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  1. ahhhhh~~~... i didnt see like that. thanks.... i think since they dont look intimidating at all, the lollipop just added to their cuteness. >_<

    and i felt soooooooooo bad that right after jun-pyo made the gigantic effort to straighten hishair, and dress in uniform (not to mention, forcing the F2 to do the same) to be greeted with thenees that jan-di had.... sorta slept with another guy T_T

    did anyone notice that has he was leaving ,and she was in the floor she just kept looking in his direction. she might have wished he came back and saved her, or maybe she was sad she had disappointed him. >.< omg.... even sadder!!!!!


    i was thinkin the same thing...it seemed like u was waiting for him to turn back and save her....it seems like since he didn't believe her, she lost hope...

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