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  1. Kim So Hyun Treats Fans To An Intimate Gathering In Her First Fan Meeting In Japan KIM SO HYUN HAD A MEANINGFUL DAY WITH HER JAPANESE FANS! South Korean actress Kim So Hyun treated her Japanese fans with stories and songs in her first solo fan meeting in the country. The actress, who recently wrapped up her TV drama, Radio Romance, flew to Japan to hold Kim So Hyun 1st Premium Fan Meeting 2018 on July 1 at the Shinagawa Inter City Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Kim opened the event with a live performance of “First Love”, her original soundtrack for the 2013 drama The Suspicious Housekeeper. She then updated her fans about her recent activities and what she’s been up to recently. The actress interacted with fans by recreating scenes from her dramas and playing games. She also answered fan questions and took a commemorative photo with the audience. A total of 800 fans attended the intimate gathering, which came to an end with Kim’s rendition of “Ito” by Nakajima Miyuki. “I hope to see you more often,” she said before saying goodbye. Having debuted in 2006 as a child actress, Kim has starred in numerous drama productions where she showcased her exemplary acting skills. She rose to fame for her villainous portrayal of the young Yoon Bo Kyung in Moon Embracing the Sun and her role as the tragedy-stricken young Lee Soo Yeon in Missing You. She went on to star in other works including Reset, Who Are You: School 2015, Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, and Radio Romance. https://www.hellokpop.com/event/kim-so-hyun-first-fan-meeting-japan/
  2. I see :))) I am sorry too :)) Also ONE is a Korean rapper (I search his name ) so I got confused.
  3. In the webtoon two men look very tall. It will be good two tall men beside KSH ,like her bodyguards I don't know who is ONE but ı saw some Ksh's fans mentioned his name. Jang Ki Yong is a goog actor and rising star . Let' s see what will happen. Firstly waiting Ksh's acceptance news
  4. 7 K-Dramas Of 2018 That You Shouldn’t Miss 1.RADIO ROMANCE This K-drama tickled my fancy for various reasons. Not only was the love story so pure and endearing, but I appreciated the chemistry between Kim So Hyun and Yoon Doojoon. Maybe it was the realistic character of Yoon Doojoon and his struggle with depression, or the female lead who was desperately chasing her dream of becoming a writer for a radio show. The storyline and character development made for a sweet series. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/21/7-k-dramas-2018-shouldnt-miss/
  5. 8 Top Korean Child Actors Who are Even More Amazing Top Stars Today These child actors have grown up before our eyes, and have become amazing top stars today! It feels like we've grown up with these stars after seeing them act on the big screen since they were kids, and seeing them mature into amazing actors who are some of the most in-demand stars in Korea makes us feel like proud parents. Check out the list below for 8 Korean actors and actresses who were amazing child actors... and are even more amazing adult actors today! Kim Sohyun Image Source: MBC Image Source: Instagram '@wow_kimsohyun' Even though Sohyun is just 19 years old internationally, she has already appeared in a number of roles and won many awards for her performances, making her one of the most popular actresses today. She debuted at age 7 in a 'Drama City' special titled 'Ten Minute Mirror,' but started gaining recognition after her role of the younger version of the second female lead in 'Moon Embracing the Sun' alongside Yeo Jingoo and Kim Yoojung! Her first lead role came in 2015 with the drama 'Who Are You: School 2015,' and her most recent dramas are this year's 'Radio Romance' alongside Highlight's Doojoon and 'Love Alarm,' an upcoming Netflix series. http://www.kstarlive.com/8-Top-Korean-Child-Actors-Who-are-Even-More-Amazing-Top-Stars-Today-598414
  6. Sohyun's ig uptade.She looks beautiful in green dress. Also Jiwoo mentioned Sohyun . Q) Do you always meet with friends who are also dog owner?A) I have many friends around who kept dogs. So Hyun who is close with me since long time ago also kept a dog called Mongsuk. I also met her on yesterday. Momo (Jiwoo’s dog) played with Mongsuk together.
  7. Some Knetz comments about KSH ,Love Alarm. Comments are positive. People want the male lead to be the same age as KSH and well written story...
  8. https://kdramakisses.com/2018/07/19/kim-so-hyun-offered-starring-role-in-korean-drama-love-alarm/
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