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  1. Sometimes I don't understand what the writer intented to show about Yohan's character. He wasn't playing the DOUBLIE LIFE/IDENTITY like the way Han Seo Joon HH did (good husband/friend, smiling, have a good job that help patient (saving life) saying nice words..... at the same time kill people. The same with Woo Hyung Chul who seems to be a good husband/son, smiling, have a good job "lawyer" that help people, do charities...., help teenagers.....at the same time kill people. None of their behavior made us think they are killer if we didn't catch them. While Yohan never showc
  2. I think the drama may try to show us that Yohan is alive again in Bareum's head. The good citizen will be active the morning and the serial killer Yohan may be awake the night.
  3. PEOPLE.... OMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY from the clip we have here Bareum had a flashback memory about the mouse in HH's hand. He is the little (cutie) boy in yellow uniform sending the mouse inside the snake cub. Do you remember that the serial killer had the picture of the little cute boy in yellow in his room. So either Bareum is the SERIAL KILLER and pretending to be nice. Now that he have amnesia, he may not remember that he was a serial killer and will help the police to investigate.....to find himself. But I still don't understand if the seria
  4. So WHAT IF there is plot twist but not what we are expecting? Let's say - Head Hunter (Han Seo Joon) was a killer psychopat. He is a known doctor and sociable person. He is friendly (warm attitude) towards his friends, wife, family....and maybe even co-worker. We never see him have any emotional weakness towards someone (not even his wife). It was all fake and calculated (to have a child with her) and to pretend to be a normal married man to his evil pyschopat murder and crimes. But he never hide anything inside his house (only outside like the snowmen). - Now we
  5. People, I think Jaehoon is Lee Seungi. If we look at the ending of almost every episodes it ended with Lee Seungi EP 1 ending : Jaehoon (with a knife) EP 2 ending : Seungi and Yohan looking at each other at hospital with the voice of Jaehoon EP 3 ending : Seungi running after Yohan and got hit by a car. Seung Gi on the floor in the rain EP 4 ending : Yohan going in the room, then Lee Seunggi appeared with cold face EP 5 ending : the word "I'm a the almighty" Kmoochi crying for his brother EP 6 ending : Yohan and Seung Gi on the floo
  6. I really appreciate to have Soompi forums where we can exchange differents opinions because this drama is making me crazy confused. Like I have a hard time to put the puzzle together. But at least here I can find some theory that I didn't think of. So my opinion The cute boy in yellow and Jaehoon may be 2 different kids. The little boy seems polished, well dressed, well treated, he must come from a rich family while Jaehoon seems neglected, dirty, not well dressed and his family is average. I think Jaehoon is the son of the researcher's wife with pyschopat dna. Sh
  7. I'm so happy to know that. And it's even more surprising to see you here. WOW. I hope to be the same once I will be your age. We should appreciate things no matter our age.
  8. For me it was Kpop when I saw TVXQ - Mirotic and SNSD run devil run.... I was amazed that asians can dance so well (yeah It's a stereotype in my country that asians are good in art martials, fight, maths, sciences or anything related to school but not dance or singing) So I got interested, and fell deeper as much I enjoyed watching Kpop Mvs all the time I have free time on Youtube
  9. So I was a fan of the webtoon since earlier this year. I dropped the webtoon once Suho left, he was the reason why I liked the story. I love Suho character. He is just my type. I love ML who are "smart, honest, quiet, emotionless face, lone wolf" I find them so captivating and interesting. They don't say that much but they have a lot of give. So when I heard CEW will play in the adaptation, I was excited. I was sad that he was just a cameo or SML in REVENGE NOTE even if I like Park Solomon too as ML. Here I can root for him just like I already love Suho character in the webtoon.
  10. Right now I"m watching TRUE BEAUTY because I loved the webtoon and wanted to see Lee Suho in real life drama since his personality was so awesome to me. It's really good. It's not a deep Kdrama but something that make you enjoy life and the journey of young teenagers facing different problems in life and in school.
  11. I don't think they will change the end since it's already done. And the end will have to "make sense". For Dream High too, I didn't expect Suzy to fall in love with Kim Soo Hyun since she never had any romantic feeling for him while he was in love with her. She liked Taecyeon and even kissed him. She only realized it basically later. He only knew it in the last episode while seeing his pictures in her wallet. Here the writer may want to put the same context but in different perspective. Making things much more deep and complicated. My person
  12. Me too, I have some feeling that Jidal is the endgame. For me my theory is both are giving each other the same treatment. 1) He wrote a letter for her, she responded (15 years ago), she sent 461 messages in 1 night, he responded to all of them in 1 day. 2) He followed her and end up knowing she is grandma's granddaughter ( the 1st time it was when they were kids and she said to stop following her, the 2nd as adult he followed her at the bus stop). . 3) he picked her from gapyeong and she slept in his car, he made her feel comfortable. He slept in her house and she made hi
  13. I know Suzy from Miss A since 2010, she is even called Nation first love, JYP visual, Suzy/Yoona/Dara as Big3 Godess and known for being one of best vocalist live alongside Taeyeon...at that time. I saw lots of her dramas too. I knew NJH thanks to the drama WFKBJ in 2017 and some YG related stuffs. I watched this drama for both of them since I already knew it will be a VISUAL COMBO and I didn't want to miss such opportunity as both are the same age which was perfect. I didn't even know Kim Seon Ho, even if I heard about 2D1N in many related things ( artcles and video).
  14. Not really, attraction may important AT FIRST but "compatibility and longevity" of a relationship depend on emotional and mental connection. What they do for each other and what they think of each other. NDS is getting hate for lots of reason. For me (personally) 1)He took advantage of a situation for his own good without thinking about others (Dalmi, Jipyeong....). The reason why all those problem got bigger is because he decided (by his own will) to give his card, letting more space to meet Dalmi again ....while Jipyeong already told him to finish it quick
  15. Honestly for me, the reason why FL and ML got together didn't make sense, it's like it was rushed. They missed lots of step of a supposed 1st love story for 2 inexperimented young adult. And when they got together, it was a childish puppy love (which is understanble since it's their 1st real relationship) but I expected something deeper. Her penpal platonic love with Jipyeong was more romantic than her love story with Nam Do San. I was okay for both of them to experiment their 1s love story and then break up; find themselves "who they are" and date new partner (for me JiDal) since
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