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  1. me too. Im trying to move on but i keep coming back to this site hoping for something
  2. i have extremely many fav scene. 1. When Do Kyung Seok jumped and kicked Chanwoo and DongWon and punching the coworker (SOO satisfying!) 2. The tender moment when Mirae sleeps with her mother on epi3. And her word "life is all about fighting through your struggles" hits me hard. Its like if you're going through a situation that feels like hell, keep moving. Why would you stay in hell anyway. 3. That extremely cringey aegyo wait. If im making list i need to rewatch the whole drama. I would say the whole drama is my favourite for now. I'll come back later if i found my favoritest (is that even a word?)
  3. I'm keeping it! 1. When he said one shot to the non alcoholic drink 2. The morning when they came together, when Mi Rae finally realise people are not that interested with them. 3. After the second hit, he said it doesn't hurt 4. After she took a large bite of burger and he said she's cute! 5. When they were eating ice-cream! 6. And lastly, after he tried intimidating her with close proximity in the cinema "you said you're not easily intimidate" *smiles with moon eyes I am so dead I hated him before because he's blind to others, but I can see that he really likes So Ah. He was being yelled by her, for the things he didn't do but he took the initiative to find out why. And going to TA is a great way to solve this. And eun. Oh Eun eonnie. She is a real gem. Asking because she's concerned rather than out of curiousity, and really wants the best for everyone, I love you for that. I am your Wang Fan now! Someone like Jihyo is the worst type of friend. She betrays her friend just to save her own richard simmons. And how cute Woo Jin smiled when Jung boon chasten her for that
  4. Gahhhhhh they kissed! First thing first, i like how when they struggle for the picture it didn't fall into cliche trope where they accidentally fall on top and suddenly became aware of each other. I like how kyung seok sits naturally and when mi rae bends him it was kyung seok who was flustered and its only him being aware of how close her leg slips between his . Mi rae's main concern is the picture and the picture ONLY. coming back to the most important part, THAT KISSEU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said. I like the camera work when it kinda hide the kiss behind the sofa when the shot is on Eun woo. Maybe to tone down angry tantrumous morbid fans
  5. It kinda look like old man's greying hair, no? This is not the cute grey cat that i want (He's still gorgeous tho)
  6. Hugs to you chingu-ya. I too have almost similar moment, but its not to the extend of bullying. Its just people's honest thought. I felt ashamed when i was younger. I was born with gapped teeth, and people say i look ugly because of it. And honestly i thought so too. when people say "if only your teeth is straighter and closer you are kinda cute" i never smile with my teeth bared during my teen year. I also choose to not talk a lot, in case people saw my teeth and dislike my appearance. But I work hard for money and got braces when I go to university. I'm still afraid to talk in front of crowd because i never train myself, but I am more confident now. I can smile with my traintracks braces showing. I can laugh in public (used to cover my mouth). I am happier now because i made myself happy. Happiness starts within our own self.
  7. Ahhh Mi Rae's insecurities. Living a life where only her face is being judged, she really had it rough. Can someone with the spoilery webtoon knowledge spoil me with what thing that made Mi Rae and Kyung Seok finally date? How did she overcome her insecurities? Now I'm so curious
  8. I wake up just to say this because i cant sleep. Kyung Seok sees things objectively. He can even see the games soo ah play when others don't. they why is he doubting Mi Rae's feeling? That she actually likes him through her silent gaze and awkwardness. He should be able to see that too shouldn't he?
  9. omg now i've seen the preview i felt that the rain-jacket scene from episode 8 preview is not gonna happen or be aired I'm so sad. i think imma go cry and sleep now. Wake me up when Mi Rae and Kyung Seok is dating. p/s: can someone slap soo ah
  10. I will believe and wait patiently for the rain scene. Finger crossed I also really really like Hyun Jung apt view on things and mirroring Mirae's thought. The fact that she's majoring in psychology makes perfect sense when she can actually see how Kyung Seok likes Mirae a lottttt... Please believe in your friend and yourself Kang Mirae! I also love the bus scene when he said he IS her boyfriend. Not once but TWICE! And that little 'kinda annoyed" look when Mirae says No! the second time. He definitely not wooden. Cha Eun Woo IS a good actor Also where did kyung hee run to? i was imagining she finds her brother and Kyung seok ask Mirae to take her in for few days till Mommy come. And how cute Mom and Dad misunderstood the "gangnam beauty" term. I should feel sad for them but I find them too cute and too innocent. Hope they never know the truth i wanna protect them foreverrrr
  11. I'm anticipating today's episode. i hope there are a lot of mirae kyungsuk scene and veeeery little sooah scene. though I feel like the jacket-on-top rain scene won't happen on tonight's episode
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