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  1. After Kim Yoo Jung, to the "goddess" Kim So Hyun bravely cut her long and beautiful hair causing a commotion. The 2 most popular child stars in Korea, beauty and appearance Kim Soo Hyun with Kim Yoo Jung always making the public curious. After Kim Yoo Jung was stripped naked with short hair, Kim So Hyun followed the "planting" of the old girl's long hair. The new look of the children's star "The Moon hugs the sun" one time made fans surprised because not only did the colors not lose but they were also beautiful, more vibrant. https://doosar.com/vietnam/after-kim-yoo-jung-to-the-goddess-kim-so-hyun-bravely-cut-her-long-and-beautiful-hair-causing-a-commotion/
  2. Former Korean Child Actresses, Where Are They Now? Today I am going to talk about some former Korean child actresses, their educational backgrounds, how they were able to pursue their education and career at the same time, and what they are up to now. 1. Kim So Hyun Due to her busy schedule, Kim So Hyun would frequently miss out on school. She didn’t like being a nuisance to her classmates or her teachers so she eventually dropped out of high school. Since dropping out, Kim So Hyun was home-schooled by a variety of tutors and was able to pass the final test and earn her high school graduation certificate. In 2017, she got accepted into Hanyang University’s Department of Theater and Filmthrough rolling admissions. Hanyang University is one of the leading private research universities of South Korea and has famous notable alumni such as Lee Byung Hun, Lee Young Ae, and more. She entered college in 2018. Kim So Hyun has finished filming her upcoming Netflix drama "Love Alarm" and is currently busy filming another upcoming drama called "Mung Bean Chronicles". https://mydramalist.com/article/former-korean-child-actresses-where-are-they-now-011013413
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