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  1. 22 hours ago, bearology said:

    JY's clip for Star Sports


    Whenever I see JY doing jiujitsu with others, I automatically can't help but catch the huge gap of difference with the way he does it to ZZ :D

    I've watched a few clips of these Korean BTS and it's already too cute!! I'll probably end up nosebleeding by the end of this haha. I bet there's more BTS stored up for us again soon, but I hope this wont affect their current career. Scares me how ZZ gets bash for nearly everything these days, which most aren't even his fault! *sighhhhssss*

    JY's new Instagram update:

    On second note, happy birthday @bearology Have a very very great day!! ヾ(¯∇ ̄๑)

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  2. LMAO ZZ's new profile picture... I kennot. 

    I didn't even finish watching Pokemon, but Pikachu x Ketchup is just a ship I couldn't ignore! It's one if the most legendary ships in the land of anime, legendary I say. The hardships of seperation they had to go through...

    Long story short, pikachu loves ketchup but one day his ketchup bottle gets slashed. After years, they haven't been seen together until one fated moment of reunion....! ヾ(¯∇ ̄๑) I believe in pikachu, I believe in ketchup and I absolutely believe in this ship!!! Lol jks, I probably knew it all because of the memes.



    Delulu theory: Pikachu and ketchup's (very tragic) love story motivates ZZ about his public seperation with JY, that one day, they will surely be a reunion! I bet ZZ ships it hard too, who knows hoho.

    Another theory: Apparently, ketchup is expensive and slightly harder to find in Japan than other countries. (Got this based on a streamer I watch who lives there/visits frequently who's a ketchup lover). Maybe ZZ likes both pikachu and ketchup. Based on the fact he has been to Japan a few times, it could mean he likes the rareness of ketchup compared to something like pikachu, where u could pretty much find anywhere. However, these two contracting things are connected by Pokemon. Like how ZZ and JY are two very different people who connected because of a web series, yet they get along well with that great chemistry of theirs :w00t:

    It could also be that this ship is something different, unlike the other ships between pokemons like pikachu x eevee or meowth x purrloin. So compared to that, ketchup isn't even alive (whoops no offense) yet this ship still sails more LOL. Maybe this reminds ZZ of his and JY's lov— I mean, relationship.:phew:

    Technically speaking, he probably just saw this picture somewhere and made it his profile pic for the fun of it. He likes pikachu so yeah, why not haha. But delulus are always fun :tongue: Mine are a little far fetched but oh whale hehe, it's 2 am. You can't blame me xD



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  3. Yes, yes. The important formulas in our lives:

    Gu Hai x Bai Luo Yin = Hai Luo Yin = Heroin

    Huang JingYu x Xu Wei Zhou = YuZhou = Universe

    And we're all just

    Shangyin = Addicted


    HAPPY ホワイトデー / WHITE VALENTINE'S TO EVERYONE!!! I haven't posted anything for quite some time haha because of the exams rip. Welcome to the new members here, it feels great to see this forum growing with the number of people... like I'm honestly impressed that there's so many international fans here even after a year from Shangyin (º ロ º๑)

    ZZ's IG update:



    This post contains so, so much love. Not sure how these savage rumours about this precious guy happens, but that's just the life in such challenging entertainment industry maybe. I wonder if this happens as frequent to others? Not sure since I don't follow any celebrities as much as YuZhou. Still, I'm glad they're just getting better and better. Feels like a slap to those people lol.

    Edit: Just saw the post above me whoops (why does this always happen to me LOL) so I'll put it all into the spoiler.

    Anyway, speaking of Li Ge, my old time favourite's:




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  4. ZZ's Instagram update:

    Whoops, haven't really been keeping up this week and didn't know he had an event for Moncler. He looks so good here though! Side note: It's the first time ZZ tagged people isn't it? Don't know why I bother to note this down xD


    May be my delulu thinking, but these days ZZ have been putting up the "stage" kind of smile. Ever since JY's away... hmm. Am I the only who notices this? Lol. I could be wrong, after all since I'm not that good in analysing. But to me, it does seem so. Any thoughts? Idk.

    Also, congratulations to our forum for reaching 3M views! I've been reading and reading in between my free times. So far I've read page 1-975 and 1200-1541 and grew really attached to this forum. I have to say it's a really wonderful and tragic journey to here but we're still going on, which is pretty impressive. So thank you to everyone who's here in this forum ^^

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  5. Heyyo and welcome to this thread @adph Hope u'll enjoy ur stay here :D I'll try to answer ur questions I guess. Keyword: try.



    Well, of course the video's suggesting that they're in a secret relationship, we all are too here! :tongue: And to answer ur question, yes they were bite marks spotted on both ZZ and JY a few times and this happened when they were in the same city. Perhaps someone else can provide a picture or two since I'm on mobile and unable to lol. They have worn couple items many times, you can refer to bearology's Wardrobe of Love on the first page's Miscellaneous section. The couple rings weren't posted by JY or ZZ himself but rather their fan's analysis and investigation LOL.



    [spoiler alert lol] dun dun dun! Fans guess that JY did that to protect ZZ and his friends. There's a few reasons to this but I only remembered one which is... those pictures of ZZ he posted had a lot of dirty comments, so yeah. Also, this was after the Esquire(?) Photoshoot where it's seen that there were these three staffs that laughed at ZZ when he was... bending. Plus, there was a guy who got overly familiar with ZZ, all touchy touchy. About JY and his habbit of deleting weibo posts... The answer is yes, he did delete more posts after that. He deleted whenever the posts neared the 50th, obviously keeping the 50th for something. Turned out that he was keeping it for a Yuzhou related post aka picture of him with a *5mileslove whale!

    *5mileslove is a popular YuZhou account on weibo... a very suspicious one, though. Many thinks JY and ZZ are related to them.




    Uhh, don't have any proves of this. But I've seen ZZ with at least two cars which looked pretty fancy to me. Also, someone who plays many instruments are probably well-off though, since instruments are pretty expensive for most I think. JY wasn't from a poor family but probably not as well-off as ZZ.




    Yeah, they are friends I'm sure. Whether they're together or not, well, I believe they are xD And yeah they follow each other on weibo but not Instagram. I'm not sure why not Instagram but if I'm not wrong, ZZ created his Instagram acc near the Thai FM so... maybe they were already banned from any interactions with each other by that time. Not sure though, I have a poor memory lol.


    Hope that help, goodnight ^^

    Edit: @victorianlegend ayeeee great work there bruh keep it up! I've never done tracing but I can see myself failing at it (anything with 'em real eyes and nose, in fact LOL. I can draw real eyes, but not the specific eyes hence it fails ;-; Every eyes are really different and specific, at least u nailed that haha!)

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  6. When I first saw JY's weibo update on some Instagram accs, I thought they were just randomly posting an old picture of his ^_^ Kind of forgotten how short his hair has been since last month LOL

    Anyway, is this sugar or delulu? You decide yourself :tongue:

    cred: 眞的特想





    Edit: Forgot to mention how proud I am for both JY and ZZ! JY's ad is short but he'll be in a longer one sooner or later, I bet. And for ZZ, I have no words! From being an unknown person just around one and a half year ago, to singing a Chinese version for a Simple Plan song! ...Simple Plan. If ZZ was to really be on the same stage with them, just let me cry in the corner there alone xD I feel like a proud mother despite being younger than them LOL. So so happy and glad, though! I wish them more success in the future, especially JY's movies this year! (p/s i have an exam next week lmao wish me luck xD)

    @bearology u're not talking to urself and sorry for posting so rarely to give the impression so! i absolutely appreciate ur constant updates, arigatou!! ≥3≤

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  7. Btw, JY's livestream is on right now!! link Well, I don't understand a thing but JY looks really fresh and that's good enough I guess :D ZZ kitty are you online? :phew:

    Edit: LOL again just saw bearology's post haha always fast and furious xD

    Update: A girl (fan? idk) hugged JY lololol lucky!! Eh also, is it just me or JY seemed a little awkward in this livestream? Idk though.

    OMGGGGGG FUN MV CAME AND I SHAKILY TOOK SCREENSHOTS IMMEDIATELY LOL!!!!! I thought I was dreaming... wasn't sure so I came here to see if anyone's talking about it.... saw bearology's update and omg i'tS TRUEEEE....oh wow my heart isn't stable now hahahahaha this srsly made my month TT^TT

    Here's the only screenshot that's different from the ones bearology posted lol omg I'm so happy *actual tears* I need more screenshots to this beautiful moment. Didn't take too many myself since before I could register fully what was happening, the livestream stopped ;-;



    Also, seems no one posted Chen Wen's weibo update yet:




    He posted this with a link(?) to Troye Sivan's song "Youth", reminds me how JY has this song in his playlist lol. Considering Troye is a lgbt icon, this could mean something... or maybe that song's just really popular LOL. Hehe I love Troye lots, too bad he seldoms upload on Youtube nowadays.


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  8. Got back home to this great news about JY in Demon Girl!! Even though he was simply a cameo with just around five minutes screen time, I couldn't help but get excited! Double checked and it seemed like no one posted this yet but not sure since I'm too hyped rn, my eyes could be playing tricks on me xD

    To watch JY's cut by Lydia_hin精分 click here.

    JY studio updated. Shuai shuai shuai!!!








    This... I kennot xD Imma out


    ZZ's laugh is everything.

    Don't really understand how weibo works but does this mean Nurhachi (JY's character) is in top 5 or the actor himself?? I'm so lost LOL



    Oh god I can relate




    "I don't like you. Why would I be jealous?" LOL so that means u would be jealous if u like someone... *recalls all those jealous looks JY ever gave for ZZ* →_→

    I saw so many memes for this scene on weibo, I wish I could understand and laugh together T^T

    Also, JY's voice sounded different JY has this unique voice that's easily distinguished. I guess they dubbed him??? That's sad, but it's normal in chinese dramas from what I've heard from my friends.

    The ending [spoiler alert lol] was really cringey and expected though LOL. I couldn't put a serious face and laughed instead sorry xD

    I just watched a short translation by @whaleandmonkey on Instagram. The girl was cute and seemed very imouto material to me at first, then I saw the mini translation and... she was pretty nonsensical lmao. Also, who goes around running into a war zone just like that? Or was it not a war zone? Edit: After reading ryo's summary, I just remembered it's called a battlefield for goodness sake xDDDD But still, my point stays the same I guess?? I don't even know anymore.

    Anyways, I'm glad to see new things from JY on my screen~! Hope we can see more from him sooner... (with his own voice lolololol i miss his voice too much) 


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  9. @bearology Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Truthfully, I've been waiting for ur next part for ages hehe. The efforts you put in such post is something I'd never accomplish LOL.

    Indeed, things have changed since JY's birthday incident– uncertainty arised, some cried, and some left. (I would like to talk about the incident more but it may be a sensitive issue to some ._. I'm sorry but I can't help but get curious and come up with theories and whatnot. Call me delulu but my believe and trust in YuZhou is really strong so far. I'm legit confident in this ship, too many months of coincidence can't be ignored and forgotten because of a less than 30s video) I, for a fact, became more into YuZhou (*´∇`*) Before, I didn't keep up with them and was just into the novel translations. Now, you could say I'm addicted. My friends all know them too by now heh but I can't help it since they contaminate my mind 24/7 lolololol.

    (About) JY's Instagram update:



    YZ obviously has a thing for the sea and I'm sure this post has a meaning to tell. Feels like it's screaming YuZhou though imo. He focused on the feather, perhaps symbolising the Goro Necklace? Then with the wide sea background, all I can think is Da Hai Da Hai Da Hai!!!! Not to mention the two guys together there too. Lol idek, my head is spinning just from a photo. 

    Edit: Eh, just saw the post above me lol whoops xD I shall repost the update in the spoiler, if it's not wrong? If it is, just tell me lololol.

    Update: This is just another level xD




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  10. Same same same!!! It looks quite big on ZZ but perfectly fits JY (○゚ε゚○) ZZ you sneeky cat~ Lol these CPFs have the greatest of memories :ph34r: credit




    @jingyuzhou Omg that gif is so beautiful~ I'm probably not the best to do this but






    JY did say he likes the waist the most... can't blame him cause


    gif and shangyin image




    I love how self-conscious JY is around ZZ though




    It's nice because you know these actions are genuine and natural. JY isn't one to do fanservices and all. If compared to other BL cps... just say they caught themselves touching the other. Would they change/take it away? They would think, why should they, when they're supposed to do these things for the fans, as a cp.

    But Yuzhou is different. Both ZZ and JY don't provide as many fanservices as other cps. (not that I'm hating/bashing/whatever on other cps tho, i still ship many xD) You can see that YZ don't really like to do them, in fact. Like in the BTS where they kinda uhhhh lowkey mocked(?) or sarcastically did the warming up legs fanservice lol. And when ZZ asked JY to hold his hand on stage and JY was like "um nah later".

    Wait... what was I saying? xD UHHHH I think what I'm trying to say is everything about Yuzhou feels slightly more genuine , and that's why I love this ship... Well, that was quite a shitpost :3



    @bearology  Work is work, delulu is delulu hehe :tongue: ZZ seems like a pretty practical person, I doubt he will stop Jy from any projects too but the reason why I delulu 'cause... y'know, juuuuust maybe JY wouldn't want to make his lover jealous or something because it hurts him to see ZZ in distress uhhhh well, I don't know xD Thanks for ur reply ^^ This TV series sounds great though, I hope JY will accept it. More JY, more happiness~! P/s: That fanart kills my heart, too alike to their faces ;-;

    @abhishikta Btw about your Yuzhou x Jealousy post...  Eh, I really have a thing for jealousy between my otps arhhh. JY had a few territorial moments tbh LOL he's just like Gu Hai! ZZ, just like BLY, show these moments less since they're good at hiding their feelings unlike their partner T^T. The only one I can distinctly recall are the ones in Shanghai FM and HC. Maybe I can collect more video links and post them here one day (aka eight years later #procrastinationgametoostrong jk) xD

    OMG JY updated his weibo, so cute cute cute!! I missed him so much TT^TT

    edit: @jingyuzhou LOLOLOL i feel embarassed xD i just reread ur post and... oh well, idek why i posted what i posted (*゚ー゚)v can i blame the fact i was pretty hyper around the time i posted this? xDD

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  11. Has anyone posted this? I'll edit it out if someone has ^^

    Apparently, JY may star as the second lead in a romance tv series lol... ZZ can borrow JY's cactus xD

    When I saw this at weibo, I didn't understand much hence felt clueless and nervous lolol. Oh, the struggles of not learning chinese sooner *sobs* *sobs* Fortunately, @/whaleandmonkey provided some really helpful information in the comment section of this post ^^

    Apparently, the main leads will be Zheng Shuang and Han Dong. Idk who Han Dong is tbh, but Zheng Shuang was in "Just One Smile Is Very Alluring" it seems, no wonder she looked a lil familiar.... (despite the fact I stopped at episode one xD)

    I have conflicted feelings about this, but all the best to JY if he really does take the role! His schedule will be so packed, though. Hope he takes good care of himself~~


    Zheng Shuang

    Image result for zheng shuang

    Image result for zheng shuang Just needed to show since... wow she looks really young and beautiful >< 

    @bearology @ryokise Thanks for the fancam translation!! ZZ is always so nice to his fans, so sweet~~ Eh, and seems like ZZ likes to use the phrase "watch ur mouth" a lot. Reminds me of a certain person's shoes. :phew: 

    Edit: @bearology... uhhh yeah again xD I agree, she looks a little bit too skinny but nevertheless, her face is (typically) beautiful LOL. High budget series, huh? Alright, if he doesn't take the role... let me delulu the reason :w00t: Short rant below:


    Can't believe people are still speading stupid rumours about ZZ. The constant attacks on ZZ shall always puzzle me to the end's of contents. From the very begining of his career till now? When will they give up? (Probably never) It's normal for a celebrity to receive hate, of course, but the attacks on ZZ are a little more... active if compared with others (like JY? lol idk). The rumour of him and CJD being together was one of the worst and nonsensical of all. Speaking of JY,  this kinda reminds me of when JY got bashed for wanting to donate his photobook's profits which he didn't even brag about (for goodness sake :sweatingbullets:) Man, poor whale's good intentions turned to that →_→

    But we all know ZZ is such a strong guy. Just like his friend said, don't worry. ZZ's a rocker guy remember? He won't be easily taken down! Plus he has got some great mental support from his hubby~~ :phew: Okay, that last line was my delulu but you got my message I bet hehe :3 


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  12. Dunno if anyone have said this buuuut like husband like wife -_-

    xDvTBIf.gif    fcvJHBx.gif


    I forgot who posted that JY gif, sorry v.v I didn't think I would use that gif one day, just saved for my daily need of cutesy whale fun. If you know who I can credit it to, please tell ^^ 

    First gif was from myself, though and that's why it's shiet lol.

    JY cosplaying as Kumamon, the famous Japanese bear mascot. Not sure when was this since I can't read chinese lol but here's where I found the video. He looks so clueless tho ><



    And look at his cheeky smile after *actual tears* Don't do this to me, JY, just dON'T :bawling:



    Also, many thanks to bearology and team for subbing the video!! Took you guys so long, so much efforts put T^T and what a great research for a fanfic heh.

    @skeletonworks thanks for the information~!! Wow thaf gif of ZZ, #muchsass #muchwaifu ฅ'ω'ฅ 

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  13. This is a weird way to start a post but...


    Last Friday, my Science teacher told us that her friend was dying from diabetes and cried in front of us. She couldn't control her feelings since we were learning a topic related to it. It was a pretty emotional scene, I'm not used in to these situations tbh, not face-to-face at least. This teacher was the typical stern teacher you would find in any schools, so it was shocking coming from her... I thought of how separation from someone so close to you... it must be really, really hard. I honestly pray the best for her friend.

    On the same day, I found out that my senpai friend who I used to have a little crush on was transferring school and that day was his last day. I wanted to go meet him to say my farewells, but he was with his friends so change of plans lololol. (Later, he told me at Messenger that he thought I was absent .___.) I wasn't heartbroken or anything ofc, but it felt a little... weird/empty(?) that I wouldn't be able to see that familiar face or talk to it. 

    What I'm saying is, separation from the ones who you care for.... If YuZhou really were lovers, I hope they stay strong with both of them away from each other for three months. But we all know that won't be happening because ZZ's probably gonna go ninja his way to JY. Okayyyyy, a little delulu there but B)

    Sorry, just had to tell this for some reason xD


    On 2/3/2017 at 5:03 AM, 1blankstare said:


    @dahliasaysmeow I gotta say cool drawings and Manips. Keep it up. And about that ZZ eichii Tshirt. I gotta say that might be him having chosen shirts to wear. He's an otaku after all and I love that a part of him is being shown in this photo shoot. Upon seeing it, I kept saying in my head, "Really ZZ? Your otakuness is showing. I love it!" Thing in my mind. 

    About the waifu thing you said, I also agree with Abbie. It's more like showing himself that here's a guy who is like everyone else, just like everyone he likes what you likes kinda thing. I find it cute on him despite the image being not so cute.


    Aiyayaya, don't compliment me too much, later I become a tsundere like BLY lmao. I can already imagine myself going all "B-baka! Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!" \(>////<)/ *cringes* And yah, I really like it when ZZ shows his otaku side too. I remember when I was first watching the BTS and ZZ said "doushite?". I got a mini heart attack like yASSS BOIII YASSSS. He was just so cute~~~

    Side note: I just realised that ZZ and I have quite several things in common. Okay, "just" is a lie. I've been noticing them from time to time while reading the forum. For example-- cat lover, otaku, libra, positive vibe (apparently. Lots of my friend told me that I'm always happy and giggly. I've just noticed recently that this is kinda true like wtf I'm supposed to be emo though.), likes to make puns, horrible at taking selfies, is in love with jingyu, etc etc... and now-- both of us learned how to take spicy food just last year! LOL. 

    Jingyu's new pictures got me like:


    Most importantly, happy happy birthday to ZZ's mom!! I'm impressed at the many "coincidence" in YuZhou lmao. 2/6 2/6 2/6. Just... wow. I felt like drawing just now so...


    The hand... LOL. I seldom draw guys tbh, their figures are just too hard for me to bother with. But it's really fun to draw ur otp eventhough they barely look like themselves sorz xD

    xu wei zhou image


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  14. I have to say bravo to bearology's speech, hit me right in the kokoro. Especially when I'm emotional from finishing a translated version of Lan Yu on wattpad. Shangyin had a few similarities from this novel tbh, I have a feeling CJD was inspired from it. Not sure though. I haven't watch the movie but I don't think I'm ready for another emotional roller coaster right after. It was a good read, though. Any other BL recommendations where the uke is not the typical uke-like (too weak and wimpy) and basically a little GH-BLY like? ;-;

    Sorry but just wondering:


    Is nobody else at least slightly surprise by how *ecchi ZZ's anime shirt is? xD Not hating, just didn't think he was that open to wear one in public? I guess it's a photoshoot(?) but still... I'm kind of bewildered in all honestly. Not because I'm young, but it's odd no one else seems surprise LOL so is there something I'm missing here??? Or am I just the odd one out lmao. Ah, but ZZ can wear whatever he likes. Not gonna judge anymore, sorry sorry sorry.

    Well, on the bright side: DA HAIIIIII. Pictures of ZZ by the sea are my favourites. He looks so good in them. Feels like he and JY are taking pictures together. They may be apart in the eyes of people, but their hearts will never~~~ Okay, I sound too delulu already. 

    Just an imo thingy but this feels like they're pushing the fact that ZZ is straight into our faces or somehing :sweatingbullets: or maybe it's just me lololol sorry xD Again, not saying a gay/bi/pan/whatever guy can't appreciate a woman– in this case, a waifu anime girl–'s body LOL. JY has liked many European women's photo and had a rather smexy phone cover in the past anyway lololol who knows this is ZZ's way of revenge :phew:

    *ecchi = softcore hentai, like panty shots and basically a little nudity here and there– I think u get the point. Tbh I kinda hate fanservices in anime, even the ones for girls, like abs and whatsoever... but well, I guess they have to put some in every anime lolololol. Too bad they lack decent animes without them these days, hah. So I'll just have to endure ;-; 

    Btw, sorry if I may seem rude or offensive xD 

    Also as @boysloveismylife asked, is there a subbed version of Date With A Superstar? The first episode which is partially subbed can be found on YT... but the others weren't subbed at all. I shall crai T^T

    Edit: @abhishikta Ahhh thank you for ur reply hehe I was kind of sleepy when I wrote that LOL but yeah ur points make sense ^^ Glad it didn't come off too rude or smth... I'm rereading my post and it kinda does to me xD tbh I didn't realise the girl was nude at first when I saw the picture at weibo and was hella excited bc ZZ + Hai!!! But then I slided to the next pic where he wasn't at the sea and realised his shirt in more detailed :phew: anyways, arigatouuuu again~ ^^

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  15. Thank you @bearology for correcting me and no prob @addicted2yuzhou!!

    Whenever I listen to this song, I get kinda emo thinking about those days they could be together without a worry in their minds... I think this period of time was the best for the both of them. They weren't that famous yet, sure, but they were able to be together freely, without a care that anybody would want to seperate them, hah. Honestly, I wish they did more duet covers or smth before the ban happened cause their voices mixed together so too beautifully and purrfectly, I CRAIIII. Hehe those moments where ZZ tries to gain JY's attention, just like a cat to its owner~~ Just saying :3

    Thanks @ryokise for subbing the show cut of ZZ. LOL tbh the fact that they added a YuZhou picture is like saying: "here's an WGM-like show (well not really) with your ur baobei ZhouMeow in it, where he flirts with a mysterious phone girl because GUYS he's  as straight as a metal pole, can be broken but cannot be bent buuuut first, let's insert a pic of JY just to remind y'all who his true hubby is y'know (aka the one who bent ZZ with his hotness lmao)...yes yes this is all just acting yes yes don't rage please" to calm the mad cpfs or smth lol idk what I'm saying anymore tbh.

    Or maybe ZZ had a discussion with the staffs...


    (I think I may have taken longer to take a readable picture than to draw this LOL rip photographing skills, JY I have failed you)

    ZZ barely looks like ZZ here but meh, whatever.

    ...delulu ahead xD


    Also, pretty sure this aren't new pictures, but JY's skin looks so great to touchhhhh ><





    For those who use JOOX app, make sure to download ZZ's song "Fun" there too so we can bring it back to top 50 maybe? I think this'll help in gaining more fans (don't know about other countries but lots of Malaysians use this app a lot xD)



    Side note but hehe conversation with friend:




    Okay, I'm gonna go again byebye~

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  16. Seems like nobody posted this yet but this is a pretty cool news ^^ Yuzhou's Men's Uno photoshoot was used in ZZ's show trailer AYEEEE!!! Tbh I saw this on Weibo but I'm on phone now so I can't post pictures. Instagram it is xD

    1 hour ago, addicted2yuzhou said:

    Does anyone know what the song is that they are singing? It sounds beautiful. I have added so many Jay Chou, Eason Chan and other songs to my playlists since I hear JYZZ sing them.  (I did have a look on page one, but I couldn't find it :( )

    The song is 离歌 (li ge), not sure about the English name but I could ask my friend later hehe. You can search it on YT btw (video in spoiler). Hope that helped ^^

    Edit: Omg I just remembered. I google translated 离歌 and... Li Ge. Li Ge!!  I'm so slow, sorry. This was one of the songs Jingyu (or was it ZZ?) was rumoured to sing at his fanmeet. He didn't sing it, but he sang all the other songs that was rumoured too though. The feels... T^T




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  17. I'm pretty free these days so tbh I'm kinda on this forum 24/7 doing my researches to get into Yuzhou University (LOL) I wanna post more and do analysis and stuff (needa join the fun~) but everyone here is 6262626262% better than me so.... LOL nvm xD

    Eh, what am I even talking about.

    Anyway, I've watched the subbed version of the BTS by ryokise and lovely things (thank you! xie xie! kamsia! terima kasih! arigatou! kamsia hamida! ><) and there was a part where lil otaku ZZ made it seemed like an anime fighting scene...

    E9Q945s.jpg which triggered the weeaboo in me to draw this:


    (right to left)


    I was bored OKAY.

    Speaking of boredom...


    I tried to photoshop while my mom was shopping (had no data, games were overplayed so yah) but then I didn't know where exactly I wanted to place the photoshopped Jingyu so...


    I know. I had the same WTF face while making it. I AM A FAILURE I'M SORRY



    Halfway when making it, I had to keep my phone so I decided to dump le photoshopped ZZ somewhere near his hubby to keep him in company.... xD

    Ah, and speaking of failures...


    I like to imagine that ZZ is a dorky weeb like me otaku and JY will always facepalm or give no comment towards 'em otaku moments. I don't even know why I did this but maybe I just felt like anime meme-ing suddenly... lololol I need help

    (right to left)


    Honestly, I feel so bad for destroying ZZ and JY's beautiful face but oh whale, the past is in the past, please spare me ~~~

    Also, let's give some appreaction for JY's photographer's beauty, BoyNam~~~ LOL





    So... so far I've tried to photoshop, draw fanarts and write a fanfic hehe. May I enter this university? *blink eyes repeatively*

    Oh wait... I'm not at age. Shiet.

    On 1/27/2017 at 1:06 PM, skeletonworks said:

    I hope Jingyu can gain more Malaysian fans so that we can have a small fm in Malaysia and hope to join in organising event or something just like the China fanclub

    I doubt this will happen but it's not too far fetch either! There seem to be more Malaysians in this forum than I expected so *crosses finger*


    This year, I didn't celebrate CNY with my chinese families since they are all so far away but I got to celebrate it with my friends and you guys :'D Gong Xi Fa Cai, wishing you all the best of health, wealth and forever success!! Also, happy anniversary (?) of Addicted... This gives a sad and despairing feeling for everything that has happened but it all happened for a reason. I believe there is always good in bad. That's just how life is LOL. Sorry for the long post ^^

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  18. I finished my homework and decided to make some lousy random gifs from ZZ's Fashion IFeng Date that @ryokise recently subbed again, thanks ^^ lol wELP WHAT AM I DOING

    Meh, let's begin with this gif (i doubt it's even clear but screw it) of ZZ staring right through ur soul #rip ;-;



    Then we have a smiling ZZ when talking about the reason he likes Givenchy, which is... because it has a street style arh.... ehhh, I think I've heard that a certain whale has the same taste too? 


    gif and xuweizhou image

    (well, I'm supposed to add subs but imma too lazy xD)

    Honestly, when he said that he "usually like to wear comfortable and simple clothings", danganronpa's execution music started to play in my head lol welp


    gif and xuweizhou image

    Random since I find ZZ's hand gestures so adorable like ??? is this even possible??? does it make any sense??? T^T


    gif and xuweizhou image

    ZZ: Actually, I hardly wear socks.

    LOL and if I remember correctly... someone said in an interview that the one thing he wouldn't wear at all are socks ^_^ Also, is it only me who felt as if ZZ needed to clarify so... as if he wanted to make sure that everybody knew he hardly wore socks anyway, just like his hubby~


    xu wei zhou and gif image

    Okay, I'm going to sleep now (maybe LOL), oyasumi– *cringes*– ~~

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  19. One of those rare occurrence where ZhouZhou updates his Instagram:


    Well, for a matter of fact– let's be honest here ZZ. You do know that we'll be looking for some sort of candy from this photo, don't you? xD


    1) Delulu mind says JY posted this since ZZ's actions in the photo is the one that showed that he is 'looking for something' or maybe someone..? Who knows, ZZ had sent this picture of him to JY and JY, being the photographer-like guy, found it outstanding and really beautiful in every way so he decided to post it in ZZ's ig account, since ZZ seldom uploads stuff there + overseas stuff so yeah. This is only delulu though unless proven otherwise LOL

    2) In both JY and ZZ's recent ig pics, I think they're both putting their hands into their pockets? Not sure about JY's since it's cropped

    3) JY wears a black cap and ZZ wears a white one. Reminds me of the recent couple item– the star shirt.

    4) Both of their recents somehow give the same feeling and theme, maybe because they're both looking elsewhere with the overseas-looking backgrounds, idek

    @jingyuzhou  They say a girl can dream! :w00t:(In short– I'm desperate LOL) Thanks for the info. I had suspicions that China didn't have easy access for ig, with their own China apps and all... Though, JY updates slightly more, so I thought maaaaaybe I was wrong so yah xD 

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  20. I had some free time (well... by procrastinating my homework ofc hohoho) so i made some gifs from JY's HaibaoTV that @ryokise had just subbed (arigatou~!!) ... just for the fun of it ayeeee. I shall make some for ZZ too when I have time (school is literally dumping all their homework in my face tbh) Hope no one posted gifs with the same scene yet LOL

    Anyway, look at how adorable a whale is when accompanied with a bear... a kitten may get jealous :ph34r:




    Tbh I don't even remember what he said here cuz that bright smile of his... it's my weakness urghhh someone gimme more strength after watching this gif countless of times... I need to run a marathon tomorrow ^_^




    Thanks again to @ryokise for the translation. Here, they asked JY "what superpowers do you wish to have?" and JY answered "teleportation" because he would be able to do many things which saves time on the road... Saying that while crafting a heart shaped origami... hmmmmm JY are you thinking of a certain someone right now? :wub:




    And finally... the heart-shaped origami is formed! It looks great~ I bet JY's hands are very skilled...in various things lmao welp what have become of my pure mind.




    AHHHHH I love making gifs lol but it's too bad my phone's memory is lacking T^T Wish me luck for the marathon tomorrow, I wish I had BLY's and GH's stamina...

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  21. Not sure if anyone has posted this but Lovely Things has uploaded subs for new Thai BTS part 1




    And btw @kakelet has posted the last epilogue for the novel ayeee ^^

    Edit: @SatiKaotika sorry for this mega late reply about JY's insta story several days ago, I've just seen it LOL but anyway, thanks for replying me, I'm glad to know more for the sake of JY~! :'DDD

    Edit 2: @bearology posted it up there whoops I just saw T^T please forgive ma smol brain


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  22. Jingyu updated his Instagram:

    I guess it's at Milano LOL I'm so stupid xD

    Anybody seeing anything suspicious? No detective mode on? Ok fine~~



    I'm looking way too deep into this but there's a scene at the background– a couple(?) and a guy on a bicycle– which kind of triggered that time GH and JLL rode a bike together and BLY walked, hence GH calling BLY "pitiful" or something. This scenario is the other way round, though, and the guy walking has his hand reaching out in front towards the bike guy... I'm thinking too much. Please excuse my lousy attempt at 'analyzing'– if you can even call it that xD


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  23. 9 hours ago, gesseki said:

    @abhishikta -  soompi family help me out and correct me with the details... Actually during this time the 2 bans where already in effect.  zz had a lot going,  concerts and photo shoots..and jy was not doing much.  I dont know which song is which.... First one when zz went to Korea for his concert....  Jy posted one of the songs... The 2nd was during zz Japan photoshoot. When his kitty was leaving China... He would post a song.  I don't know what their situation was during this time... If they were already a couple or if jy was still trying to win zz back. Referring to Heathereb's post.  

    It's amazing how much you're able to remember wow ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

    Though about the highlighted sentence, JY posted it when ZZ went to Korea with ChenWen, somewhere around March I think? Here's the english translation for that song


    I am honestly in love with this cover of his. He is so honest and genuine when singing, I can feel the emotions just by listening without even knowing the meaning. At this time, JY had already gotten used to the fame perhaps... but that didn't mean he had to like the whole package it came with. Makes me wonder why he continued this path when freedom is such a big thing for him. I guess it's because he enjoys acting very much, yes, but my delulu says he wants to be able to stand in a stage with ZZ proudly one day.... stop rolling your eyes, c'mon :phew: 

    Btw here's a fan song as a reply to JY's singing, which I really love:



    I find this fan song really emotional too. It shows a fan's perspective and I hope JY heard it already– this song looks like a lot of effort to make LOL. As a fan of JY,  most would already guess that JY would probably not take this path of fame for too long because it would destruct his need of freedom... but as a fan, albeit despaired, we must still support his every decision because we have no control at all over his life and just wish the best for him ^^ I hope JY does more Changba covers lol I'm needy.

    I guess this is for a magazine cover? Idk lololol



    7 hours ago, boysloveismylife said:

    JY's instagram story update

    Does anyone know where this is? My general knowledge is bad, as you can probably see xD

    EDIT: @fzhouzhou Just saw ur post above and welcome! Wow you've been lurking since Feb??? LOL 

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  24. Jingyu liked Borr Fang's recent weibo.

    Maybe FB apologized to both JY and ZZ in person? Awhhhh hahaha~ Honestly, FB did a richard simmons move that time but... perhaps he has already reflected himself or something :sweatingbullets: Their friendship was for more than eight years anyway, and there's always ups and downs in friendships too... but forgiving the other is always the greatest thing you'll ever receive in a friendship :cookie:

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