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  1. Cant they air a. Special episode where all of them have good time eating dinner together getting married kinda thing.. M still not satisfied with the ending.
  2. M so in love with this drama. But i feel like the last episode is hella rushed with some unresolved issues. I dont think it will satisfy viewers with the ending. Also with jh mom. I wouldnt have problem with her if it happened after ep12 or something but only 1 ep left she still against it. She is bigger threat to their relationship than TG group trying to destory csh.
  3. Will they give the viewer a tragic end..lol.. I have gone crazy cause of this drama...lol...
  4. damn i shouldn't have come to this page. m fu***d. fml. how m supposed to watch the episode now?
  5. I think lmh said that back in 2009 after boys over flower. I also want them to work together in drama but chances are very low. Lmh will be coming back with a newproject in 3 months and i dont think shk will choose any new project for the next year or two.
  6. those csh and kjh pics are from ep 15 right cause i havent seen them before in those scene and same with jh mom amd dad
  7. There's this thing called media play, which he doesn't do. Lot of actor/actress reveal their project offer even though they are going to reject it.
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