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  1. Haha this is totally me right now too. I've just been listening to IU's music nonstop for several days now. I'm 100% in love with her at this point. I'm also very guilty of putting Lee Sun Kyun's Coffee Prince OST on loop. LOL If a second season isn't possible, and if a LJE-LSK movie isn't gonna happen anytime soon, can we please please PLEASE with cherries on top, at least get an IU music video with Lee Sun Kyun in it. Oh my gosh imagine the chemistry. And they won't even need to be in the same space together The whole MV could just be them talking over the phone or something oh wait--we have @Kimchi Sweet Potato FMVs for that ❤️. Aigoo. I'm gonna have a hard time getting over this pairing. Or really more like these two characters. Looks like I'll really have to get that My Ahjussi DVD
  2. I don't know how the Kdrama gods do it. When they get it right, they get it right. I am so floored by the acting prowess in MA. From LSK and LJE, to the actors who play Yoon Hee, jerkface JY, Sang Hoon, Ki Hoon, Jung Hee and the monk. Even Mama Park, Yu Ra, DH's loyal work team, and the rest of the drinking buddies give me that needed light exhale after some seriously heart-wrenching scenes. I was laugh-crying happy-sad tears the whole way through this week's episodes, which has been the way I've watched My Ajusshi since I started. I love this show I've become so attached to the sound of Dong Hoon's breathing, I'll never see or hear breathlessness or any kind of focus given to breathing in dramas, even movies, the same way ever again. I was rewatching episode 1 the other day and I just noticed that in the end when DH calls out to JA and she looks back at him getting dragged into the elevator, DH's breathing is slowly made to be louder until that's all we hear and then....it cuts to black. Here at the 5:00 mark. I'm sorry if everyone's already noticed and talked about this but I just have to say I got chills all over when I noticed that on my second watch. I just can't. This show. It's so powerful. That phone call? With JA in tears thanking him for being that person who was nice to her more than 4 times, and that bit about being reborn and greeting each other happily then? I didn't even realize I didn't need a flashback to be reminded of those conversations they had about those things even though those happened a few episodes back because somehow my brain has willed itself to memorize everything about DH and JA's scenes together. If I could take that phone call scene and marry it, I so would. And then there was DH's breathing again while he was on the phone. That pause he does, almost about to burst into tears before saying "mmhmm" and his jaw clenches. That silent nod she does when he says to call him when grandma passes. What the heck it left me a mess. I'm still a mess!!! I am so...I don't know what to say really. I don't even know what to demand from this show as a satisfying ending because I'm still trying to process everything it has given me thus far. All I know is that I absolutely cannot get enough of DH and JA. Ooof the things they do to my poor heart. I'll happily go back to s̶o̶b̶b̶i̶n̶g̶ lurking and on my liking spree now and hope that My Ajusshi will at least be kind enough to leave my heart intact, perhaps with lesser wrinkles? by the time it says goodbye.
  3. From what I know of Kdrama D-cuts (I've bought from 2 dramas last year), they include Eng subs for all the uncut episodes. The commentary, 'no good' cuts, other special features have no subs on them (I don't know why though :/). Though I also don't know how a drama from tvN would go about it since the dramas I bought were from networks KBS/MBC. We'll know more information once they confirm they're producing a DVD for it I'd imagine
  4. Soooo that new video.....my heart stopped when DH said thank you but not through text. It could mean he knows she can hear, but it could also mean he doesn't have it in him to reply yet? This leaked scene definitely threw me off, my mind is spinning right now why is JA crying???? Why is KH glancing at his bro's phone looking a bit judgey? Does he misunderstand and assume it's DH cheating and not YH? Why do they look gloomy in the car, why are they in a car???? I'm dying and I need it to be Wednesday, like yesterday. Also I'm not halfway through my thread reading LOL this weekend turned out not so peaceful after all. But I'm enjoying it immensely so far. I can't help but really get into your discussions, go on a liking spree, replay some scenes you referenced and I would love to be able to quote my favourite excerpts from you lovely people at the end of my catching up if I can while the drama is still on I hope haha. In other news there's a survey out for people who might be interested in getting the director's cut Blu-ray/DVD. This drama is already one of my all-time favs so you won't have to guess if I am going to buy that physical copy
  5. You know I'm totally consumed, completely in love with a drama when I'm determined to read back 100+ pages of the Soompi thread after binge-watching the show. I've made very little progress because life, sigh. But I'm looking at the coming weekend on my calendar and I've decided to just spend it on reading back and rewatching. gif source side note: Ji-an's "hwaiting" might just be my one and only favourite among all I've ever heard/seen. I completely relate to Park Dong-hoon holding on so strongly to this. side side note: the last Kdrama I watched in full and real time was Because This Is My First Life last fall and I enjoyed that but I felt a bit meh about dramas after. Probably cause real life was iffy around that time too. But now with My Ajusshi it's just...Woohoooo what a way to get sucked back in!!
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