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  1. This is me every time when I see Wookie on screen.. And then when I look him again..hehe.. Okay coming to the first and second episodes..I loved them! Only after the episodes ended, I realised that I had a smile on my face, throughout. This is exactly what a lighthearted rom-com is supposed to be; if it doesn't make you smile with all those cliche, cheesy stuff then there are many mind-boggling options out there. People can watch those instead of complaining! And also why I didn't I get the feeling that OYS is a dumb-head blondie? Maybe because she actually tried to be resourceful and at least made an effort to work as his secretary. Over-the-top yes, but I wouldn't call her dumb. I don't know how the story will evolve, what is KJR and his bestie's past, or rather what was the scandal but I am all in for the ride as long as my eyes are getting pleased with what I am watching and LDW-YIN are looking beautiful onscreen. That's all I want. Also, this scene particularly the setting is so similar to that devastating kiss of GrimReaper which brought back Sunny's memories. That scene had a melancholic touch to it; here its a happy omen for 'lets begin from the beginning'.. Give me more of Jim Shin and Jun Rok...more and more..hehe..
  2. Interesting interview of Binnie @rori0711. This is the first time I read it. And he hasn't changed much from his stance of having a 'kind, homely' woman in his life. No wonder he was linked up with quite a few women before and then the relationships couldn't sustain because maybe at some point in life, he needs that stability which is missing while he is acting in movies and dramas. Shin Hye's ideal man is more or less same as Binnie's..hahaha.. And Hyun Bin is tall too..verrryy tall..
  3. I was one of those who had suffered second leads syndrome during Goblin days and I remember the .frustration that we went through when our OTP was not given screen time. By the time the show ended, we had zilch hope of recasting..none what so ever. I know here both HB-PSH were main leads, but their story and screen time together was no better than a second lead story. Hence, if I as a viewer at that time could see potential in their pairing and the injustice to their chemistry, I am sure there are other writers and directors who could see the same in HB-PSH. It's just that I hope HB and PSH agree to work together once again..
  4. No not season 2, but I am all in for re-casting with some other writer-director duo. Puhleez TvN drama gods..and now I am very hopeful that they can be recasted because of the recent LDW-YIN pairing and they too had previously worked for TvN channel in Goblin..so HB-PSH can also come together again..Amen!
  5. I am camping here for the next two months.. Trailer is so funny and I was giggling like a little girl the whole time.. Thank you channel gods of TvN..may this drama sky rocket in ratings..amen! Lots of love..a blinded by chemistry of LDW-YIN fan.
  6. @packmule3 Hi again! So yeah, JW wasn't hallucinating, my bad. Although, halfway through the drama, I had convinced myself that this is a drama about psychological disorder. 10 points to the writer for making me believe like that. Minus 2 to me for the wrong analysis..ha! I read your blog and I agree particularly with the explanation that you gave about JinWoo had accepted himself as the 'bug' in the lives of everyone around him. I had the exact same analysis and as to why did he choose to stay in instance dungeon as he is in self-inflicted redemption. However, I didn't quite wrap my mind around the point that you made that JinWoo is trying to escape the virtual game world or the third dimension by making himself appear when the game launched again after an year. Because I believe the only way to get out of the instance dungeon is the way through which SeJoo returned- when the key is placed in the hand, the palace would crumble story. I gave my analysis about why is JW in instance dungeon and why weren't we shown a hug or final meeting of HJ-JW here.. I hope you will read and then we can discuss it further. See you.. And just when I thought I would get over our Magical Couple, I saw this on insta..
  7. I must admit that I am going through severe consequences of withdrawal symptoms and that is the worst part of watching a show live, because only when it ends, then you realise that you have lost something great. Sigh. Bold This is something that struck me too. I am not sure if it's the director or the script was screaming the need of a script editor. I thought that it is the latter. However, I am not entirely impressed by the direction. W had a more wholesome approach, and less confusing too. Also, the cinematography was considerably more bright and hued. Compare the last scenes of W where KC comes to real world, to the last scene of MOA, where we are left with only silhouette of Jin Woo; I think you would get a better idea of how different the approaches to direction were in both dramas. But I am not sure whether it was the director's choice or the script was gloomy that forced such dark settings. That reminds me to the conversation that I had with @wenchanteurearlier, about the writer and her reference for the sufferings of her characters. All four of her last characters-OYJ, KC, HJ and JW had their fair shares of ordeals in their lives. And her latest characters HJ and JW depict helpless passive, woeful suffering, almost borderline depression. I would want to know what is going on in that head and life of hers that is being reflected in her characters. And if she writes an autobiography in her life, I would love to read that too. It is said that when Shakespeare wrote tragedies such as Othello, Hamlet, King Lear, he was going through the worst time of life when his son and father had died. It is said that he had stopped believing in any rational Will or Justice. Although, I admit that it is not entirely true that writers reflect their own torments in their characters. I am not a writer, more of an analyst. Even though I used to write but I don't know why, I lost my knack of writing. But when I used to write, the more inspired I was from my own life events, the better I expressed myself.
  8. The cast looks so happy together. Ahh, the pain! They didn't even bother to put a happy cast photo in the final ending credits; because maybe they weren't happy or it wouldn't have mattered anyway because backlash would still be there. Now that I have slept, I think I can finally give my verdict on what happened to JW. It's the way that I perceived the instance dungeon. And since the ending was left open, I think all of the subjective theories that have been proposed are correct in their own way. Since the writer didn't tell us, we can assume what we want to. We can agree that instance dungeon is either of the two- SJ's version, a place beyond time and space, a third dimension which can only be created by the Master of the game. SJ used it to hide from both the real world and the game world, so he was in self-inflicted hiding. Jin Woo's reason is slightly different to use the instance dungeon. He isn't hiding from the police nor from other NPC's. He is what I believe in self inflicted redemption. The whole Jesus Christ and religious connotations that were referred to in the final episode were implying that he brought this suffering to himself. Although, I am particularly disappointed with the use of religion in this drama because religion is a sensitive topic and should have been handled with care. But anyways. Hence, where SJ chose to hide in the dungeon, JW chose to redeem himself and become the ultimate sacrifice. Now the question that arises with this whole JW sacrifice theory is- JW is a risk taker, why would he give up on his life now, when he never did that before? A very pertinent question and I asked myself that too. But while looking back to the episodes, I believe JW had already accepted that he is a 'bug', rather a sore point and bone of contention in everyone's lives surrounding him; Cha, Daddy, Seo, HeJu, SuJin's suicide(although it shouldn't have affected him but since the radio news was specifically put in by the writer, it was there for a purpose). He chickened out first and didn't give up, but after the final confrontation with Daddy and his acceptance of avenging his son's death plus Professor dying eventually, made him completely devastated. So devastated that when he reached HJ's house, he couldn't even press the bell in the fear that if he did, she would also fall prey to his misfortune, his jinx. He loved her enough to let her go..(my heart..) Therefore, unlike SJ, for whom the dungeon was a safe escape, JW's instance dungeon is a deliberately chosen escape. Now the question as to why was SJ's ID visible in player's ranking but JW's wasn't? Well, everything did get deleted including ID's and player records. Hence, JW is an ID-less, level 100 player. So how can JW be released from the dungeon? Remember the whole Hand of Fatima and when the key reaches the hand, the palace would crumble story. Well, the dungeon is essentially that palace. And would only crumble if some other player of level 100 places the key in Emma's hand. That is was a stab in my heart! Also, I did not like the fact that it is a never ending cycle. What if the player who replaces JW doesn't want to end up in dungeon? There has to be a full stop to this Master's curse.. How is SJ's communication with other players different from JW's communication? Remember the primary reason for SeJu to hide was Marco who was a NPC. Whereas JW is not scared of NPCs, hence he can make himself visible to other players, help them out and possibly even talk to HJ. SJ did not have that liberty because Marco was after him, hence his communication was limited. If Cha, Seo, Daddy and JW were all bugs, then SeJu and Marco were too. Yes, they were the initiators of this bug, but since SJ hid in dungeon before Marco could kill him and Marco the bug was related to SeJu and not JW, the church scene didn't show him. Plus, when JW had sacrificed himself instead of SJ as the bug, there was no need of SJ turning into dust. (I lost the count of bugs..) Now, when I look back to JW's ordeal, I think he doesn't deserve to be in limbo. Everybody deserves a chance to be happy, to be loved and give love to others. JinWoo deserves every chance of coming back to real world. Even Jesus is believed to return to Earth. I am not a pessimist, hence I chose to believe the positive side of the ending; HJ will find JW and eventually a player will reach the Master level to free JW. Till then Emma and Zinu can live peacefully in the third dimension, or at least can stare each other.
  9. Lol, now apart from the writer, Netflix is also on the receiving end of hate comments. Poor Netflix. What I hope is that the writer employs a script editor or someone with a critical eye who can at least tie up the lose ends, next time. Because otherwise it will be the same story of endless hatred even with her next project. I just hope that it doesn't dampen her spirits. __ I think the ending lived up to the whole unexplainable magic rhetoric, that was presented since the beginning. The surprise and ta-da moment would have been, if it didn't live to that rhetoric and for a change, actually explained the unexplainable things. It had to end this way, a question mark; is he waiting for someone to rescue him or is he not coming out because he doesn't want to be rescued; self-inflicted hiding or self-inflicted redemption. We don't know. Cliff-hanger endings do create maximum impact but, they are very tricky. In other countries we know that if a season ended with a cliff-hanger, it was deliberate, and the hero will return next year. In Korean dramas, we don't even have that hope; so yeah I can understand that the ending should be flatly told without any question marks. This is not a trend that I would support, especially in Korean dramas, because my drama-soul would not rest in peace. That said, I am not entirely angry with the ending, it is what it is, unexplained like magic! And it is raining outside, no I am not gloomy..
  10. Just finished watching with subs. I actually had a smile on my face. I know it was an open ending and I will email to Netflix for the hanging-in-the-air ending but that said, it was a whimsical and as someone said, a poetic end to HJ-JW at least. Yes, they hardly met in the last two episodes(they didn't even meet), but I guess their love was always this 'Magical', almost spell-binding, they are together yet they trick us that we aren't. Hence, I can understand why the writer chose not show a hug, but ended up putting a specific message in the end, reading(Netflix version), trust is the magic that changes the world, not technology. Till the very end, it was HeeJu's magical trust in Jin Woo that surpassed magical technology. The majority of the episode had HJ waiting for her love to return because she decided to ''trust 'his words more than Director's, yet, their meeting happened and also didn't happen. They met and also they didn't meet. Now you see me, now you don't. Magic is simply a trick to the audiences eyes, you can chose to believe it or you don't. I think the writer took the word "magic' way more seriously than she should have and at least for the sake of our weak hearts and romance hungry viewers, she could have shown a hug. It didn't have to be so specifically 'magical' as it turned out to be. I am not satisfied, but, it is not a tragedy. There are far worse tragedies that I have seen and read. At least his physical body is somewhere in game limbo. If there was an episode 17, I think HeeJu and Jin Woo both would have settled in that 'instance dungeon' or whatever, peacefully and never come out of there(I didn't even understand the concept of instance dungeon), but whatever it is. At least it is a dungeon and no one can enter it. Since he is the new master and unlike SeJu who used the dungeon to hide, he will probably use it to keep peace in the game and help the underdogs. I doubt that any one in a loong time can reach level 100, so Zinu shall be there for quite some time. Like I have said before, it will be weird ending; it is weirder than weird. Hyun Bin deserves every award this year for his performance. Period. For all it's mind-bending complexities, theories, fun, laughter, hate, criticism; Memories of Alhambra is still an unforgettable ride. I soo had wished that they would have shown at least one more scene of Alhambra but I guess, they ran out of money. And alas! It ended. It feels only yesterday when I started watching this show. I think I have also settled in instance dungeon. Time and space don't matter anymore. Am I crying? Or I am not? Hehe..
  11. That email idea to Netflix, for MOA 2.0.. lol..I think I might have to take that seriously.. They could have hugged at least.. Anyways, Netflix version is up......
  12. Couple got a happy ending in W. And IDK why but, I hoped that at least in MOA it could be somewhere near a happy ending. Now I don't know what kind of ending is this..
  13. Did it end?? Like that??? Hanging.. Okay now I am not sure what will the Netflix version bring..I am not even hopeful..
  14. Don't underestimate the power of a woman's tears. They can bring a dead man back from grave in drama land...you don't know. Lol..yeah maybe he started playing the game as Zinu-the-man-from-earth his new ID.. And all of his allies and enemies are already there..reunion in heaven..or hell..I don't know.. This is soo funny...IDK whether the episode is funny or not but here it is..
  15. Not dead! Where is his body?? From the live stream, I think only Papa had funeral.. I think he is narrating from the heaven's stair case..you know that loooong stretch of stairs..then the angels or demons whatever must have changed their minds and decided to send the poor guy back to earth..
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