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  1. 190711 SoHyun Related Blog Update Translation:--' I haven't been there for a long time, photo frame are hanging on the wall. I heard that actress Kim So Hyun came here not long ago, and made the fragrance for distributed to fans on Fanmeeting! Taking photos and posted it like this, which made me very envious. Kim So Hyun is really beautiful~ she has been catching my eyes since "the moon embrace the sun" , and she becomes more and more beautiful as she grows older.
  2. What Would Be “Boys Over Flowers” Casting Version 2019? 1- Gu JunPyo Gu JunPyo is the leader of the F4 and a hot-tempered chaebol. It is hard to imagine anyone else than Lee MinHo in this role as it is one of his hits dramas. Seo KangJoon and Jang KiYong could be a good match for the 2019 version. KBS / FANTAGIO Entertainment KBS / tvN  Who do you prefer? Seo KangJoon Jang KiYong 2- Geum JanDi Geum JanDi is from a poor family and got to study in the prestigious high school thanks to a scholarship. She is stubborn and is not afraid to say what she thinks. In 2009, it was Ku HyeSun. Kim SoHyun and Park YooNa could be a good match for the 2019 version. KBS / ET Story Entertainment KBS / TopStarNews  Who do you prefer? Kim SoHyun Park YooNa 3- Yoon JiHu Part of the F4, he swayed Geun JanDi’s heart with his warm, gentle and sensible personality. Kim HyunJoong was the actor in 2009. Ahn HyoSeop and Yoo SeungHo could be a good match for the 2019 version. KBS / Starhaus Entertainment KBS / BS Company  Who do you prefer? Ahn HyoSeop Yoo SeungHo 4- So YiJung So YiJung is part of the F4, he is a skilled potter. His love line with Geum JanDi’s best friend interested many. Kim Bum was the actor in 2009. Woo DoHwan and Song Kang could be a good match for the 2019 version. KBS / High Cut KBS / NAMOO ACTORS  Who do you prefer? https://www.kpopmap.com/what-would-be-boys-over-flowers-casting-version-2019/
  3. “Bausch + Lomb” Biotrue new CF (So Hyun’s filming Vlog - Feat. 20 hours filming)[Eng] So Hyun’s filming Vlog.I already filmed about 20 hours start from midnight today.Lens? That kind of dry feeling totally will not happen now.Curious towards my lens nursing secret? The secret is...! (wow_johnny -ig)
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