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  1. So I have been catching up with this drama, the show was actually pretty good with SW finding out things pretty quickly and they didn't really drag out the secrets for too long, but this secret has been dragged out for too long. Also I understand that GH is worried but her suddenly listening and taking advice from JH is odd, I am surprised she hasn't even contacted SW once during all this drama.. Also thank you for all the updates..
  2. Right, I don't mind there was not any romance but it was like NWS was an afterthought, there is only so much they can do without CJH around but you would forget his involvement in the story. Considering everything he went through his ending felt incomplete. Also barely any reactions with finding out what actually happened to NWS...? At the end they should have at least had a small scene with DS, Byun visiting NWS and his mother grave, would have been moving.
  3. The same thing with MYR she has never cared about DS and numerous times has put him in danger, She has never been concerned about him she even told NWS to abandon him but all of a sudden she is sad and crying about DS....? Its like they are still trying to figure out which direction to take the characters..
  4. Its either poor planning or something happened behind the scenes at the last minute... There were rumors the last what, two weeks about the possibility of an extension why not find out from the cast their schedules and availability for filming and try to sort out the script beforehand..
  5. I am assuming they knew about CJH schedule in advance, so if that was the case, they should have tried to focus on wrapping his storyline the last few eps.. But instead they add new characters...? So how will they explain why he is not around all of a sudden... ?
  6. I am wondering about the scene with MYR all of a sudden crying about DS, because if it is her being suddenly concerned about him, that is random... I am wondering if they at least have a certain ending in mind because eventhough I am enjoying the drama they have dragged out certain storylines also so close to the ending and introducing new characters...?
  7. I just assumed it was to advance the storyline, to find out what NWS did with the things he stole and to have ED and LH find out who stole them as initially NWS made it like it was MYR.. Also from his conversation with Byun its a way for him to be someone important, so it will help expose the family and they will not be able to harm him. Considering how LH and ED operate I don't think it is that unbelievable that there are more victims. Who knows what they have been up to since they have been in power, they are capable of anything and they have shown them threatening numerous people, from journalist, hospitals and others. Their actions with SH, WS and Sunny show the things they are able to do to hide their crimes even if it means involving and hurting people.
  8. Agree with @jbeanie1709 thank you everyone, really enjoyed all the discussions, the drama and this forum has been fun.
  9. About LH, I think this is a case of the actor bringing another side to the character, SSR has been so good as LH. But the writer actually has been consistent with the way she has written him so far and his actions. Take out Sunny and replace her with MYR and wasnt he acting exactly the same with her... Declaring his love, being sweet, going against his mother all the exact same actions with Sunny. Even other characters pointed out the same thing. That has been LH from the beginning, everything going well at first until he feels unhappy and thinks he was betrayed and he snaps. Now who knows maybe in the end he actually will finally come to a realization that he is at fault and responsible, but if he doesn't it wouldn't be that surprising either.
  10. Why did KH take KJS? Anyone know where she was taking him? Also ready for all the unsolved cases to be solved, its taking quite awhile for the reveal.
  11. NWS definitely acted rash at the end, but it is a difficult one because DS was taken and with ED who knows what else they would have done to him just to reveal NWS. Also NWS has been getting hit in the head like every other ep, he should be at the hospital its actually surprising he still alright. The more that's revealed about what happened to SH, the more sad it gets, so ED actually was there but didn't do anything to help her.. Her and KH are the worst. As for LH, yeah not surprised by his actions, I don't think he ever truly changed, this is exactly how he acted with SH, MYR and now Sunny. Totally in love, acting sweet and when he is not happy or thinks he has been betrayed he goes crazy and takes out on them, not surpsing how he reacted.
  12. I think due to NWS stoic demenour sometimes his character growth is missed, there is definitely a difference to how he was in the beginning and to now. If anything he has been able to see the big picture and reel himself in. If he was all about himself and didn't care he wouldn't be working with the group in the first place. Considering he is the bodyguard and his close proximity to LH, ED and MYR if he really wanted to he could have gotten his revenge and left. The guy has limited time but instead he is working with the others to find all the evidence to bring down the palace. His scene with MYR also showed where his mindset is, even after all the disrespectful things MYR said about his mother, he managed to get a hold of his anger and put his own need for revenge aside and think about the team and the bigger picture and thought of a smart plan to put MYR and KJS together just so KJS can get his memory back as he is one of the puzzle to bringing down the family. Also all those times he has protected and helped Sunny, even to the point of trying to get her out of the palace so she wouldn't be harmed. Even with SJ, him using her was not nice but he still helped her when ED was trying to get her to sign those fraudulent papers. There has been other moments where he put others first. Is he angry and wants revenge, yes but he knows that this is not just about him.
  13. This has me wondering what will happen when WS finally confronts LH, the whole scene with his mother was kind of his inner self saying that is not not him and what will his mother say. So when it comes to it will he be able to go through with it in the end..? Also completely agree about Sunny, such a difference to how she was when she first entered the palace, now she is going head to head with the bad guys.
  14. I took the scenes with MYR differently I do not think WS has forgiven her, it was quite obvious that WS hates MYR and is just obviously using her, where the story is heading is that WS and Sunny are working to take the place down and are using any means to so. WS still needed her for KJS to get his memory back as he is one of the pieces to exposing the family. I think WS hates MYR and LH equally, but I think another thing against LH is the fact that he is dying because of him. I don't think Sunny working with MYR means anything the whole conversation was literally them throwing digs at eachother, they don't like eachother but they both will use the other to get what they want but in the end they will go back against each other. I don't think MYR will be getting away.
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