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  1. I think you should take this question to the Mainland CHINA Forum: https://forums.soompi.com/forum/37-mainland-china/ Use the chinese title: 同居男女异星汪 There are parts on YouTube: Cheers...!
  2. It is been a while since I updated this Thread, but that is because of the Series was completed. In the mean time Drake has worked in a short film that maybe you guys don't know yet: It is a short Film of 8:46 minutes title ทำตัวไม่ถูก (Bad behavior) This short was released last 24 June 2019 and it has over 380.000 views on YouTube. Is about the friendship and its hardships in a threesome way: 2 guys and a girl Drake plays the balancing element in this trio, both in a fanny and calm way. Enjoy it here: The next Upcoming Series with Drake and Frank acting together is BLACKLIST, due to start on 12 October 2019 Finally, the latest posting of Drake on his IG These pictures were taken during the KAZZ SPORT Day 2019 Cheers...!!
  3. Comment on Episode 6 Next Friday with Episode 7 is going to be Judgement Day: Is Neo going back to rescue Shin from Boss John...? The big emotions test is about to break loose. Cheers...!
  4. Oh... You are busy with other stuff. I get it. Yes...! This Series has finally a completely different setting. I love the thriller element to let them develop friendship and love all alone; despite the many people who has died, and the ones to die in the future as well. They are all too young to understand what they are doing, and who is coming after them (the deadly intentions). But hey... Even in "The Iliad" there was an entire war because of a love affair. Alright: We will talk then when you have time to catch up with EP 5 & 6. Cheers...!
  5. 3 Will Be Free สามเราต้องรอด Scene Highlights from Episode 6 The all alone waited hard talk between Shin & Neo: "Shin... Do you like me... right?" "If I didn't... Would I go thru all these just because? Don't pretend you don't know it already." What they did after having some "brownies"... Will them all regret this moment after coming back to their senses...? I don't think SHIN will regret having this moment, specially because it was shared with Neo; and also because he liked Mew. For Neo... this is casual sex... but: Could he really have true feelings for Shin as well? He liked him the first time they meet... and his trouble face after their "hard talk" says he may be conflicted finding out what he wants with Shin... And there is Mew... Who never had anyone which truly cared about her before, now finding herself between these so different guys. And yet she opens up a bit to them... She ... that has been a locked up treasure... waiting to be discover... Cheers...!!
  6. Because " WeLoveSoompi" seems to be busy at the moment I will update the thread. 3 Will Be Free สามเราต้องรอด Episode 6 (Friday, 13 September 2019) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Episode 7 Teaser (Friday, 20 September 2019) Enjoy it...! Cheers...!
  7. Yes; I am back now...! Time to argue about many ongoing Series. Cheers...! Thanks a lot my friend, for that warm comment on my "revival" here on Soompi. We will have to thank "3 Will Be Free" for it, because as strange as this thriller is, the developing of the story is so interesting that I couldn't help but to want to talk about it, and share my ideas with you all. It is great I found this thread already open, otherwise I would have done it myself. So... get your iced lemon & water ready... and your snacks... and let's talk about it. Cheers...!
  8. I can't believe even after Episode 5 this Series is so "ignore" here on Soompi... But I am grateful to all of you writing and sharing infos and ideas about it already. Since I am late myself... I will start saying that I liked Thai actor Tay Tawan since "Room Alone"... but now... with this role as SHIN I am totally into him. O M G...!! This is bad... and "Dark Blue Kiss" is still ahead this year as well. OK... I said it already...!! What an Episode 5...!! I made a Music Video for it to share on my YT channel because I had Celine Dion singing in my head non stop; but GMMTV won't let me. So I have it on my FB... for anyone who wanna watch it: https://www.facebook.com/100014542965086/videos/754340568394035/ I was waiting since EP 1 for this flash back moments as it was obvious that Shin and Neo knew each other before. This Episode 5 is a 100% delight knowing how it all began for them. It was love at first sight and I think not only for Shin... but also for Neo. BUT what took me totally by surprise was even that flash back to junior high school times... as Shin told his parents to be gay: O M G...!! The way his dad dealt with the situation was so unexpected, and kind of awesome at the same time. I knew he had some troubled relationship with Shin, but now I understand WHY Shin once said his dad loved him a lot. Thinking of details all over this first time I understand Neo saying to be fine with both, guys and girls... yet his condo room was covered with gay icon media (specially the huge poster of the film "Happy Together" (even if the movie is not happy at all, but has references to the Hong Kong community, and SHIN is Thai-Chinese), jazz classics and collages and pictures of his "future by the sea dreams". Also, Neo's reaction to Shin liking him while he was nude posing was obvious full of pleasure and interest. He even stay to talk to him because he really wanted to know him. That scene reminded me of "Dark Blue and Moonlight" as Chen - the model - went to talk to Hai Qing. Only here Shin and Neo had such a strong connection that made them meet again and spend practically one full night together. In one night they found out some of each others deepest secrets (Shin's past failed love story; Neo's "adventurous jobs"), the were happy, they argued, they make up again... they even kiss. So much energy flowing between these that took even a Polaroid picture "as proof of a happy moment together"... amazing...! And then... all what they have done for each other, taking care of each other since the first time Shin helped Neo and Mew to escape from being killed by TUR. I think the connection they share can only be broken with death now. Episode 6 has a major turning point on it.... but I am not sure if we can consider it pure... as there were "brownies" making them do something they may have not wanted to do "awake"... we will see how that plays off. Cheers...!!
  9. To bad this Series is only available legally for Thailand I made a Music Video for the Tangmo & Love storyline with scenes from the first 3 episodes. Hope you all like it. Thai BL Themed Series: Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ (2019) Starring: James Teeradon (as LOVE) & Jaylerr Kritsanapoom (as Tangmo) Song: Tengo Todo Excepto a Ti (I have everything, but you) By Mexican singer Luis Miguel PS: The Music Video on facebook has an audio restriction for a few countries on the song copyright, so I guess not everyone will be able to enjoy it in full. But for any one interested in watching it... just go to the link provided. The song's english translation made by myself goes like this: I have everything but you It seems; I am not your type It seems; you are not my type It seems that you really only like me just some other friend like something casual See, I was mistaken I thought that I was happy I used to think that I had everything so many friends, vagaries, crazy romances I have everything but you and the taste of your skin beautiful as the April ´s sun But what an absurd, the day that I dreamed that you were the one for me I have everything but you and the moisture of your body You have made me be like this; follow the traces of your scent crazy for your love It seems; I am not your type It seems; you are not my type because I have everything but your glance and without your eyes my eyes can see anything I have everything but you and the taste of your skin beautiful as the April ´s sun But what an absurd, the day that I dreamed that you were the one for me I have plenty of youth I craving to live fully but I don't have you I have everything but you and the moisture of your body you made me be like this; follow the traces of your scent crazy for your love... Cheers...!!
  10. Now just wait for Season 2 "My Dream The Series: Alpha" coming up next year 2019 Season 2 is going to be a prequel of this story, going back in time, to show us how Runway, Dream and Elle are related in the Fairy World; and the powers of their sapphire Rings. Season 1 Finale was for me a moment of "Change of Hearts" for all their main characters: - Runway changed from Tanai into Dream... - Guide changed from Yaimai into Tanai... - Tanai also changed from Runway into Guide... - Good changed (maybe) from Fairy into Elle... And so I made a story video-show with a soundtrack to it: Song: John Carter Of Mars (A Change Of Heart) From the Walt Disney Movie "John Carter" (2012) Composer: Michael Giacchino Conductor: Tim Simonec Music Label © Walt Disney Records Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
  11. My Dream นายในฝัน The Series OST 4 Song Title: โอบรัก You Will Be in My Heart Artist: Poy Takoon A Playeminent Co., Ltd. © 2018 Presentation Enjoy it...!! Cheers...!!
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