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  1. 10 hours ago, SaQaroz said:

    Even if the translation is bad quality, I don't see what's wrong with what he said anyway. He's an actor, when he kisses Saint, he simply does his job.He doesn't have to "feel" anything like - it's not his fault some fans seem to genuinely think he's in a couple with Saint just because their characters are.


    What Perth said is not wrong. The wrong thing is that the terrible translation is wrong. The contents of that translation is different from what Perth said.

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  2. 15 hours ago, Lesley Champney said:

    There was a translation of this interview that was posted on social media that translated the performance art section to something along the lines of he didn't have any feelings when kissing Saint and I think that is what got people up in arms...it was a lost in Translation thing. I found the souce I think...



    I'm mad with this translation. It is totally nonsense. It's so wrong on so many levels. I assure all of you that the translation in the link (in the quote) is trash. Just look at the grammar and the writing style of the English part. I have never seen such a terrible translation like this in my entire life. The contents is totally different from what Perth said in the interview.

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  3. 34 minutes ago, mads102030 said:

    Yep, there are just little things they could do to make so many scenes more palatable.  Ae was acting like an a** in general, dragging Pete around those 2 eps, and I don't know how to fix that.  He wasn't being especially rough with the dragging, so it wasn't too jarring for me, just kind of "off".  But the push against the lockers really didn't even make sense with Ae's character, always trying to protect Pete from physical harm.



    For myself, I like the scenes the way they are now. I wouldn't want the director to change anything. I don't want anything to be fixed either. Maybe it's just my taste, but I think they're perfect. For me, Ae is not a polite person since the beginning. His language is very rough, maybe a little bit gentler with Pete, but still very rough. The way he chooses the pronouns to talk with friends, even a newly-met person like Pete, says many things about his characters. If you compare Ae's language with Tin's language, you would realize that Tin is super polite, and super well-mannered. I bet a typical person (except for Pete and Chompoo) would never fall for a guy like Ae in real life. Actually, Ae in the series is already much cuter and much more polite than Ae in the novel. His language contains full of swear words, even when speaking with his brother Oh (in the novel).



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  4. 11 minutes ago, Aginggie said:


    Some people said that Perth is too good looking for Ae (based on Novel). But I am glad perth got the part. He's fit perfectly.


    Ae in the novel is about 168cm, tanned, muscled, and a face with somewhat scary/fierce expression. The soccer team don't dare to joke around with Ae like they do with Can.


    Perth is about 176-178cm. He has beautiful and expressive eyes. Perth's also very handsome. So, he's not the exact Ae in the novel, but I believe he has certain parts of Ae's charisma.

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  5. I don't know where you guys get the spoiler. Unless you guys read it first hand from the book (in Thai) yourselves, you shouldn't believe it.


    I have seen tons of rumors and spoilers about LBC that were re-translated from other languages (i.e., non-Thai sources) and they are very far from the true plot. I suggest you guys look at the character introduction at the beginning of each episode. Is there any character that is supposed to be Pete's father?


    And again, please remember that LBC is a Thai BL story, not a Chinese/Korean/Japanese BL story.

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  6. 1 hour ago, pupuce said:

    I guess it makes sense that Pete wants their relationship to remain secret. It's too protect Ae I'm sure. That way, Ae won't be labelled as "gay " and it still give Ae a way out , if things doesn't work between them. 




    Actually, at this point in the series, there are 4 people already knows about their not-yet-official relationship: Pond, Ping, Pete's mother, and even Nong'Yim. :joy:

    If you see the official trailer of the series, even Nong'Yim tried to make our 2 boys kiss each other.


    So, no, their relationship is not a secret anymore. Their romance simply oozes out whenever they are together. It's just  that Chompoo is kinda blind, so she can't (or doesn't want to) notice.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, SaQaroz said:

    So precisely actors and characters as they are depicted in the show don't fit the novel in that aspect. As lelliae said, everyone has different taste but there are some beauty standards whatever we like it or not and by these standards, Perth (so Ae) is quite handsome. I think a lot of people would say he's more handsome than Trump and even Pond.


    The same can be said about Techno and his brother actually. No said once that he's not as handsome as Nic and I guess it's how it's supposed to be in the novel by the way even Nuc says several time that he doesn't understand why Kla is so into him but in my humble opinion, Gun is, once again by common standards, more attractive than the actor playing Nic ( didn't pick his name sorry).


    This kind of change goes with all adaptations tbh. Production will rarely allow to have average-looking actors as main roles in their shows... But in all honesty, I wouldn't mind if it was the case. Bit more realistic even if that probably wouldn't please fangirls :phew:


    Reality might be the least-wanted thing in BL series/novels.


    For example, when Pete was beaten by Trump, the first thing they should do, in real life, is to going to hospital for a serious check-up, not renting a hotel room nor applying some random medicine on the wound. But if they went to a hospital, we wouldn't have the scene when Ae took his shirt off, or Pete tried to be cute, or the two of them sweetly hug each other, or the touching and morning wood of Ae the day after.


    So, I don't mind the not-so-realistic things here.

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  8. 27 minutes ago, lelliae said:


    I'll probably come back later to write some of my thoughts on ep.5 but for now... I totally agree with what you're pointing out in your post SaQaroz, especially with the fact that Ae saying he's not handsome is not credible at all! Come on!!

    - Ok, people don't have the same tastes (fortunately),

    - Ok, Ae isn't very tall (actually it really isn't shocking, he is even taller than Can...),

    - Ok, he obviously lacks self confidence and is very modest,

    - And maybe there are "physical criterias of beauty" in Asia that he doesn't met.


    But, really... Who could dare to say he isn't handsome??? Perth/Ae obviously and objectively IS handsome, no matter how you look at him... I could have believe this in the mouth of some characters I've seen in other dramas or films I have watched (according to my tastes, of course. I have in mind Haruta from Ossan's love for example), but here no!


    In the novel:

    1) Ae is probably the least handsome character. Even Trump and Pond are (much) more handsome than Ae. But Ae is very manly. That's why Pete doesn't believe that Ae can be gay.


    2) Ae is quite short compared to other characters. I think p'Money is supposed to be taller than Ae.


    3) Pete is not supposed to be cute. Pete is supposed to be handsome, cool, sophisticated, high-class, but not cute. Pete is only cute in Ae's eyes. 


    It's just that, in the series, Perth is both handsome and manly, and Saint is both handsome and cute.

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  9. 4 hours ago, sweetseptember said:

    and the fact also that I'm-not-gay-only-for you thing is so refreshing, Pete has been in love with other men before he met Ae, and Ae has NEVER been in love until he met Pete, so I don't buy it when some say that Ae is only gay for Pete, because he never been in love with EITHER of sexes prior to Pete... Anyway, I love this drama sososo much, I hope it will remain good until the very end. <3


    credit: Twitter taynewstuff


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  10. 12 minutes ago, midnightbottle said:

    But one thing that irks me is why do they have to re-use the song from "Love Sick the Series".

    The show has its own soundtrack, would have preferred if they use original songs and not the same version of a song that came right from a very popular BL series that is still relatively recent.


    I have no problem with the re-use of "Love Sick" sound track at all.

    I feel that the soundtracks are on the spot, and fit well with the scenes.


    Because the director of LBC was also the editor of "Love Sick", I have the feeling that there are many things that he wanted to do with "LoveSick" at that time, but he couldn't do it. So, here he continues what he wanted to do back then.


    I remember there was supposed to be a kiss between Phun and Noh in a car, but the scene was never released (it was only showed once in a fanmeeting). It was kinda a scandal back then. But now, in LBC, we have one of the best first-kiss scenes, also in a car, and the sound track of LoveSick plays on, filling the whole space. I  have the feeling that, this kiss scene was what I missed in LoveSick. Now I have it. I felt extremely happy. I felt complete.


    The character Bow (Sammy, as I remember her name) in LBC was a supporting role in LoveSick. Also Yuri of LoveSick will appear again in LBC. I think many people in the production team of LoveSick are also the people behind LBC. They have a message that they want to send. And I feel that message.

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  11. On 8/28/2018 at 4:12 AM, 2whipped said:

    Probably this sounds like a sad news but did you guys realize Saint rarely attended the same event with the other boys? Just like yesterday event and today's one. I don't know what happened to him. I'm afraid it will become like 2moon casts :dissapointed_relieved:


    This 3-second vid from Perth's IG story caused a small earthquake in the LBC fanworld! 

    They finally met each other. :bawling:





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  12. 5 hours ago, 2whipped said:

    11 times?!!!! Omggg that was a lot huhu

    Probably this sounds like a sad news but did you guys realize Saint rarely attended the same event with the other boys? Just like yesterday event and today's one. I don't know what happened to him. I'm afraid it will become like 2moon casts :dissapointed_relieved:


    I think the main reason is that Saint belongs to a different agency company than the remainders of the cast. So only when they happen to be invited to the same event, they can be together. Otherwise, they have different schedules.


    I don't ship PerthxSaint, but I really want to see them together. Just because every minute of AexPete in the series (up to now) was so sweeeet and adorable, and I don't get enough of that. I want them more. So when I see PerthxSaint together, I feel like I see AexPete in real life.

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  13. 3 hours ago, deltos said:

    Working on the Thai...funny thing mandarin and Korean are a lot easier for my brain to process... LOL


    I've tried to learn Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and Thai. And Thai is the one that co-operates with my brain the most.

    The funny thing about Thai is that, for me, listening and speaking are much easier than reading (and of course writing). This is because the Thai alphabet is one of the most complicated alphabets.




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  14. 49 minutes ago, deltos said:

    So here's a random question...just reading on some other sites and there is some push back about LBC not airing and the Miss Tiffany event.  How can. you like BL and not be sensitive to LGBTQ issues ?? It's like saying, " I like swimming but don't like the water ! " Mind-boggling to think there are folks out there who just like to see to guys get it on but don't like the " gay stuff ".

    Ok I vented...:angry:


    BL series are mainly for fujoshi, they're kinda like fantasies, rather than any real life situation.


    Many of my gay friends don't care about BL series at all. While I (gay) like BL series, my boyfriend really hates BL series. He thinks BL series are very low-level.


    And many fujoshi friends of mine, while they enjoy BL series, but they will never bother to take some time to watch/join any Pride parade event. They don't care about problems like same-sex marriage either.


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  15. 9 hours ago, winetart said:

    Ae is so gentle with Pete, he even apologized for raising his voice at him when he was telling him to go to the police. That was also partially because he was jealous because he thought Pete still loved Trump, so I think the locker incident is going to be a similar reason.


    Pete is going to try to push Ae towards the girl because he doesn't think Ae could possibly want him and it's going to hurt Ae's feelings that Pete isn't jealous/doesn't seem to care at all.


    I'm also really curious about what exactly the locker room scene is going to entail cause if you watch this old BTS video of it, Saint says his face and back got hurt and the director is making people on set get into some uh interesting positions lol.


    I think the locker scene is similar to Ae doing a Kabedon, which is very common in Japanese romantic movies when the male protagonists gonna .... 

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  16. 39 minutes ago, Mel_Rios said:

    That Lakorn was amazing for the time it showed, considering all the social criticisms that it had against social discrimination on several LGBT issues, like HIV and AIDS. It also showed two different families dealing with their gay sons: one was accepting, the other (the father) was a monster.  They did say to each other "I love you" on screen 3 times. Jon told Tee's father to love Tee 2 times. Tee's mum told Tee about him being in love with Jon... not to mention the many times all of Jon friends talked openly about them being madly in love with each other. BUT they didn't kiss... (not even the straight couples did this back then) as it was allow to show hugs, and being close... insinuation sex scenes too... but never showing the actors involve in such behavior; gay or straights.



    As for the sweet pink milk stories... We all have our preferences. I can understand people wanting just a happy gay fairytale, but as a gay guy for me that is too silly, and a waist of my time. I am better off with the OSCAR awarded acting and story.

    (Drake... I am going to nominate you for the Oscars 2019) :mrgreen:





    Did I overlook when they said "I love you" to each other? And 3 times? Do you remember in which episodes? Or at least, in which situations and contexts that they said "I love you"? Because I have downloaded all their cuts from the series, I want to watch it, but iterating through the whole 120 episodes is non-trivial. 


    I think BL series which are based on yaoi stories are mainly for entertaining, first and largely, fujoshi. That's why not many gay men watch these series. I talked to some Thai gay guys, and they didn't even care about series like Together with me nor Sotus. As a gay guy myself, I'm feel happy with these sweet BL series. They serve their (original) purpose and their (major) audience. Asking BL series to address social and legal problems is similar to questioning why pornography only depict sex scenes. Should pornography try to deal with polygamy, extra-marrital affairs, violence as well?

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