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  1. If im not mistaken. Ye Hua is the Crown Prince. Donghua Dijun (The first heavenly emperor of the Heaven Clan; the man who united the world. as per wiki) The Heavenly Emperor is the Current ruler of the Nine Heavens. He is Lian Song's father so Lian Song is a Prince. 3rd Prince. Ye Hua's father was the first son, Sang Ji from Eternal Love that was betrothed to Bai Qian was the 2nd Prince. So Ye Hua is the Grandson and is the current Crown Prince.
  2. Yay thanks. I just felt frustrated reading the "garbage" comment. Its disrespectful in all levels. Let's say the drama "really sucks" but you have no right to comment like that as the whole production gave their all in creating the drama. From the set, to costumes, the script and all.. Sigh..... anyway i'll try to stay from them. This was my first time reacting to the negative comments. Happy Valentines guys. Let's anticipate the episode later! ♥
  3. God let me just vent my anger here. WAAAAA. Im so pissed with the comments in MDL. How hard it is to search/know that this drama isn't even TEN MILES OF PEACH BLOSSOM sequel but an independent drama. And says Fengjiu and childish and all but won't giver her a chance to redeem herself. And someone is saying Ah Li (my little riceball) IS DISAPPOINTING. GOD IM SO TIRED IN ALL THEM. Okay thank you for listening...
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