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  1. Hwonhwon, if we happen to be in Taiwan, for sure we will also be there to join in this activity. 10 months is not a short time considering the lightning speed changes of the current situation in the world and the entertainment circle in SK. Time did not change the fans sincere love for the noble Soo Hyun. REAL strengthens the faith of all the international fans. 1 year passed by for REAL and activities are still on. If we have the time (unfortunately no) we should check up on other movies that had been continuously and actively promoted after a year by the dedicated fans. cr to the owner JTY or Soo Hyun, are you reading all the news of the activities of the behind-the-scene heroes (your beautiful fans). Soo Hyun's effort is not wasted Japanese fans of REAL's efforts of supporting are not wasted China's fans of REAL'S efforts of supporting are not wasted Taiwanese fans of REAL's efforts of supporting are not wasted International fans of REAL's efforts of supporting are not wasted This thread's efforts of supporting are not wasted. cr to the owner
  2. cr to the owners of the pictures. Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail: REAL Just because my path is different does not mean I am lost: REAL cr to the owner REAL is created by Soo Hyun's clear vision and definite plans. Whether it be a success or not, it clearly shows Soo Hyun's confidence and personal power. One of the great actors of his age. Good night Hwonhwon and Rossy, See you next week.
  3. Pictures of Jang Tae Yung with subtle expressions. The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again (like us) but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise. All descriptions fit Soo Hyun especially when he took on REAL. He is humble and peaceful, loving and caring. A fearless and wise person. REAL brought to the attention of the entertainment world a fearless actor.
  4. Thank you Hwonhwon. You reminded me of the genre of REAL and the drugs involved. Not many countries welcome such movies. So happy to see such posting of REAL's fans. Sure proof of the number of visits to the movie. Only if she could describe the experience and friends she met when watching the movie. Anyone can give up, that's the easiest thing in the world to do. BUT to hold it together when the whole world would understand if you fell apart that's the real strength. REAL brought together all the fans of Soo Hyun and their unity revealed their strength. Most people would have given up supporting REAL after the release in SK. Even if the fans gave up supporting REAL then, we believe that others would understand. Thanks to their determination, they did not give up and from their collective support showed their incredible real strength. They overcome all obstacles and REAL was released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan and even at OCN instead of being wiped out totally after the release in SK. Such a meaningful quote. What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. Nelson Mandela. Soo Hyun, through his movies and dramas especially REAL definitely make an impact and difference to our lives and that determine the significance of his life. As an actor, he undeniably lead a very significant life in the past, present and future. Keep it up young man.
  5. Well said Hwonhwon. Sorry for not quoting you because we dont wish to get caught as we still have another 45 weeks to go. Cant help having the melancholy mood and so the piecing of the 2 pictures into 1. What is next for REAL. The hopeless Agency is not doing anything. Soo Hyun has tons and tons of fans in Philippines and many other countries. Why cant the agency do something about it? REAL is not every body's cup of tea but from the success of its release in the various countries proved that it is an artistic piece of work. Well, we kept consoling ourselves that whatever happens, Soo Hyun strengthens his foothold in the entertainment world in SK or elsewhere.
  6. We hope we are not breaking any rules or regulations by posting again. Seems like threading through a minefield for the sake of REAL.Still worth it. We said before and repeat not that "SAIWENG SHI MA, AN ZHI FEI FU" when the old man on the frontier lost his mare who could have guess that it was a blessing in disguise. Did Soo Hyun made the right choice for REAL? Of course he did. He was not afraid to take the challenge. The "something good" if he did not take REAL but other project remains to be seen but by taking REAL he gained very much more in terms of popularity and respect for his acting prowess. He will remain as one of the top stars in SK or elsewhere even after in hiatus for about 2 years. There should be many scripts waiting for his discharge from the army. Hwonhwon, we actually have this picture long ago. Ha ha posting it now.
  7. GREAT NEWS ATTENTION ALL REAL FANS OCN will release/broadcast the original BLU RAY DVD of REAL on August 5 (today). OCN is a cable channel in SK and their forte is thriller, suspense dramas. SOO HYUN AND FANS, YOUR EFFORTS PAY OFF Cr to all owners We hope to be able to support REAL HERE till the return of Soo Hyun from the army which is less than a year to go. However, we should not take it for granted that we have such opportunities as there are always the unforseen circumstances that prohibit us to do so. So, while having the opportunity, we should count the weeks for the return of Soo Hyun and to carry on the legacy of REAL. Since we post weekly, the countdown should be in weeks instead of days. As of today, there should only be 46 weeks to the return of Soo Hyun.
  8. Thank you ms Jillia for the last reminder. We definitely will abide to the rules and regulations of this thread. Unfortunately we dont know how. Regarding the immediate post leading to your reminder. How do we do a post and edit a quote of somebody's post within?. We have another year to post REAL in this thread and have no intention of antagonising the moderators but we really dont know how to do it properly. Maybe to avoid further trouble, for every week, we will just do one post and that should avoid further problems. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  9. Soo Hyun took on a daring adventure in taking on REAL when he can be just as famous taking roles in the comfort zone. He hoped for nothing else except to be respected as a real actor and so his embarkation on REAL. He succeeded as in REAL he showed his acting prowess to the entertainment world both in and outside SK though he suffered the worst humiliation in his entire career. Taking the daring adventure, Soo Hyun get to see his friends, his enemies, the weak, the strong, the good, the bad but most important his never-say-die fans. Even paying for the price of the daring adventure, Soo Hyun leads a very rich and fruitful life though he is only 30 years old. Will he takes another daring adventure after REAL?
  10. Actually Hwonhwon, many many things could have happened in between now and July 2019. We cant say for sure whether we can or cant be there. For me it will be a bonus if I can be there. My goal now is to support REAL until the day Soo Hyun is discharged from the army. My daily work is draining all my failing energy but I still make it my duty to update REAL till July 2019. I am very fortunate to have both you and Rossy to provide me with the main source of information on REAL. Otherwise, it will be "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak".
  11. Thanks Ms Jillia for your advice. We tried many times but either our subsequent posting goes haywire or original posts deleted. We will keep on trying. cr to all the owners If those great fans of Soo Hyun just sit and wait for miracles to happen to REAL, the movie will not advances to this stage today. Sitting and worrying will not solve any problems created by the enemies of REAL. Instead it will generates fears and more fears. Thanks to the great mentalities of the great fans, they overcome all obstacles by taking actions. REAL was AND WILL BE watched and appreciated by many many more audiences thanks to the great fans. The moral of the story should be take action instead of sitting in fear. Well done fans of Soo Hyun/REAL. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up but never give up. (cant remember the author) This was what exactly happened to Soo Hyun when REAL was released in SK. Only Soo Hyun himself knew the unthinkable shock he sustained and distressing horible feelings . However, he got up, dressed up and show up at interviews and even entered the army. It is this character of Soo Hyun that gains him more respect and love from fans and those who are not even his fans. at last we made in Ms Jillia
  12. cr to the owner Yes. Yes. Yes. In a very gentle way, Soo Hyun shakes at least those parts of the world where REAL were released. This most controversial movie rocked the entire SK with the DVDs and videos whether legal or illegal found almost everywhere. Soo Hyun's fans bring justice to the movie REAL in their countries also in the most gentle way. The shaking effects of the fans' gentle pushing in promoting the release of REAL is obvious as REAL achieved much success in those countries. Waiting for news of other countries feeling the shake of REAL and releasing it.in the near future. If there is a will there is a way. Maybe the 3 of us will be at his camp on the day of his discharge welcoming him back to the entertainment world. The only regret should be that we will be so far away from him that we cant even get a proper look at him. Reason being that his international fans will most likely be there also. We will have to give way to them as they have done far more than they should as fans to promote REAL. What say you? We read that his discharged date is early July 2019.
  13. Hwonhwon, you remember this place? I was looking at this picture posted by you or Rossy. The 3rd picture created a very lonely atmosphere. Actually being alone is not lonely. The real loneliness is when you miss someone. So even if we are all there in the restaurant, we will still be lonely because we miss Soo Hyun. Having said that, when are we meeting there? In Busan right? We will order the buns which Soo Hyun ate in REAL. okay?
  14. Time flies. Last year during early August REAL was released in Taiwan. REAL was the number 1 show in this theatre. In fact in most of the theatres in Taiwan where REAL were released many records were broken. as said before, You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Bob Marley There is no choice for the fans of Soo Hyun/REAL but to be strong especially witnessing those unscrupulous actions taken by the enemies to kill REAL. The fans gathered and fight for justice. Of course, REAL is a good movie. if not, no matter how much efforts put in by the fans, there will not be such great results.The movie should do well in the Philippines also. Chinese saying: Real gold is not afraid of fire. Hopefully, other countries will not be intimidated by the conglomerates of SK and release REAL. Hopefully also that SM will push for the release of REAL in more countries or China will allow the release of it inspite of THAAD.
  15. Need to apologise to the owners of the quotations because we can never remember their names. We can choose to be affected by the world or We can choose to affect the world. Soo Hyun chose to affect the world by choosing REAL. If he choose to be affected by the world he will not take on REAL. He will just be taking on projects in the comfort zone since he is already an international star. Though he admitted in one of the interviews when REAL was released that he was "greedy" initially when choosing REAL. It was translated from korean and we dont really understand what he meant by "greedy" but to us it is never greedy (in the literal sense) to take on a very challenging project not knowing the response to it by the public. From REAL even if the enemies in Sk got their revenge but it did boost the reputation of Soo Hyun to another level in the entertainment world especially to the PDs and Directors. If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to people or objects. FANS of Soo Hyun need not worry that Soo Hyun is not happy because of REAL. To us, he should be leading a happy life now if he tie his happiness to a goal instead of to people or objects. Soo Hyun's goal is always to be a real actor. In REAL he introduced himself to the whole world of his acting skills and is now one of the recognised real actors in SK. He reaches his goal of being a real actor. Never regret the birth of REAL.
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