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  1. Dong Dong Ju's evolution Characters of Mung Bean. Nok Du and Hwang Tae's sister ,Nok Du's future wife , Dong Ju's friends , Nok Du's granfather Nok Du's uncle ,Nok Du's father,government secretary inspector of Jaseon , king of Jaseon Leader of the Giseangs ,Nok Du's brother , she is a widow rumored to be a ghost who lives in a house that Nok Du will occupy She is Dong Ju's friend and also she loves Nok Du. Dong Dong Ju Jeon Nok Du (pictures from ondubukey-twitter )
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Bausch Lomb LACELLE muse Kim So-hyun. Congratulate to those who become adult on the 2019 adult day ! I also became adult last year, had received lots of cheering and had tried to show a new side of me by taking many different challenges. Remember my first 20, there's many unfamiliar and nervous times, but they have then become the shining and beautiful moments. Giving roses on adult day represent the person received this has become adult and it's time for pursuing his/her dreams. So I hope you guys will try to take many challenges as possible with confidence ! On this special day, how about trying to wear the Bausch Lomb lens that suits your character ? Please don't forget that Bausch Lomb LACELLE and I Kim So-hyun always cheering for you .(Shirlley0604)
  3. I use google translate - I want to be an actor. "I really want to be an actress who gets a lot of hard work and is recognized later. I want to dance well and make acting more fun, and I want to make a deep acting like Kim So Hyun in KBS2 'Huayu' in 2015. I also admire you. I'm like an actor with a charm of excellent pale colors in many ways and I want to be like her..
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