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  1. Yes I have weibo. My username is rheingala..I want to send picture to ask, but I have no idea how to send it here...
  2. thanks for the tips! I wasn't patient, so I comment on reboot, after I put comments to other dramas, in my 1st day install this app. In English. Does English count?.. I do hv some question bout the app, coz Idk where to click lol. Or translating comments too... Can I just ask you in this forum or chat you maybe?
  3. That's why I tried to install douban and give this drama positive review and 5 stars. I mean this drama deserve it. It's a really great production. One of the best Chinese drama I watch, so far..I was surprised by 1 star rating I saw, eventho I don't know what they comments about (cos I can't read Chinese)
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