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  1. He is so good!! He knows how to spoil his fans. I dont understand what he is saying hahaha... waiting for english caption soon.
  2. So happy my baby won the awards!! It is a starting point~. I am looking forward to see my baby grow in the future with astro and acting!!
  3. Couldn't agree anymore haha. I think I am still into the drama so I let CEW and ISH together but not with JWR hahaha. I am looking forward for their next project~
  4. It is kinda Immature but I hate this. Why Jo Woo Ri came in between. She had a chance before to hug ISH but she chose not to. She is kind of an attention seeker pretty much like her character, come on girl please move on (or I am the one that should move on lol)!! In the end I am so satisfied with this drama. I am getting to know Astro and yess I love them all. I rarely like idol. My thought about JWR and CEW: If they are dating secretly, I feel sorry for her and I feel bad to choose CEW as my fav idol in Astro. He had fun with ISH when he has a girlfriend (I will definitely move on to Jinjin instead hahahaha #oot, CEW please read this I wont like you anymore hahahahahha)
  5. Me too. I just dont like it. The funny thing is I dont mind if CEW sits next to ISH haha. Alright I need to go back to real life.
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