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  1. @Jillia She has yet to sign the contract with new agency. Apparently SidusHQ updated her schedule from 17Sep to 20Sep but I don't have Eng translation of what schedule she has. Awesome Ent Boss has started to follow you_r_love and ddo ddo her cat. Meanwhile both Jelly couple are in Ninja mode or enlisted in military until BR S2.
  2. Breaking News.... Yooj leaving Sidus and will join Park Seo Joon agency. Hope she will get better offers. So happy for her as Sidus didn't do a good job in promoting or protecting her.
  3. @Tuvi Girl Indeed I was very happy when read the article at 5am and went back to sleep....haha. Hope it will happen by next year then your Taro card prediction will come true. The article does seem legit and it's the first time we hear from Rebecca nim and the production team. Btw, Rebecca nim looks much better with short hair. I think that they would cast Wookie and Yooj for season 2 based on what the producer said that they already have a preliminary discussion with the Director, writer and actors. They will need help from the webtoon writer and need to create new story from scratch. Looks like Pd was very much involved in the storyline of season one. Besides, the ending of BR is the beginning of DH and SB love story and viewers have been asking for S2 because of the two protagonists. So let's keep our fingers crossed that they will start filming by mid year next year.
  4. Wonder what's taking him so long to confirm. Unless he declined it. It's been over a month now since it was announced. Last time too, he was offered a drama before the end of MMS and we didn't hear anything. Then in January, he was offered BR and he confirmed it two weeks later.
  5. @Tuvi Girl Watching the full Press Conference, it seems like they are not close with each other compared to their BTS. Both of them are not being their true self.
  6. JCW YT channel. Goodbye Jjeongjang-nim https://youtu.be/xHVRA8EMj3U I did do the survey. How much are they at now on the survey? Both actors have a lot of fans so I'm a bit surprised that their fans are not doing the survey. I just saw that only 276 people did the survey on 5th day when they need to get 2000 - 3000 people. Wow, shocking. I guess not a lot of people are willing to buy the DVD.
  7. Yooj cheeks are so stretchy. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CD2wI8apbaO/?igshid=164qxx9s9ruky
  8. JCW Backstreet Rookie photo book preorder. BR must be special for him to do a photobook of this drama only. Wonder if we will see Yooj in it? https://www.instagram.com/p/CEbg3izJ70H/?igshid=1krfnug0y4sx https://www.instagram.com/p/CEbh3kMJebb/?igshid=89g6ta382xys I guess our hope for JCW and KYJ magazine photoshoot will not happen. Looks like Kim Min Jae upcoming drama on SBS, they did a magazine photoshoot.
  9. @Tuvi Girl I don't recall JCW said that so hope they did film one with real kiss. That would be awesome. Please do send a request to Taewon Entertainment. Hope they will at least acknowledge your email and request.
  10. @Jillia @Tuvi Girl I did the survey and even have to re-sign up on Naver as my account is not valid anymore. I doubt they have filmed the ending with a kiss. Hope there will be more BTS that we haven't seen if they do release a DVD. The Pulp Fiction bts, they showed us the kiss from the drama not the actual BTS so wonder how many takes they had to do.
  11. Survey about possible release of BR DVD https://www.instagram.com/p/CEYr5X9JrsP/?igshid=5x1bn038tx6o
  12. @Tuvi Girl EMS and SYH kinda look similar at times just like Yooj and Wookie. Strange to see them with straight hair as I got so used to see curly and dreads. Didn't SYH say she wants to do a gathering before the end of year with people she worked with. Hope there will be a BR reunion. Both KYJ & JCW hasn't posted anything on their IG since 8 and 11 Aug. Yooj only had IU song on IG story last week. Missed seeing them on screen.
  13. I dropped Fiery Priest after 15 mins in ep 1. Check out JCW IG 4 years ago....hehehe https://www.instagram.com/p/BH9lJ43A_kr/?igshid=w9incx022v4o
  14. @Ale _ida Imagine if JCW & KYJ were with them, how loud the 4 of them would be. Lol, I find it weird seeing normal hairstyle of Dalshik.
  15. Full interview of JCW from U-weekly magazine. He mentioned about KYJ briefly in this interview for the first time. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEPFRiAp4F6/?igshid=qihy1jsgic5b
  16. Too funny with what fans come up with. Jelly couple's kids. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEBnPi4JkAP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  17. @Tuvi Girl We need to find out whether Romantic Doctor 2, Hyena and The King have been on top of the Wavve charts. If not, then BR has high chance. A lot of viewers haven't been able to move on from BR. On IQIYI bts, so many are asking for season 2. So glad that BR ended safely as there are quite a few production that have halted filming due to Covid 19.
  18. I just realize that we didn't see anything about Daehyun's job as an advisor. Instead he got pushed out from the convenience store and fell and only to go back to do one night shift for the Elderly owner. We only heard from Yeonju that the owner decided to stay with GS25. It was his dream job but we didn't see anything impressive from him. In the end, there was no point to have him go back to the Headquarters to show what he really wanted to do. Same with Mr Bae managing the store to kick Saetbyul out but she ended up leaving without any action from Mr Bae. Again, if they didn't drag on the relationship with YJ, they could have developed the stories further for DH and SB and extend it to 18 episodes. If there is going to be a Season 2, then definitely they need to change the writer. As for Rebecca-nim, JCW and KYJ love him a lot. It's okay for him to direct the drama but he has to stop to tease us with almost kiss or any interruption. Season 2 should be more romance and slice of life....no more parody or webtoon effect.
  19. Kakao talk subbed https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEBnB3sJW6I/?igshid=j8vq1a9qja96 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEBqXn_JNZs/?igshid=1mg548i0n1kwb https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEBr6bnJqH3/?igshid=1lg22f136klck @Jillia Let's hope they 'Grapes' again in 2 years for season 2. With the ending they had, it felt that their love story is not complete. Even though they were on top for 5 consecutive weeks on Wave Charts and still trending no.1 on IQIYI, we haven't heard any comments from either the production team or Pdnim. Is BR not successful enough for them? On Soompi, there is an article from IOTNBO writer talking about their drama success. I just wish there were some post interviews of BR but looks like there is none otherwise we would hear it by now.
  20. Daehyun has to keep his promise. He promise to open a 2nd store and to send Saetbyul to university. Also Saetbyul dreams was to become a store manager and it didn't happen at the end of the drama.....will there be a season 2?
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