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  1. BTS for episode 13-14. Looks like it's really coming to an end that SBS is stingy on giving us the behind of scenes of BR. They put both episodes in one BTS and it's not much longer. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CDh8y7ypvlW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Wookie seems really happy during Confession scene. Lol, DH's mum got goosebumps during rehearsal for the intense gaze scene.... Episode 15 synopsis . I don't like seeing YJ name. Glad SB got her money back. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDiGFoIpPeU/?igshid=1656nytyjzz4u
  2. @Ale _ida I think it's just like that YT video @Jilliaposted with BR review. The Korean guy fell for KYJ and keeps smiling watching her especially the famous controversial kiss. If women are finding Yooj beautiful and lovely, I'm sure all guys watching kdrama will think so too. It's weird that KYJ has not been praised for her action scene by Knetz. It's her first time doing it and her kicks are really good. I don't think I have read any articles about it. When she did the dance in LITM, she got a lot of praises by Knetz. We will find out from them what it means. I want Friday to come soon but then feels sad that it will be the end of BR. I just wish that the 2 episodes left will be full of them just like ep 11 & 12. They need to give us that because they are finally together. Looks like Yooj went to Jeju. Hope she has a good rest. She will soon promote her new film. I'm not ready to see JCW doing another drama with KJW that soon.
  3. @kiefshi1056 You are totally right, this is what we want. I just hope we get one kiss and a peck in ep 15. I don't want the episode end with DH mother affecting their relationship. I hope DH will reveal to her on Friday and she will accept SB as her future daughter in law. Now I'm looking forward to their own secret communication at home because we have never seen them at home together except the bathroom incident. I bet it will be cute and funny with those two Jellies.
  4. Article about the upcoming episodes for Daebyul couple https://www.instagram.com/p/CDfZL5Jpy75/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Sports Chosun]Ji Chang-wook and Kim Yoo-jung, exchanging a heart signal that only the two know With only two episodes left until the end of the show, the excitement index of Backstreet Rookie is nearing its highest level. At the same time, the convenience store in Jongno, which used to be the place of the relationship between Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet Byul,is about to be converted to a direct management store, raising questions about whether they will be able to continue together. In the ending of the 14th episode, which aired on Aug 1st, showed Choi Dae-hyun's confession of love to Jung Saet Byul an all-time heartthrob. Jung Saet Byul loved Choi Dae-hyun for a long time. Finally, the their hearts gathered as one made the viewers' hearts beat. Meanwhile, the 15th episode of "Backstreet Rookie," still cut which was released on August 5, causes excitement by showing Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet Byul exchanging their own "heart signals" inside the convenience store. It shows, Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet Byul are talking with eye contact. When Choi Dae-hyun gave the signal with his eyes, Jung Saet Byul smiled and responded. There are ex-girlfriend Yoo Yeon-joo and mother Gong Bun-hee between them, giving them more thrill. The two people exchanging secret codes with Yoo Yeon-joo and Gong Bun-hee presence are so cute that they smile. The secret code exchanged between Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet Byul continues not only at convenience stores but also at their homes. Attention is focusing on whether Choi Dae-hyun and Jung Saet Byul will be able to continue their romance to avoid the eyes of their families. In a related development, the preview video for the 15th episode of "Backstreet Rookie " drew attention as it showed Choi Dae-hyun, who seemed to be in a fierce fight with his mother Gong Bun-hee for the first time, which raises tension and curiosity until the end, as to why he first rebelled against Gong Bun-hee, and how this will affect his relationship with Jung Saet Byul.
  5. @Jillia @Yuui @ailanthus @Tuvi Girl @Ale _ida Hmm, what type of kiss will Daehyunie give to Saetbyulah? Like Suspicious Partner or shower kiss of MMS. Hope Rebecca nim give them the freedom 3 more days and we will find out.
  6. Yes, the article mentions its Wookie comeback after two years. Looks like they did know about MMS. This one got more criticism by his fans unfortunately. MMS facts: Even though they couldn't kiss longer because it increases their body temperature, they had more kisses than BR..... First kiss happens like in episode 8, there is also a shower kiss.....Geez we are still waiting for one in BR.
  7. Among the 3 Lead drama that Yooj did (LITM, CWPFN, BR), I can say that Yooj has the best natural chemistry with Wookie. I don't know if it is their characters in the drama that made a difference or not . Of course we cannot forget their tension moments when they look at each other.....PBG and YKS can't beat that. Their visuals and Wookie's melo eyes, it just makes your heart flutter. I don't know how many times I have replayed that scene on episode 13 where they have that intense gaze before getting interrupted by DH mum. @ailanthus, I have saved your gifs for that scene. Are you guys rewatching the episodes again? I have rewatched episode 10-14 a few times now. Can't believe that next week there won't be any wait for next episode
  8. What's with Yooj liking to pull JCW's shirts sleeves? We saw it twice in BTS, one on the bed scene and the other one is Couple look/Color. Our girl also got to flick him twice (payback for stretching her cheeks twice)
  9. @Jillia I like it when she said she is doing an inspection and also when she sanitizes him again flu virus and ex girlfriend virus (cute and funny). Another scene I like is the hide and seek they had in the convenience store and SB grandma voice telling him why she became the part timer and when she tells him she is leaving. Yooj is just lovely and adorable in that scene. We did get great moments of Daebyul but somehow, it feels like it's not enough. WE become greedy and want more of their scene.
  10. @ailanthus Thanks for the hug gifs, After that hug SB gave him to thank him for the desk, he already knew how special she is to him. He was shocked at first but then, he wanted to hug her again. Afterwards, there is no need to argue or push her away. I also like it when SB asked him to hug her before scolding her (different from the norm). I think it's rare in Kdrama, that a girl asked a guy to hug her like that. Usually the guy will hug the girl when she is either crying or sad. At times, I'm wondering whether DH knew that SB truly likes him from the beginning. He heard it from her friends but I feel that he didn't take it seriously. I know he wanted to draw a line between them but he never really rejected her while he was still in relationship. It's hard to read DH because we do not know his thoughts.
  11. Backstreet Rookie article https://www.instagram.com/p/CDc0niTpcUU/?igshid=1peuh26jpmqzu Poor Wookie for wanting to experience working in a real Convenience Store and now it's creating issues due no social distancing. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDc4ccHJc_r/?igshid=1ekuxtszpjsil
  12. Looking forward to see the BTS for ep 13. SBS usually release it on Tuesday. They will probably show KYJ crying scene, the intense gaze moment with DH mum interruption, KYJ fight scene and not sure if we will see the Tulip (Netherlands) one. In the preview, SB put her head on DH shoulder while holding his arm, there is someone on the side. Wonder if it is DH office friend or SJ as it looks like a guy in suits. Maybe SB is acting like that in front of YJ and SJ....
  13. @cherkell Thanks for the information and I guess we have to wait for KCSC decision. I really wish they release a DVD. It's not fair that BR will only get nomination but they may not get any awards because of the controversies. I think JCW main competition is LMH and LMH has a much bigger fan base than Wookie. I haven't watched his drama but I read that some viewers are disappointed with his performance as it's kind of same as his previous ones. There is Top Excellence & Excellence awards so hope Wookie get one of them. As for KYJ, she got Excellence award for LITM, so I wish she get Top Excellence. I think her main competitor is Kim Hye Soo.
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