audience to focus on the rivalry between GQS and LFY because there will be another 'faction' had they casted someone like the one described in the novel.
  2. I don't know either. The chemistry is hard to forget. For me to find such connection is rare that is why it's not something that is easily forgotten. I've seen dramas that have better materials in everything but the chemistry is not enough for me thus i forget about them. And yes, this also took my heart away. Oh. Beautiful words! No one can move move on that easily given such things. We are human beings not some emotionless thing or robotic stuff that you can switch on and off the connection or emotion. We will get over it one day for sure but i love that i'm not the only one who's not in a hurry to move on.
  3. I am reading the novel although not continuously. It's good and i like it. I can't visualise ZZH or JJY with other actors yet. There will be no problem if the chemistry is better though or if the new acting partner looks better. I've seen the first 5 episodes and it's alright. I'm not really sold on the chemistry but the rest are not bad so it will do and knowing that the book did have a happy ending is a plus. Thank you for the heads-up!
  4. It gets tragic but i hope that they will be able to find a remedy for that. I don't expect it actually because there might be a novel where they based it from but i will try to watch it after the finale was aired. Thank you. Thank you. I googled it but i'm not into the actors although the plot is interesting. This drama is weird because of the zombie plot but everything else attracts you. Nope. I haven't moved on from this drama yet and i don't think that it will happen in the near future because i haven't seen another drama that i like yet. Same here. No luck in finding another one so i just replay the episodes. I do, too! They are love. I know and i fully understand it! I saw and him and that's it, he gained another fan. And yes, I hope he'll make a lot period dramas too. You know, i watch that trailer before i watch an episode of this even until now. Especially when he asked her to move out because it's an assurance for me that the loves her no matter what he says. I love ZZH. And JJY. And their characters here together.
  5. I can't think of its relevance but why include it is their thing so i just think that it's there for possible future development. It's bloody bonkers. P.S. I don't have any other drama that i follow right now. I'm thinking of starting to watch Meteor Garden 2018 but for the next period drama i am eyeing Ashes of Love. Can anyone please share their list of dramas that they’re watching?
  6. Zhao Ge seems bloody complicated. i too is not a fan of such but tangled relationships are fun to watch depends on the presentation of the writer. Sometimes the beauty lies on the way they untangle the jungle of lies and complications. I hope you don't give up on the drama yet. Honestly i will watch it but i don't know if i will have the drive to be active in the thread like i am here. This drama is an exception. I got stuck somewhere when i tried to analyse the outcome. What they showed us are not enough to make a definite conclusion. She stabbed herself and a cure from her was made for LFY and GQS words when he poured wine for her somewhere are proof that she died and i can't find a scene that indicates that she was resurrected except for the lady who took the bracelet from him but i think the scene is not enough as basis. I really think they ended the drama ambiguously for a reason. I don't know but i'm still grateful that they did because by doing so they gave the viewers their own interpretation as ending. Honestly i also interpret it as a happy ending because they were together and how it happened doesn't matter because there are aspects in the drama which doesn't make sense in the first place.
  7. I actually follow a viet FB page dedicated i think for this drama and the lead actors and the dedication of those involved in translations and maintaining the page is amazing. They post anything from the photos or what from the actors' weibo page so it's really nice although the struggle is there for me as a non viet but it's not that bad so it's alright. I wonder why there's very few english smitten fans page. I found one but in YT only. I hope there will be more in the future. I remember your nephew liking the opening song of this drama and i think that's a good start to learning another language. BTW, i just noticed that the emperor with his hair down is bloody nice. He looks better with it IMO. But, ZZH is still better overall because he looks great in any hairstyle. P.S. @raziela same here! i don't want something too heavy unless the plot is nice and the chemistry is great. Good dramas doesn't end, they just stopped being aired and the legacy lives on.
  8. It takes one (perfectionist) to know one. I don't want to say he's like that but it's hard not to think that he's not one based from the way that he think, talk, and act. You are so lucky you're able to comprehend what's being said on the video! I did watch it just to listen to his voice. I really hope they will push for a sequel.
  9. I've seen the finale more than once as a matter of fact i just watched it a while ago. I don't know if the unusually cold winter morning is causing me to not think sensibly or what though i think i'm alright because there's a thing or two in the plot that doesn't really make sense but i still prefer it that way. LFY is a poison zombie who will only be cured thru the blood from the heart of the poison master or his descendants. That alone means that they will never have an easy and or a really happy ending. I don't have an ounce of writing creativity in my body and that's how i see it. BTW, i just noticed that TL being the emperor is not bad. First, how he deals with his ministers about the problems and having a concubine is more than alright. He knows what he's saying but i love that he is still the old TL that bicker with NJ when they're together away from the view of the others. Second, i prefer LFY to rest and enjoy in ocean plum. He can't really do that without HYX and kind of selfish and cruel but i'd rather see him alone if HYX is not around. I don't really think she came back alive, i think that what LFY saw at the end was just a fluke or something caused by a very vivid imagination. So yeah, i'd take the ambiguous ending (and LFY of course) any day over any (sad) ending.
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