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  1. Cha Cha Cha siblings will be on this week's episode I hope Soojin will go on the whole trip together with everyone
  2. As long as I can remember, the show has originally 7 members in Season 1. They became 6 members in season 2 when Joowon quit and continued to season 3. It's an odd number but not unseen before. I don't mind about odd or even numbers, as long as they blend well and shine together. The strength of season 1 is comedic combo of Hodong and Sugeun. They fill and complete each other in loud ways. Season 2 only Sugeun remained between the two in the gang, and with no equal opposite comedic character, he toned down and despite he was not the oldest, he led the pack in more heartwarming group. Season 3 Joonho is flying solo as a comedian. Sure there is Jongmin as his frenemy but no one can really match him. The rest of the pack are feeders to his antics. And there is nothing wrong with that. We have countless hilarious Joonho moments. But maybe, just maybe, someone with comedic background can help him to be more, lets just say, ridiculously funny. So it's not really about Yongjin personally, but more of a person that can bring better quality to the show.
  3. I feel sorry for Racy Kim PD. Either the members are getting better with their brains or the questions are too easy. But they are very considerate in playing one last game to get one member to sleep outdoor. Such a strong support for the new PD. I believe Kim PD now knows that he can't be too easy with the boys. They may look weak and not smart, but they can be extremely lucky with Joonyoung factor 15.4% viewership rating this week, so I guess Yong Jin is not a bad addition. I'm still keeping an open mind about him.
  4. Can't really say I'm surprised that Ilyong PD leaves the show. It's been 3 years and it's about time someone replaces his spot. It's just the cycle of main PD. About Yong Jin, I'm keeping my opinion neutral. He has variety personalities, gets a long well with the members without even a blink of an awkwardness, he is fast to catch the concept of the show. I think he can get away from fishing punishment but he chooses to give away a big hint so the members can catch him. I think it's a plus side of him. Also let's not forget the fact that domestic audience seems to like Yong Jin. 16.3% viewership on latest episode is not something to be taken lightly. And domestic audience plays the rule here. I'm already amazed how this long running show can maintain a double digit rating and now even more, how it's still possible to see even higher number. If there is really a member to leave the show, my guess it will be Donggu. He seems innocent but when it comes to his acting career he is very passionate and dedicated. Taehyun already has everything so he won't be too cranky with anything. Joonho knows that his joining 1n2d is a pivotal move on his career he won't leave that easily. DC is still on mortage. Jongmin is the ID of the show. Joonyoung won't go anywhere if Taehyun still hangs around. I know age is or will be the main problem, however, for now they can always adjust. Less physical games, more brain games. And we know how terrible they are with brain games. They can go for slower pace and interact more with local people. With the right directing and calls, it can be very entertaining too. God knows we love drama and its rollercoaster of emotions. Goodness, it's been so long since the last time I wrote this much. Glad to let it out of my chest. I hope Ilyong PD will have a brigther career. I thank you for standing tall all this time.
  5. @beyaruth the best way of Jongmin supported Donggu was when he hit Joonho with the limbo stick. And twice at that!! I was so dead with laughter on those scenes
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