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  1. I disagree with the article in some aspects...one is that it implies, someway, that the Korean audience wouldn't accept a different point of view. I think any nation wouldn't accept a different portray of imperialism. Imperialism wasn't a blessing for any nation invaded, the history proves that it brought more bad consequences than good. The point is to understand that it was an ideology of some point in the history. Americans could look good in Korea, but they didn't in Central and South America, Japan could look bad for Korea, but they didn't in Europe. Europe could look good in America, but they didn't in Africa. It was a time were Machiavelli's realism ruled the international politics, and hard power (aka military power) was used to overthrow sovereign countries. To consider the people of some imperialist nation in the past bad or good just because the doings of their leaders is not fair. Obviously there were good people there too. I think KES hints that with the Japanese friend Eugene has in US, but she couldn't go any further because it would defenitely hurt Koreans to watch a fictional drama with a favorable portray of Japanese people. More than what KES wants, I think the way the drama show both sides is how people saw them back then. Japanese bad and American good. Fortunately the world changed a lot nowadays, and even with lots of problems, imperialism seems just in history.
  2. I was studying hard here, since I have a pretty hard exam in some weeks, and came here to relax a bit. Then, after reading your posts, something sparkled in my mind. DM asked AS if the righteous army will give him money, and DM scene with AS was about she giving him money. I wonder, is this a hint that he may joining the righteous army, or at least helping them some way and AS pays him for that (maybe after she remembers that first question of him). I'm I crazy? hahahaha
  3. I wonder what those final scenes means. One is Eugene looking at AS with fancy foreign clothes, another is DM giving her money, and another is AS holding HS, don't know if he's is dead. Is the writer giving us glimpses of the final like she did in Goblin?
  4. Netflix subtitles is giving me some unpleasant feedback here in Brazil. For instance, in the scene of the train inspection to find the missing gun, In the English subtitle she says she "can't even read his name", but in the Portuguese version she says "I can't stand read his name". There are some other inconsistencies but this one really annoyed me because it totally changes the meaning of the scene.
  5. What's that under the bridge? It is the boat or a bird? Seems potoshopped to me, her head is in the same position in the two pictures, her dress doesn't seems wrinkled by his proximity. I don't know, something looks wrong in the picture for me, but I can be wrong, or I hope to, I'm totally in for some romance...;)
  6. Sorry because I'll probably sound harsh here, but I don't even see ship material between DM and AS. The look the girl send to him is pure despise, she throw away her skirt because he touched it, he calls him a traitor, she's not even friends of him. I don't see any chemistry between them on the screen, I see enemies. The only chemistry I see is him with Hina. On the other side, she's not only likes Eugene, but wants to learn English so that she can read his name or understand what he says, she is literally trying to have something in common with him, even after knowing he's on US side. That's exactly what a girl do when she likes the guy, try to find something to have in common with him. DM may like her, but she will never like him back. I don't even understand people comparing what DM do with Eugene or AS. There's a HUGE difference when you kill for your country orders, and kill for hate or money. You want to see some clear difference? Eugene didn't kill his parents killers even if he wanted to you know why? Because he has morals. DM on the other side, killed for hate when he cameback, and then killed for money. I see very little that make me simpathize with him in the moment, and I doubt so many people would do if a less cute actor would play his hole. So, for now my only ship is AS and Eugene, and probably DM and Hina in the future, this show isn't a open one like reply, for me the OTP is pretty clear and their chemistry is on point, and no, I don't see any chemistry with the second lead.
  7. Thank you! it will be an awesome read!!! Yes! This one, thanks for the gif, now I can watch it anytime, anywhere ps: sorry for post again but I don't know how to quote two times in the same post after the change in the forum '-'
  8. Really no one is going to talk about how hot was LBH handling that gun? I can't stop watching that scene again and again
  9. Humn, I agree, you think too much! Hahahaha well I agree with some points, but I think Eugene's reactions are normal. He grew up in US after all, all that time the only Joseon he knew was the one that killed his parents just because they were from low class. I can see why he didn't even think about standing for Joseon when he knew he would comeback. Only after arriving he could feel what it means to be there again and right after that he meet the young noble that was completely different for the nobles of his childhood. I can sense he is slowly falling for Joseon as he falls for AS and only now he can debate his duty towards US, the land that gave him a new life, and Joseon, his true motherland.
  10. I ship the two and I find very funny the scene in the taylor shop...she's really clueless I'm sure he could see that. In the final scene, he also is trying to give her hints of what she can do to avoid problems, but she's already thinking too much of it and mistaking his position in all the events. I think he planned to stay out of Joseon problems as possible, but he will eventually get in to it to protect her
  11. Hi! I've watched the first two episodes and I was lurking here to see the reactions and I must tell, I felt the chemistry between Eugene and Go Ae Shin! The way he looks at her, OMG, he could take pieces off her with those eyes! Anyway, I'm hoping to see more of them already
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