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  1. +2 Have you seen the latest episode of "Train"? If you did and you know me you know why it's hard for me. It's not about the fantasy part, I watched Tunnel, which had quite a few Fantasy elements aswell and it is one of my fav dramas. I like good crime dramas, they are probably my favorite after slice of life. And Train already does have a good twists. I would say no. Too early to tell, a bit biased aswell bc of Kyung Soo Jin. I do like it, it's already very interesting, although a bit confusing at times. But the pace is good and the story is catching so far. And KSJ looks stunning in a suit and while saying "oppa". But it is way too early to say if the drama is worth picking up or if it is any good. So far they did a decent job and it is at least not boring.
  2. 524 @strongtower It's interesting. But specifically for me, it's hard right now.
  3. Episode 2 First the cat, now KSJ. How could they kill my fav actress in only two episodes in. Pretty much also the first drama I ever watched where an off screen gun shot actually killed one of the leads. I mean I'm sure we see her again in World B, but really looks like she is dead dead. I hope they don't revive people somehow. It does start to get really interesting, now that they found a dead person, which has a living counterpart on this side.
  4. +2 Just two episodes in and Train is already killing me This is going to be hard
  5. @Happy SheepBut didn't he approch her at her office because of the arrest warant? Was is just bc he wasn't "home" since three years or did he really just disappear and I missed the "3 years later......" fading into the screen? I already thought this being two seperate timelines.
  6. +2 KSJ is AWESOME! I like her role and she looks damn hot in a suit. Well first episode seemed to be interesting, but also a bit confusing. A lot of violence against woman though, I already dislike all the rape/violence cases. OCN really never holds back. Male lead seems to be a good one though.
  7. Okay, first episode. Thoughts: Episode 1 Kyung Soo Jin looks SO beautiful in a suit! ♥ I totally dig her role already! Seeing a girl with bruises who got raped in the very first episode. Well, we are home at OCN. Won't be an easy ride for me I guess. But I already like the attitude of the main lead. He is a good one. They killed the cat! How could they! Did I miss something about Do-Won abscense of three years? Like a time skip or something? So many questions.
  8. 570 Currently watching Train. @triplemdid you watch? The tunnel at the start, is it the same as in "Tunnel"? And gosh. KSJ looks so great in a suit!
  9. +2 @mirmzI'm honest with you, I don't really like cat memes. I also get annoyed with people who constantly talk about their cats and stuff. For a very long time I also avoided IG cat accounts, but recently I opened one for Johnny. I only use it as a storage though. @Sarang21Yesterday? it was four weeks ago in mid June or something. Well, nothing too special, besides.....just my Bias Mini wearing the bracelet I sent/gifted her during the anniversary main livestream, any other livestream on the same and in private at a companies business meeting with a partner they work with. I pretty much played through Kpop.
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