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  1. After watching episode 41&42 , I must say TLE really daebak! All the actors and actress really excellent in acting. From start till last moments , every minute is pure intense action roller coaster ride (especially when NWS discover MYR (CJH sudden appearance give me a shock too, this guy really did a great job! thou I feel his acting like a bit underrated) . The part when Sunni’s father come and question LH about the money, and LH’s self-reflection were done so heart wenching (thumbs up for SSR & JNR !!) I feel that this scene LH finally learn how to love someone but too late for him already( at least now he can make Sunni forgive him for what he had done). I must say I really don’t know what to expect for TLE cos is too unpredictable, I really hope they don’t rush to end the drama too abruptly cos the drama, script and everything was done so beautifully. Last but not least, I wanna say Shin Eun-kyung sunbaenim daebak!! She is so amazing ,I can’t imagine TLE without her as the evil ED
  2. Actually, there is still hope for Sunni-WB end game (if WB survive after the 3 months), we all know is WB had scandal with empress Sunni before .. but not NWS hehe so if Sunni is with NWS ( only the audience know WB is NWS haha )
  3. I hope running man can cast the LH-Sunni-WB (CJH-JNR-SSR) trio in their show, both from SBS, at least can see their off-screen chemistry and happy moments.
  4. Love your insights for the characters, especially WS/WB part jbeanie1709!! I have a feeling that KJS is going to be the answer for all , he is the only common person that is linked with everything( Empress SH, Uncle Byun, MYR , LH ,DS ,ED maybe nanny too?) Based on LH impulsive and heartless, if he could push empress SH and let her drown by nanny , kill MYR & WS without second thoughts, edict ex-chief guard to suicide , I don’t understand why he wanna keep KJS alive in asylum cell ? (To find out if he really have affair with empress SH, nah LH doesn’t even listen to explaination looking at MYR,ex-chief guard incident?) The only possibility I tot of is KJS is kept alive by ED becos of the island (maybe the island is where the imperial kept all their gold inheritance till date like a massive safebox?) Actually, the whole plot ultimately is still about the island, if empress SH didn’t found out about the island she wouldn’t have accused of adultery by ED , at the same time MYR wouldn’t think KJS abandoned her and would lead to a series of misfortune events that happens to Sunni/WS ... I believe only when the secret of the island is reveal then we will know the end. Still i I very much hope WS/WB can stay alive even if he can’t be with Sunni, afterall poor guy , he is been thru so much at least deserve a simple life with DS right?
  5. So glad to find out that there are still many ppl with Sunny-WB shipper. I think CJH did a good job cos a lot of his acting are rather internalize and hidden than expressive I also can’t help to think that during the double date, I think Sunny is jealous of the WB-SJ dancing and intentionally planned the“bump” into WB-SJ couple ( cos when LH invite her to dance, her eyes actually sway and looks like she is having something up her sleeve. PS: I think JNR did a great job !!) hehe .. I feel that DongShik might not identify WB, maybe they already “train” him up when they discover MYR had escaped ?
  6. I went to rewatch ep1( the corpse is dug out and reveal part) , Ari princess has a crown/tiara on her and the corpse doesn’t look like a one year old corpse ( theoretically should be fresh and juicy?) ,it look more like a 7 years corpse decompose to a skeleton.
  7. I have a crazy tot that would like to share( but I think is highly unlikely, what if dong shik is the Empress SH and emperor’s child ? She actually had a early delivery and fake pregnancy then she pass to and exchange with KJS and MYR ‘s child? That would explain why MYR don’t care for DS, hard to believe she is such a cruel mom. Another question is the photos ED show LH (KJS shopping with Empress SH ),looks like photoshopped ( cos the scene is same like KJS’s flashback with MYR) . And why is the previous guard still alive, tot he is edict to die? Does that mean the poison injection is not poisonous ? Does this have any link with the poison show to ED? TLE is so unpredictable.
  8. Thanks a million ktcjdrama for the episode summary !! 너무고마습니다!!!
  9. I totally agree that TLE storyline is so intense , coming from multiple perspective of the characters on the GED’s murder case, make me wanna solve the mystery and forget about the romance momentarily .. but still very looking forward to Sunny and CWB budding romance I am guessing that the blue/green liquid injection is some chemical that results in infertility when overdose ? Last but but not least, wish to share my two cents worth opinion , in last episode CWB ask a wish from the LH, I wonder if he would request for Sunny ? And would princess Sojin also play a part to in this mystery , cos she always have some critical yet no one know information ?
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