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  1. @kathyrw I know you feel must feel sad, but we need to understand JG was definitely in heavy promo mode during Kakao chat.
  2. Cheer up everyone, don’t let something like this get you down ^^. It might hurt at first but sometimes we take things a little too seriously at times and romanticize everything. Let’s be honest, we really don’t know if JG and JE are dating right now or have hidden feelings for each other. We can only speculate at this point. What we do know for sure, They have a special bond... but only they know how far that bond goes.To say JG and JE should only stay friends because of an on-going project and a silly IG post is a bit harsh, don’t you think. It’s their life and their decision to make afterall ^^. We will only know the truth if/when they confess their love in public. Only time will tell. If real k actor couples threw a hissy fit with every single romantic project, everyone would be divorced or single by now. Celebrities know how to separate their professional life from their private life. In the spoilers are my thoughts on the IG post. We can’t really blame either JG or JE if this ship sinks or sails. As shippers, we are gambling on the private lives of someone else. We put ourselves and our emotions in this position willingly. Everyone sees things in different perspectives. What we might think is love and romantic may be close friendship to someone else. Let’s try our best not to jump to conclusions right now. Let’s see how things work out after “Lawless Lawyer” is long over ^^. Let’s continue to show our support for both JG and JE’s career. If we can’t do this one simple thing for our ship, then we are being selfish if what we want is all we care about (sorry to sound harsh but I feel it needs to be said).
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