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  1. @b1a6Well I'm not a korean guy, but it feels like your boyfriend has a lot of prejudice against Chinese people. I agree you your pov, we have a similar situation here in Germany so I can relate to that. But him being stubborn is normal, guys aren't good at accepting other opinions that are not their own, especially if they disagree with what we believe.
  2. I'm not going to discuss with you here. I replied to @rosierosie and hope she got the answer she was looking for.
  3. @SejabinI give a general idea about how men usually behave, how we tick and why we do certain things we do. I can't and won't speak for manhood or every single man out there. My words don't describe EVERY man out there. We all have different personalities, some do things differently than others. There are also men who never confess anything or even avoid the people they like. Of course there are exceptions, but usually it is like I say.
  4. @rosierosieIf a guy likes you, he will try to tell you, but never directly. We try to be subtle and begin to behave differently. Like talk to you way more often or just be around you, hoping we get noticed. We kinda test the water first, if you maybe feel the same, if our interest maybe is the same as yours. We try to make you understand how we feel by actions, so you understand without us saying it. Men are way too afraid to get rejected by the girl they like. If we say it out loud, we fear that it may fail. Nonverbal communication is our safe zone if you like. At one point we might talk to her directly, mostly if we fear that someone is also interested in her or if she suddenly creates an interest in someone. The fear someone else gets the girl we like is higher than the fear to get rejected. I hope that helped.
  5. +2 Yeah, we hear that all the time. Normally with @triplem warning all people around us to take cover. Yeah I am not afraid of that. Most likely not going to happen anytime soon. The guy that fits your expections needs to be born first
  6. +2 Wait he is handsome? Well.....okay. I totally have to make sure you don't find any guy at my wedding. Not going to happen. Make sure to leave that exotic indian princess vibe at home.
  7. 774 @kokodusI didn't post any LBY drama Who would produce, who would watch stuff like that? Okay.....me....if LBY would be in it, but I was just making up a drama to describe that only LBY would be able to make me watch ANY kind of drama. Who are these people on your profile picture anyway? Is that you? Nah, she seems to be pretty, she can't be you. Edit: Okay, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, indian drama?
  8. +2 Yep, sad but true. @kokodusOh, sister. Well done. Lee Bo Young is the correct answer. Aww, you always act so tough, but in the end you do know your big brothy bro. Kim Seul Gi didn't have enough lead roles or breaking roles (yet). She is always an amazing supporting character but she doesn't have the spectum LBY has. She is heavy eye candy though.
  9. 762 @ktcjdramaHonestly not too far. The last two dramas of her I didn't watch aswell. Joseon Survival was a historical time traveling drama, not even in a million years I would consider watching stuff like that. The other one was "Meloholic and I really tried, but the drama was so weak and her role was very, very hard to endure. I mean KSJ is as much eye candy as I can get, acting wise she a really good, but not at a level where I would say okay, I will watch whatever she does because I know it will be good. She accepts roles that are kinda weak. There is only one actress who is capable of doing this, where I would even watch a historical, time traveling, rom-com drama, where the female lead is possessed by an evil spirit doctor from the future, who then switches her body to an old goddess, who can only speak in old chinese rhymes. But who is that actress? @triplemYou don't count, you know it anyway.
  10. +2 NO WAY! OMG YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA When does it start? What kind of drama is it? TELL ME EVERYTHING WOMAN!!! Ahhhh I NEED MOAR INFORMATION! One does not simply google Kyung Soo Jin, you were allowed to see her beauty in search form. Edit: Okay, okay. Sci- Fiction melodrama? Well, okay. Fine I guess. Parallel universe? Oh gawd Pleaseno, this will be kinda hard already, but okay. I can endure that I guess. But she hasn't accepted yet. Smart girl.
  11. +2 Oh, don't open this chapter. Don't give me hope. That end of Signal, still goosebumps. I can't allow myself to dream. Signal 2 can only happen if Cho Jin-woong is also on board. But I think he already said once that he doesn't want to do another Season?
  12. +2 Very true. I mean you are a teacher and I rarely accepted ANY advice. Because I am sceptical
  13. +2 Okay my mom is really cute I visited her today and she asked me if her phone has a finger sensor and put it in front of me, I said: I don't know, turn the phone around and I tell you. And then she turned the phone upside down It was so cute! "NO MOM, I mean show me the back!"
  14. +2 @triplemThat actually sounds awesome. Looks like a bit of Slice of Life, mystery, crime and well touches of romance. I definitely going to check that out. And on top my relationship goals girl. I totally make me a note for that one. "Male lead is my oppa". I think at this rate I think it would more mention worthy if someone ISN'T your oppa. Somehow every sentence includes ".... is my oppa". Quite like @kokodusjust a different generation of oppas. Oh and thank you for cleaning up
  15. +2 @triplemYou remember my gif for "Relationship Goals"? The scene that I once told is my personal goal for Mrs.D if I ever have one? What happened to her? I can't remember her name and if she had another drama after this. You do know them all, so.....
  16. +2 @kokodusHaha. It actually doesn't look too bad. @Sarang21All I read is I did everything perfectly @triplemMhm, honestly I doubt it, she is not a fan of Sitcoms. @thanieThat is just how we talk
  17. +2 Okay story time. Yesterday I visited my mom's place and when I entered the apartment I saw that she wore a jacket and a "Friends" T-Shirt beneath it. The slogan "Friends" war largely on the front with the typical coloroed dots between the letters. So I asked my mom the following: Me: Mom.....why are you wearing a Friends T-Shirt? Do you even know the TV-Show? Mom: "Which TV Show?" Me: "Friends, it's probably the most popular US Sitcom of all time" Mom: "I don't know any US Sitcoms, you know that" Me: "Then why do you wear a Friends Shirt?" Mom: "Because it says "Friends" and I thought that was cute, I was at the store and it was at a discount so I took it. See? It says friends, that means "Freunde". (Friends = Freunde) Me: "Then you bought it and didn't even know what it was about?" Mom: "Well......It says Friends *point at the letters*......I like having friends" Me:"......." Mom: "But now that you say it, you probably can also decipher the back for me" At this point I already knew this would be good, so she took of her jacket and on the back were ALL the names of the Friends roles, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Joey etc.... Me: "That are the roles of the cast, didn't you see that when you bought it?" Mom: "I didn't, I just looked at the front, but at home I saw it, I just didn't know what it meant" Me: "Why do you buy something that you haven't fully inspected?" Mom, TOTALLY proud: "It was at a discount " Me: "So what do you thought what it meant, considering you wear it? Mom: "I thought that this could be random names of people that could be friends" Me: "" I totally am going to buy my mom Friends Season 1 for her birthday !
  18. +2 @Sarang21Oh are you performing "angry german woman" on me now? Don't you know the key of every successful story is to build up enough tension beforehand? And some people know stories involving my mom are always hilarious. And to everyone else, let me be a gentlemen and translate what Miss Sarang said there. Spanne uns nicht so auf die Folter = Don't let us wait so much.
  19. +2 Yeah, that's what I thought.... Okay, lemme eat first.
  20. +2 I have the cutest, funniest mom ever But before I tell the story, are you all familiar with the US-Drama "Friends"?
  21. +2 I'm siiick, where is @USAFarmgirl So each month I look up dramas on asianwiki, hoping that one of them catches my interest, but boy, readong some of these really give me a hard time. Like....for real....when the drama starts or ends with the words..... Cha Yoo-Ri (Kim Tae-Hee) has been a ghost since she died 5 years ago Ghosts Never.........sounds already stupid She is possessed by a spirit and she has a special ability. Gosh please no possessed shenanigans. The dramas is name is My Holo Love..... Seriously.....no.....just....no But......If the Weather Is Good, I'll Find You.......that one sounds not too shabby. Might be a candidate
  22. +2 I feel like I get sick. Damn you cold weather! Couldn't you at least wait after the weekend?
  23. +2 I know who MJ was. I meant first one. Don't know him, but I think I saw the drama teaser before. Maybe I give it a try.
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