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    Darn! I actually figured the black line was referring to Jaejoong on the album cover but only checked pages 26 and 115 -_-. 115 because it was when Purple Line was released. I figured the 4th hint was directing us to 2pm but didn't think about the French site. The quote "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” is very applicable at the moment LOL.
















































    Anyway, congrats to the winners!









  2. I'm surprised Jung Joon Young accepted the offer as the show may be physically demanding at times, and he doesn't even want to run a marathon. :P Nonetheless, I hope Season 3 will be a success, and wish the cast and staff the best. Hope they will be able to form a strong brotherhood and acquire fulfilling experiences and knowledge during their time. I believe in what 1N2D stands for and in its purpose, and I hope the rest of Korea does, too. Will support for and cheer them on until the end. "FIGHTING"!

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  3. @forlease Me too!! I also thought of "Sugar", the old k-pop group. And what would best be coupled up with 'sugar'/wouldn't be able to stand alone (since the clue did state the 'BEST' accompaniment lol), such as "sweet and sour chicken" and the movie, "A Bittersweet Life". Then I thought of 'accompaniment' used in terms of music, and went on to search based on ideas about that. Also, before I found out the 2nd hint was un-related to the first, I thought the answer was in Orange Caramel's thread lol, since they're a sub-unit of, or "accompany", After School. I found the 2nd hint only after a long time. It was located in the thread I've had a "feeling" about since the beginning, too, but which my mind didn't want to open.

    On the same boat with those who inverted the picture by flipping it around and by way of colors! At first I thought it had to do with unrequited love, because apparently an upside down rose represents that haha. Then I thought it had to do with Beauty and the Beast because a rose can represent beauty, and the "inverse" of 'beauty' can be 'beast'. Which, then, led me to think of Beast/B2ST, the group. I also thought it may have been related to winter because if the colors were inverted, the rose would have been blue, I think. Or it may have been related to Instagram, Photoshop, or any topics about editing pictures, because of the 'invert' part, so I headed to the 'tech' forums to search. I just put too much analysis into the hints.

  4. @witeku
    Here's another translation of his tweet
    There is only you in my heart.. There is only me in your heart.. In different places under the same sky.. Don’t ever forget this moment and remember.. That the touch you feel from the cold wind blowing is my presence by you… -Poet Teuk- haha please anticipate the repackaged album haha 
    Source @special1004Translated by Jee (@jeee54)TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS

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