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  1. Oh my! 83% success rate. I feel like we should get bolder with our chant request: How about for JG to appear in Return of Superman with JoonU babies in the future. Lol Is it too early for this chant?
  2. @Prueksachittham Agree chinggu. I loved Hotel del Luna but it’s the drama I’ve watched where I was more invested with the story and Jang Man Wol getting to the afterlife. I know why they made JG a priest in the cameo - to block their chemistry from overflowing. But interesting part: Exorcist priest was Jang Man Wol’s first pick. wink*
  3. Omo! I didn't think of that. Is that what the time travel caption meant? Will JG have a scar in the drama that HaJin will cover up so he can do his evil deeds undetected? It's all in good fun to be delulu mode In these hard times, it's good to lighten up and not act too self righteous. As JG said, we should be happy always.
  4. Either these "fans" do not know what multi-tasking is, have a one track mind when it comes to JG's projects or have a terrible case of selective amnesia. Why insist he's referring to other works and completely deny MoonLovers existence? His caption was An hourglass going upside down = time travel. Their actions are not logical because they insist on a faulty narrative that JG's new project will tank at a mere mention of ML when in reality, they hate shippers so much so that their ill feelings extend to the drama itself. Hate can really blind people to do the most illogical thing. What they don't realize is their hurting JG's popularity in the process by turning away new fans who may have recently know him from ML. Who needs enemies when you have 'fans' like these? On another happy note, I cannot wait to hear JE's new song. Another CAK/PAK in the making! Soon, Flower of Evil coming to laptops near you! Hwaiting. Yes, I can organize my priorities just fine.
  5. I have another chant idea! How about for JoonU to sing a duet in one of her albums? I mean they already sang together on national TV so it doesn’t seem too far fetched
  6. @summer2017 Out appa JG kept giving us ice cream. Not to mention also bingsu and banchan side dish. How can we not support and love our captain?
  7. @glamlove123 whatever oppa says, we will do @chi13lou That JG, we didn’t even request for a ML insta shutout in our chant but he delivered anyway. Now, can we ask for a JE cameo? Is that too much to ask from him?
  8. @e1b2j3 Yes chinggu. To all the bashers telling other fans to forget about ML and never ask for season 2 again, JG himself has spoken, it’s ok to continue our love for ML while supporting his new projects at the same time. Hwaiting oppa. Can’t wait for your new drama and maybe a special cameo from a special someone?
  9. @summer2017 Oppa telling us to be happy everyday and ignore the haters. Permission from oppa to keep shipping and he’s our captain
  10. JG is our true captain. Everytime I go on his IG. I get so happy whenever I see his one and only highlight
  11. Omo our favourite couple's birthdays are coming up. I want to wish JG oppa a happy birthday first. Is he really 38 already? (39 in Korean age) I wish you all the love and happiness. Hoping to hear some wedding bells for you sooooon.
  12. @chi13lou If we have that much influence we would’ve gotten season 2 by now. To even insinuate that Korean audience care about what international fans think or do, to the extent of ruining careers and influencing ratings makes me scratch my head.
  13. Strange, the last time I was here this was a Lee Joon GI / IU thread for international fans. I doubt any local Korean viewers care or closely follow what international fans say or do to affect Korean ratings - which is the only basis of success for a Korean drama. So shippers can both support their new projects and still hope for season 2 at the same time. This is all too strange really and using JG’s post at that...
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