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  1. Straightforward and to the point. Whether Forth should be discussing this in a bar is another matter. I love the manner in which Wayo leans forward, forgetting his game, all ears. Perhaps he was hoping for insights and lessons on sexual desire. In Part 2 there is a moment when Wayo is lying on Pha with his face looking directly at the buttons on Pha's pyjama trousers. "What are you thinking about ?" He asks. Obviously not you was my first thought. Watch his eyes. Perhaps it's the actor being wary
  2. Yes ! You could read a lot of things into that visual but innocence wouldn't be one of them. No chance that the scene was there by accident.
  3. Me, serious, never. So long as it sort of makes sense I am happy. Sometimes though you do wonder if the director and actors have ever actually been in a real gun fight . They seemed more relaxed and at home in the strip-joints ! Fingers crossed that Ep. 2. gives us a sensible plot. Subs were not up last night. I can wait.
  4. Perhaps, but BL is a term, is it not, that deals with anything that includes a male/male scenario. I am not immersed in all of this so I cannot give an advised opinion. I don't see it as a genre that only deals with teenagers. All of the guys in TOL are men in their twenties - the actors certainly are. If the story is interesting I'll watch. I just wished that the writers would try something with a plot that centred on something other than bringing two people together. I am not saying that they discard the falling in love bit, just move it to a slightly secondary position. If that means it is not strictly BL well fine, they will just have to open a new forum in here for male/male stories that do not revolve around school. Perhaps there is one already and I just haven't looked. What l liked about HCTM was the fact that there was an underlying mystery to be solved.
  5. First point being that the actors are now in their twenties. Off is 28, Gun 25 playing university students (19-23 ish). The definition of BL if we are going to strictly limit it to 'boy' is pretty much stretched already. To be honest I don't care what they call it ; if it has a plot that I find entertaining and the actors are capable, I'll watch it. I am of an age now where watching kids in shorts is becoming uncomfortable . Ah yes 'the power of love' (queue Frankie Goes To Hollywood). I'll watch the last part when it comes out with sub-titles. I am going to guess that all has panned out well and we have a happy ending. That in itself is a progression ; nobody got sent to the States (a terrible punishment in itself), got shot, died or reincarnated (I would have been so upset if HCTM had finished with the latter - letters would have been written)
  6. And there was me thinking that I would be first in here ! I watched the first episode. Sort of OK as the set up to the story. The chase ! What chase ? Neo who is supposedly being hunted by a renowned killer stops behind a wall and makes a phone call. When he runs out again we see that the killer has been standing a polite ten metres away so as not to intrude on his privacy ; I nearly coughed out my beer. And the chase continued... I must have missed the connection between Neo and Shin, it was hinted at in a photo and the pair obviously know each other but anything else, I missed. I am curious to see how the story continues. Let's hope that the thriller element is at least plausible. One thing never changes though ; Tur took so long in the room to fit his silencer and then aim, that Neo almost grew a beard. What is it with bad guys ? Be prepared guys and just pull the trigger, stop making a drama out of everything.
  7. Samantha is fun - always the same character, full of life (except when she was dead in WOTHS ). As the series has moves on I admit to warming towards the new cast. Forth does succeed in conveying the idea that he is thinking about sex. Not saying anymore because I know you play catch up with the episodes.
  8. Things may change when the TV companies realise that the demographic make up of those watching has changed these past few years - or has it ? Do they do any research ? They have never asked me my opinion At that stage they may be able to encourage scriptwriters to try something a little more mature where the plot is a solid thriller or detective story... where two guys may (or may not) end up together. The love story is incidental, not the be all and end all - there again that wouldn't be a BL story would it ? $70 eh ? Wise and rich
  9. I should have scrolled down before writing my previous post as you make a number of valid points. Most of these stories run on pretty much the same idea. Boy meets wrong partner, it will now take 12 episodes to find the right one. Meanwhile one of the other characters will suddenly find that they have feelings for character number four (or perhaps Two !) There will be a few misunderstandings that prevent our Boy from achieving his goal during episodes 7 and 8. By episode 11 were are on to a winner and we tie everything up in episode 12. The only way to keep a series going is to have enough main characters who lead separate lives but interact at the bar/apartment/hospital/police station... As the years pass these characters will rarely have just the one partner, some may marry multiple times. That is a long way from what a BL novel is about - getting Boy 1 to meet Boy 2, end of story. Even follow ups or prequels revolve around the same couple having a fallout over eleven episodes before finding true love again in the finale. It's not about one supporting the other through military service or that rather unfortunate incident where all those advertised products just happen to fall into my shopping bag and I forgot to pay for them. Oishi - the most stolen product from 7-eleven by customers who own a Toyota ! As you remark none of the actors have suggested that they are anything other than straight no matter how much they play to the crowds at the fan meets or on Instagram. For all that these shows suggest that Thailand is quite accepting I am not certain that away from the big cities that is the case. For a guy to play a gay role for a year or two will undoubtedly cause a certain amount of mud slinging to stick. A straight guy may be able to laugh it off but a gay actor my have an awful time of it - because the speculation by fans is (unbeknown to them) actually true. The current mix and match of roles for the actors is a good thing for them. Look at the dreadful attacks on Krist's girlfriend - did she not realise that he was with Singto ? Back then to the viewers being prepared to accept a long run BL series where the conventional model is broken. Boy 1 meets Boy 2 but may well move on to Boy 3 in a few months time. We would also have to accept that weeks may pass whilst we deal with other characters before we come back to our man.
  10. I really liked HCTM. There are all sorts of problems down the line but I think they are better left in our heads, each to his own ideas. As for TOL, I am not happy with Third's acceptance of Khai. Throughout the previous episodes I have seen the pair as a couple but in all the wrong senses of the word. It is like watching a battered wife (and it can be mental as well as physical) constantly maltreated by the womanising husband (is there a word men-ising ?). He lets her down, apologises and makes good for a wee while and then the cycle continues. If she even manages to summon up the courage to leave he will do everything to get her back. It's all about power and she is so easy to convince that ; this time it will be different ! I really do not want to open up the subject too much, as it can be dreadfully complicated and I am trying to remain simplistic, but to me this is Khai and the way he treats Third. I know that love is blind but what is it that Third sees in Khai ? He put his finger on the point that Khai only loves himself. That Ching-Ching initiated the kiss doesn't undermine the statement. Khai was not happy because that kiss stopped him from getting what HE wanted. By Episode 15 Khai will be back to his old ways and I feel so sad for Third. In respect to your final point. Long running series need great writers with oodles of creative ideas. For every 'Friends' there have been hundreds of failed series, some of which were actually good but could only corner a small audience (in TV terms) and that doesn't bring in the advertisers. Ultimately every story should have a natural, satisfying ending that allows the reader/watcher to continue the story in their own way. When Love Sick 2 went beyond the novel, people complained that there were now too many extra characters with B stories that they were not interested in. Even in these short series you can read people saying, as they did for Sotus : I just skip the bits with C and D, not interested. Too much time spent with E and F. We are a fickle lot
  11. Well the answer to how did they do that was : Khai got the red circle, then Third got the blue one...the game continued for ten minutes until Two (who was half wrapped around Un whilst stuck on green, yellow and purple) found a hand free and was able to call for paramedics to come and separate everybody. Bone's video went viral in under nine minutes. There could be entire forums on the subject... I liked the fact that they did the two versions of Shake, the actors' version being slower and puts a question mark over the words, whereas Boy Sompob's upbeat version suggests that all will be well.
  12. You beat me to it. The theme song is (to my ears) really good. Too often the theme for these series are a slow, unmemorable nothing (Jump to 3 minutes and continue watching music). Worse yet, sung by one or more of the actors - who can't sing. This time around we have something memorable. Said by someone who uses 'Shake' as the alarm on his phone. A bright and breezy way to start the day.
  13. Good grief ! Seriously ? They are lucky, I have read the books, the sex scenes are awful. Putting them on screen could traumatise young people for decades. Considering the target audience... and I shall stop myself there because these books were not necessarily written for the same audience that the TV companies are hoping to get.
  14. It's a Star Trek thing : "The Original Series" and "The Next Generation" and I'll accept that Sotus2 isn't a generation down the line - though at times it felt like it.
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