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  1. To bad this Series is only available legally for Thailand I made a Music Video for the Tangmo & Love storyline with scenes from the first 3 episodes. Hope you all like it. Thai BL Themed Series: Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ (2019) Starring: James Teeradon (as LOVE) & Jaylerr Kritsanapoom (as Tangmo) Song: Tengo Todo Excepto a Ti (I have everything, but you) By Mexican singer Luis Miguel PS: The Music Video on facebook has an audio restriction for a few countries on the song copyright, so I guess not everyone will be able to enjoy it in full. But for any one interested in watching it... just go to the link provided. The song's english translation made by myself goes like this: I have everything but you It seems; I am not your type It seems; you are not my type It seems that you really only like me just some other friend like something casual See, I was mistaken I thought that I was happy I used to think that I had everything so many friends, vagaries, crazy romances I have everything but you and the taste of your skin beautiful as the April ´s sun But what an absurd, the day that I dreamed that you were the one for me I have everything but you and the moisture of your body You have made me be like this; follow the traces of your scent crazy for your love It seems; I am not your type It seems; you are not my type because I have everything but your glance and without your eyes my eyes can see anything I have everything but you and the taste of your skin beautiful as the April ´s sun But what an absurd, the day that I dreamed that you were the one for me I have plenty of youth I craving to live fully but I don't have you I have everything but you and the moisture of your body you made me be like this; follow the traces of your scent crazy for your love... Cheers...!!
  2. Now just wait for Season 2 "My Dream The Series: Alpha" coming up next year 2019 Season 2 is going to be a prequel of this story, going back in time, to show us how Runway, Dream and Elle are related in the Fairy World; and the powers of their sapphire Rings. Season 1 Finale was for me a moment of "Change of Hearts" for all their main characters: - Runway changed from Tanai into Dream... - Guide changed from Yaimai into Tanai... - Tanai also changed from Runway into Guide... - Good changed (maybe) from Fairy into Elle... And so I made a story video-show with a soundtrack to it: Song: John Carter Of Mars (A Change Of Heart) From the Walt Disney Movie "John Carter" (2012) Composer: Michael Giacchino Conductor: Tim Simonec Music Label © Walt Disney Records Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  3. My Dream นายในฝัน The Series OST 4 Song Title: โอบรัก You Will Be in My Heart Artist: Poy Takoon A Playeminent Co., Ltd. © 2018 Presentation Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  4. I updated all the links for the entire OUR SKYY Mini Series on page 123 Comment on the Aathit & Kongpob Episode Krist's acting got me so down... It is truly hard watching him in this episode, as the sense of Aathit losing Kong because he is to go to studying in China literally kills him. There are moments in life when we think we can deal with separation easily... but when the day and the time comes for it to be real... is like every second is a knife stabbing us deep inside our hearts... and there is no way to stop dying of despair. That is how it feels watching this story. If I have to say something about the story is that I almost didn't notice Singto as Kongpob, because Aathit feelings and break downs are so intense that there is a strong sense of lost even in the last scenes of this Episode. The pushed happy ending didn't let me feel any happy at all despite its cute representation. I simply didn't feel it. Being this the final episode of the Series for me was the ONLY really depressing one; and also not in line with all the previous stories. IF you remember the issues I described as connecting elements between all the 5 stories were: (1) - Happening 3 years after the ending of all the Series. (2) - Showing a proof of true love between the characters. Yes... this story take places 3 years after the end of Sotus S... but the question about the true proof of love didn't work out for me as I was expecting it to be, following the sense of all 4 previous episodes. Here the main issue is a separation due to studying and working in different countries. The problem starts as Kong didn't tell Aathit he is to leave by the end of the month... and even leaves Aathit's condo the next morning to stay in his home with his family to prepare some himself for the trip (WTD...!!??) These steps make Aathit get the feeling Kongpob is leaving him "for good". That sense of being left and without love kills Aathit from the moment he hear the news in the party with their friends altogether celebrating. The rest is an inevitable inner battle of emotions... that this episode does not solve at all, as it leaves completely out the time the boys do live separated from each other. The positive part by the end of the Episode will be Aathit accepting their new reality, and trying to do the best out of it as long as he can. But the main issue of this episode is not solve within the Episode itself: The main question being: Can the love between Aathit & Kongpob survive a separation under this circumstances (a long distance relationship, for 2 years)...? That question remains untreated; and left to a very fast and superficial foto-dia-show and a hug after Kong's return. (Is that all....??) By the end we see Kongpob arriving back in Thailand after one of his exams blocks (or maybe after the entire time (?) - That is not clear at all). It seems they did manage to remain together with that long distance modus... if not entirely... at least for a while. So... as this episode ends they are still together. To me personally the story in this episode is terribly weak, and badly treated... and the only reason worth watching it is Krist amazing acting that will take us all down to an ocean of tears and sadness, showing how much pain and uncertainty Aathit is been under from knowing Kong is leaving for another country a couple of years in no time at all. Their last days together are mark for separation already, no closeness as it should be; something this story treated badly, as it does NOT make any sense at all. That sense of loneliness Krist is able to make us feel is the amazing part in this episode. KRIST has proven us he can be a magnificent dramatic actor with this episode. I though only Thai actor Drake Laedeke was able to show us what a great and unforgettable dramatic BL moment most look like in "Cause You're My Boy" as MORK; but this here with Krist...!! I hope never to have to watch something like this ever again (and I don't mean it in a negative way). Cheers...!!
  5. OUR SKYY Episode Aathit & Kongpob Friday, 14 December 2018 Season's Finale EngSubs Version by GCINEE Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Cheers...!!
  6. I started watching it because of Nat... and if I am honest... I just watch the gay storylines... all the rest is simply to annoying to me. Also because this is the first "grown up" gay Series from GMMTV and that intrigued me a lot. Cheers...!!
  7. OUR SKYY Episode Aathit & Kongpob Friday, 14 December 2018 Season's Finale Prepare yourself... This episode is not easy to watch Original UnSub HD Full Version Cheers...!
  8. There is another Eng Subs for the Tee & Mork episode (notice they are 2 or more video clips per link; just slide them like pictures) https://www.instagram.com/p/BrHUTz0HXL2/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BrH1izUnbVM/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BrH6wW2nwfB/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BrIPhYxHyXm/ Uff... The subtitles are not bad... but having to watch clip by clip is sort of exhausting This is just for you guys to have some choices Cheers...!!
  9. Let me start with the "moral line by the end" of Episode 5: THAT IS WRONG...! Only a person who can accept you 100% for the way you are LOVES you truly. Relationships are not a political compromise, or a constantly vote for pasta or curry for diner. IF you are not able to cook both, then that is not a relationship at all. Earth trying to get Sam over exited about planing a trip is really childish: Just plan the trip and let him go alone with it, IF that is what he wants. There is not need to have a fight. My BF is just like Sam... and I do enjoy planing trips all alone; not need to involve him in such trivial matters. IF he does wants to join in the planing - what he does, from time to time - is awesome, but I don't love him any less because that is who he is; and not my puppet or a tailor made boyfriend. Can you believe that we even have different kind of meals for diner some times...?? Yes we do; and I - or him - don't feel up set about it. In a restaurant would be most likely the same for everybody... so why not doing also at home if we feel like having opposite dishes? We just cook them and laughs at ourselves. That is freedom in a relationship. Anything else is a lie. NOW... is obvious that Sam is on a crisis with Earth. The bad part for me trying to understand WHY is that some details are missing: (1) How long have they been together? I mean: Thai people don't move together from day one; that takes time (unless you are friends or room mates sharing a place). But it seems this issue is not new, and Sam & Earth had already this talk many times before. Since this keeps going on it seems they are not mean to be together: (2) Why would Earth stay by Sam if he feels like living alone all the time? And mostly is because Sam as a doctor has to work the night shift (Oh... that makes me think of "The Night Shift" (NBC Series) love story of Drew and Rick which was pretty harsh at times, but ended in wedding). I mean: If you can not even stand your bf working at night: What is left for any positive and loving grown relationship? I guess nothing! If someone is unhappy in a relationship the best way out is the door into a free life, and finding the right person for you. Specially if you have been arguing over and over about the same issues. There are different kind of people: some people are very warm and cuddling like 24x7 (that would be Mork from "My Tee" - with an amazing Drake Laedeke playing that role -, for example: give him a chance, I he will be hugging and kissing Tee for the rest of his life - something he does in OUR SKYY). Some other people are cold and distance and insecure (that would be Aathit in "Sotus" from the beginning until the end). There is no point wanting a person to change... even less... wanting a person "to adapt him/herself" into a boy/girlfriend - What a terrible thing to wish...!! Rather you like and love a person the way he/she is 100%, or just leave and spare yourself (and that person) to be unhappy permanently. Course... they are people who like to compromise (wish for me personally has nothing to do with TRUE LOVE) and that is fine. I guess is a choice some people make. And there are also people who can change - like P'Bright was changing to be with Farm in "The Next Chapter", or even P'Tum (from Sotus) was changing because of his girlfriend (he tells that Aathit on his wedding celebration) because is a CHOICE: for love you are able to change yourself naturally, and not force by somebody, or anything but your very own awareness. But going back to Friend Zone: In a middle of a relationship crises - and it was one; because nobody leaves home in the middle of a conversation for a bar (something I started to repel from all Thai series... the levels of alcohol been shown, and how waisted everybody gets) - Sam leaves to meet with Scud...?? (3) Why does Sam meets with Scud...? He doesn't have any close grown up friends to talk to? Wow...! That is hard to believe, but let's assume he doesn't have anyone to talk to (which would make him extremely lonely, besides Earth). Talking is one thing... getting into a hotel room is another, as is obvious Scud wants him... and shows also that Sam did enjoyed the light of freedom the kiss from EP 4 made him feel too. No gay man is that innocent to believe you can share a bedroom with a guy you kissed and nothing else is about to happen, specially after those heavy drinks. The worst part for me is Scud forcing himself into his best friends Earth's boyfriend Sam. Boyfriends come and go: but a real best friend should be a person for a life time. That kind of betrayal amount best friends is something I can NOT forgive in a life time; specially something that big. Cheating has turn the new major issue in Thai gay themed Series. We are having the most difficult one in "The Next Chapter" between Korn & Knock. We had it before (unfortunately incomplete) in "My Bromance The Series". But we had it mostly about choosing a guy over a girlfriend. The main difference to Friend Zone is that we don't know many important details of the Sam & Earth relationship yet. How they meet? How long together? Since when living together? Do they have their families support or not? All these seems superficial, but it should gives us the ground for their mutual love... or is just convenience? There is no point about taking sides in this story for Sam or Earth: they are both responsible for their relationship. Talking - like some do here - about Earth taking revenge is so childish...!! There is no point about taking revenge; then for that the only one who will be hurt - again- will be Earth himself; doing something he does not want to. The best thing to do now is to leak the truth about what has happen between Sam & Scud, all of it; and decide what is to be done. Knock is finding his way back to Korn because he can tell how much Korn loves him, despite the cheating with his boss P'Pete. Can Earth think and feel the same about Sam here in Friend Zone? Probably not. And better yet: Does Sam truly love Earth... or has he realize now being with Scud that their relationship is a mistake? Cheers...!! PS: time to watch EP 6 soon... no time for it at the moment.
  10. And of course... the OST for our Tee & Mork Episode as a Fan Made Music Video By Ar riyant Channel - On YouTube Song Titel: First Kiss Artist: Vie Trio (Feat.Pete Pol) Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  11. Fan made Music Video By Hwaazabii Channel - On YouTube Song Title: ยืนยันแค่เธอคนเดียว Yeun Yun Kae Tur Kon Diow (I Assure You, It’s Only You) Artist: Gun Achi Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
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