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  1. i am so happy that this drama is getting so much love here and in korea. However, its a completely different story on the mydramalist page for this drama. The negative comments there have stopped making sense and its almost like everyone is ganging up on this show. I wish tvn would have aired moa and encounter at different parts of the year so that this unnecessary fan war could have been avoided.
  2. hey, I think you got something wrong in the post. kjh drops csh near her house, not his. after dropping off he crosses the road and is looking left right for a taxi but she calls him back because of the gift. he doesn't drop her directly to her house because there are reporters outside her house.
  3. me too studying for exams while having this page on another tab and refreshing the page after every 15 mins. y so many exams in december?
  4. I think the context to his confession is clear. throughout his dialogue, he was questioning himself about why did he get up in the middle of the night, drive a truck for hours just to meet the CEO of his company. csh already knew where it was going so she warned him about his choice of words. but kjh ignored it and clearly explained to her that he came because he missed her. he wanted to see her. it is not that if Koreans confess that they miss each other, its love. but the build-up to him saying he missed her is what indicates that he has feelings for her that is more than just friends.
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