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  1. @dito I was first intorduce to him in the drama Prince Lang Ling.. Similar characters.. This is probably the reason why he was choosen for this drama.. He plays a general also in that drama with Rainny Yang.. I thought he was hot in that drama especially when he came up out that water scene and threw that hair back Much Love Much Love for that scene.. I was like Whoa who is he..
  2. Lol they made this scene funny , when this was such a serious scene in the book....ML scared SH with her talk of killing Kang Aunt. @dito What is wrong with this man.. Why is he so suprised.. Scholars kill with a pen Gnrls kills with a sword.. What in the world is he scared of.. He won;t be tried and critized if he cleans out his house.. Men held power then especially in there home.. Him being a scholar was a waste on him.. Granny would have been better off rasing and orphan from the streets instead of dealing with thius nookie junkie fool.. Molan mom really F his head up..
  3. @zenya22 From my understanding you'll have to read the book, It do mention somethings that goes on with her.. But the story is told from Ml point of view so Molan its' not centered around whats going on in Ming Lan life after they have married.. As for GTY all he wants to hear is his wife tells him that she loves him. That all her saying a lil love for him.. Nothing more nothing less.. Can the Man Get And I love You.. @greenwatch08 Your so right about QH he may look alright but his looks wouldn't help him pull off the role of GTY.. I don't find him masculine enough like FSF.. Another reason QH is siding with the ED because of his mother not looking at following the ED can get him mom and pop in trouble.. When he gets in the hot seat which he will the ED will drop him and his family like they don't exsits.. She'll forget all about the connection they have if it's to keep her in power.. @minglan1 I think Minglan should kill her dad right along with the rest of them.. Don;t tell me the coward wanted to cover up Granny being poisioned scared he's going to loose his face and look like a wimp to all the other men in court for not taking his wife and her sister to task for harming the very women that raised him.. As they has been discussing in court about being fillial to the person that raised you why in the hell is he in court if he's not listening to whats being said.. Also in that video I saw two women walking towards the Aunt.. Isn't those are the women that drag CL to be punished..?
  4. @UnniSarah Your so right.. QH went in using politics to fight his hatred towards GTY.. Now he has really lost focus on his fight by getting caught up in a different fight and yet any chance he can get to vent this anger he'll use in one way or another.. He's not looking at the Big picture here because he's still caught up in the past.. I really have to blame his parents for this because they sheltered him from life it's self.. QH is a lost cause and it's to late for his parents to talk to him or teach him due to the arrogance they raised him to have.. Now he's in the court arena thinking he still can have things his way not realizing he's been played from day one..
  5. @greenwatch08 He should have pick up on she was lying.. How could the PM order a dinner party in her residence without her approval.. How could the PM force her to drink if the ED was so drunk how did she know what happend in her residence with the PM.. Boy he's really stupid.. I'm sure QH mom has seen the Ed doing her at it's finest. QH mom herself should talk to her child and ask him think about it from a political prospective try to figure out what she's really after.. @dopez I just read that the Guifei is the ED niece.. If the King gets his way this means after the ED the ED family would have no more connection in the court to keep her family corruption going.. Putting her neice next to the King is still trying to keep her family in power..I think after the Ed dies the King wouldn't have to much to do with the Guifei.. I don't even understand why would she come in being a concubine to the King.. The King has sons old enought to take the throme after him.. The Ed isn't slick she needs GTY out of there because she knows not only him but others will see through her plan from the beginning to stay in power by now they should be naming who is the King next successor instead of arguing about him calling the past Emperor father.. This is the topic the Ed don't won't.. I bet if the Guifei comes up pregnant she will be screaming to make the Guifei son crown prince to keep power within her family grasp.. @Suzzy San This could be another one of ED ploy trying to strip GTY wealth from him.. Even without his court title the man still has enough money to power play in the courts among the movers and shakers..Maybe they want GTy to turn over his salt farms to the court and he refused.. (In the name of helping the people) This all so the Ed family can keep lining there pockets and her supporters to get kick backs.. If this is so GTY is going to tell them that he's dishonoring his G/father and Mother if he do this.. All he owns was his safety net for him to grow up well and he'll use it the same way for his own kids.. @leeza77 Check this out.. Poor GTY Can someone translate this scene pls
  6. @UnniSarah & @leeza77 Yes the ED needs to step down.. She used this adoption business to keep in power.. I couldn't believe she tried to blame the PM saying she was drunk.. QH entered this court ring and yet he still don't know how to read people wanting to be in the front row seat at the helm of it all.. The Ed is playing him like a fiddle.. Did he not think about his on fillia situation that happen when is own dad was held hostage.. I think the question should have went back to him would he call his own father uncle if he had to take the throne.. I think in episode 56 he should have realized he was being played by the Ed and made and enemy out of the emperor.. I thought the Emperor should have had him whip that way he would know to stay out of the Ed and Emp power struggle.. The Ed wants to use him to keep fanning the fire in the court all she wants is all the Emperor favorites out of there just so she can control the king even if she's not in the court.. Yes she played her cards some what right but she exposed herself to QH if it read between the lines.. She left hin high and dry just like that.. Lesson #1 QH since you missed the real lesson #1 when his father was in a crisis and she did nothing.. Actually it was two lessons were he hasn't read between the ED fine print.. Yet after what happened in court the next time she calls for him my advice to him is he shouldn't go it's not the Ed thts loosing face it's him..
  7. @hello210 Yes I feel you on these marriages, She could have been raised in the palace as and adopted daughter just like QH mom.. They could have found a good marriage prospect for her making sure whomever she married she would be well taken care of.. Maybe the emperor would have wanted GTY straps to her but GTY made it clear to them all fron the beginning don't try and plan a marriage for me I already have my vride pick out all you need to do is make it and imperial marriage.. This could be why she went to Gnrl Shen. I don;t think they would ever thought her to behave like that yes a lil spoiled but she goes above and beyond.. Yes she needs to be punished and taught a good lesson maje her out to be a fine example for all those other concubines thst over step there bounds period.. On to our couple, ML is like she walk out of the Sheng house one day wondering around and still wondering.. Clueless clue can't pick up on a hint if GTY himself drew the clues for her which he has and she still looks lost and ask what do you mean and yet he just refuse to spell it out for her.. Then on top of all the cluesness GTY is just worried over nothing really.. Him longing to hear his wife validate her love for him might kill him if she don't tell him.. ML is so quick to be the outside person looking into someone elses problem when she herself knows it's something wrong with her on marriage.. She claims she thinks for him I'm like him which him is she thinking for. Then she stuck like chuck looking stupid with the Da look on her face I think since GTY see how clueless she is he could get Da Niang and 4th sister to talk to her about sometimes men like to be prasied by there wives and also needs to feel the wifes love.. In her mind as long as she's doing her wifely duties that's showing her husband she loves him the poor poor girl.. So one could understand why she's so clueless in this category of marriage.. GTY saus she like a 3yro child when it cones to love but has he look at the fact that he loves and sleeping with the 3yro child..
  8. @greenwatch08 It means more episodes will be added extending the run time from episode 73 to 79 which adds 6 more episode.. In other words more plots to add to the story..
  9. @linhlinh111 Thanks for this bit of news.. I know the book is more controversy then the drama it self.. But this would be a nice way to kick the ED out of court and shut QH up once and for all.. I have in this forum that GTY do have a downfall from grace as we all know those things happens one can;t ride high all the time doing the Emperors dirty work. But if we have to see his ending atleast let it be with him ending the dowager,, He's the only one in the court thats on the king side with guts enough to do it.. @frenchfan I;m also liking the Lil girl holding to her fathers words and besides she didn;t have to get up top go look MoMo left there talking loud sht for all to her even the fourth and fifth house could have heard her because she wasn't whispoering nor bitting her tongue with what she has to say.. She also had to rip Step Mom mask off.. I bet she told Aunt who money they really living off of.. Because not for her Mdm the Gu house would have been gone long time ago.. Don't get it twisted.. She knows who is the real owner of the Gu house.. Off to watch that again I;'m cracking up just thinking about MoMo.. @Suzzy San This puts me in the remind of the Korean drama Yi San.. His father was the crown prince.. Framed for rebellion and being at that time Yi San was the only male G/son to take his fathers place.. Instead of his G/father killing him like his dad his G/father listed him under his dead uncle and named him the crown prince.. Still taking his rightful place inheriting the throne after his father it just happen sooner.. Yi San argued with his G/father about who is father was.. Each time it was ask to him who his father was he would tell them Crown Prince Sado.. But yes I can imagine what's going on in the heads of the Chinese thats watching this drama right along with the rest of us.. It's time they kick the dowager out this was a ridiculous beating.. The courts is for open debate regarding certain issues.. I see she's flexing her power for no reason at all she did that just to get back at GTY getting that seal from her and also trying to weaken the Emperors power.. GTy had a valid point.. This issues should have also been discussed amongst the scholars in school.. @zenya22 IOf course Molan got just what she wish for.. She ha a husband that has a house full of concubines having male decendants all but her.. Her own personal maid becoming her husbands concubine and maybe pregnant by her husnand by now.. Also ML telling her under no circumstance would her mom tablet be entered into the temple nor would her mom be listed into the Sheng Clan if dad tries anything funny she'll take the evidence and witness to the precint tio have her mom tried for murder.. Also in the mean time her husband found out he was schemed into marrying her.. So my guess is this is why he'll get back at her through her personal maid.. Her life is the hell she choose.. She's living in hell and her mom is burning in hell Molan is getting all her mom bad deeds..
  10. @frenchfan It was EPIC.. Chao MoMo, Read both them bishes they rights and told Auntie where she can't get off at.. Aunt got so mad she called for servants to come punish MoMo, MoMo look at her like Hoe who the F you think you is bish you don't run nothing here.. The servants around here rather walk through hell with gasoline underware on them mess with me this is the Gu house. Aunt was so speecheless her and Big Mdm was lost for words.. Aunt was so mad because no nanny or servant ever talk to her that way she jump up to whoop MoMo herself and fell dead on her face.. See The Gods Don't Like Ugly And They Not Crazy About Cute (Step Mom Your Turn Next) Step Mom already knows don't F with MoMo even GTY on Father knew that much.. Oh it was Hilarious
  11. I can;t blame her NJ got to much baggage he wants to take cae of because he thinks they help him in taking him in when he would have been better off in and orphanage.. Well I see I haven't missed much, Thanks for the updates everyone
  12. @leeza77 Did the child survive ? @mingminglanlan So was the concubine holding the Dr hostage to keep him from saving them both.. Wait did all of this take place in the palace? Ml weilding a sword in the palace wow you go girl.. She don't give a darn.. @fancia Yes kill the spolied brat for killing a prince child is punishable by death.. Not. I think death is to good for her spoiled but she needs to be lock up in the cold palace if they had one then.. Some where she can't mix with society again.. @heatherbee Whey. @ForgottenSoulx Yes she needs her karma to be a slow death in the worst way for what she did to all the other Shu daughters.. @heatherbee I have up my dosage since I've been watching this drama
  13. @Lunkera Granny and ML probably learn the whole story of Evil Step Mom and Aunts plan.. This is why Granny is reading her sista her rights.. I knew she was going to be pissed learning Aunt holding the girls mom hostage to make her GTY concubine.. What I don't get is them bringing those women there still won't make him sleep with them.. They should have learned that from the first one.. Just because ML not supposed to do anything now he may want to hold out with is wife.. Thats what a faithful husband will do.. If he needs it so bad he can get it from a brothel with no strings attach.. What is wrong with these people.. @Suzzy San GTy sure will be proud of his wife laying down the law Don't mess with me or the people I like.. Step Mom and Aunt better watch out.. @mingerling I think she did this is why ML went after her with that sword..
  14. @ForgottenSoulx QH pettiness is something one can overlook even though can be quite annoying but one could look pasy him.. For he is the ED pawn in all this.. Now step mom no need for her to die she needs to suffer misearably, Just knowing her Son dies is enough for me this is her karna.. I think ML needs to start planning things to get her righthand servant away from her this will help rip that mask off her face.. I say kill her flunky and this will slow down the process her evilness.. They don't even have to kill her just torcher her, She's smart enough to know that Big Mdm will get rid of her when she becomes of no use.. Thanks @Lunkera , I figured this would be how they write the story in of Aunt hurt Granny.. I knew once Big Mdm found out what her sister did she was going to get the backlash from Granny who seem to have told her to get the concubine out of ML house and get rid of her sister.. Seems like Big Mdm is trying to defend her sister but granny not having any of it.. So did the Brat kill off the wife during child birth.. ML is just teed all around..
  15. @leeza77 So this means GTY may have learned from MN that the wife could still serve the hhusband during pregnancy.. @m0us3y GTY just a freak, He don't want anyone but his wife pregant snatch and all.. But this goes to show how much he respects his wife and loves her.. Another point to look at is GTY having concubines could bring nothing but trouble and seeing first hand how her dad concubine tramitized her life he decided this long ago before he married her was never to have another women besides her.. Now I can understand if she takes in Auntie Kang Shu daughter..But if she feels she must do this, This Shu daughter is the wrong one to bring into the house,, Between Step Mom and Auntie Kamg they would have the girl trying to kill her and any of GTY children.. Any concubine connected to any of them are the wrong ones to bring into her hime period.. So Step Mom has found out ML is pregnant so get Auntie Kang involved now.. Step Mom plan is for ML to loose that baby before she even have it.. Also maybe even pay off a doctor to keep any women connected to GTY having babies.. She's a Brat and used to having her way and wants all the attention focus on her, No different then Molan who snatch all of SH tine fearing that he would love his other daughters more then her.. Molan and CL never allowed SH to really get to know ML or RL:.. With the brat she's trying to break all the rules.. Especially the one were the concubines can't be seen out in public with there husbands.. @UnniSarah I also wanted to know what he was up to but whatever it was it had something to do with his evil mom having him to go find out.. I think they wanted to know why GTY got punished by the ED.. Step Mom may be afraid that he'll do something and get the whole clan in trouble.. Look at how he saved her son and she turned right around and stab him in the back with all that MN mess fanning the fire why she thinks up her next scheme.. ML needs to step up her game.. She needs to be three step ahead of step mom to keep her plans backfiring and taking her out once and for all. It was in 39 or 40 right before ML wedding. Which episode does this happen, I feel like I missed that part. @historicalfictionftw This episode hasn;t been shown yet bit it is when the brothers daughter tells her mom to mind her own business.. I think it happens in ep 60 or 61.. Step Mom sent someone out on another attack against GTY and ML.. Using her barrowed knives like she's the innocent person she is having the cjild reciting from some book to her..
  16. @greenwatch08 Yes she knows he loves her but she's also judging him from her dads past experiences.. ML don't understand the meaning of GTy not wanting to take a concubine.. This comes from the fact of how he open his heart to MN and look what that got him GTy will never trust no other outside women like that ever again not to the point of giving his heart to one of them.. GTY may have swore to himself the next women he ever be with will be the only women.. When ML spoke up for Ronger she sealed that deal for him even though he had a liking to her and saw there encounters was fate pushing them together something ML never paid any attention to.. GTy may have made the decision to marry her judging from how they first meet and she was the first to ever beat him at any game.. I think he should explain this to her and she'll stop taking in all those concubines thrown at him.. GTy don't want to bring another women in the home to cause more problems to the wife for he has seen this before in the Big House and in those brothels he was hold up at.. If he wants some strange he'll get it away from home and leave it at that.. Nothing more nothing less just some paid for trim and on about his business.. I'm thinking of one comment he made to his uncle.. (Which I think it's something behind it).. He ask his uncle why is he defending his step mom so hard.. Did GTY see something as a child between the two because I don't think this is something he's making up.. This could also be another reason why he don't want anything to do with a concubine.. His very own step mom was his dad concubine first before she married him.. So I chalk one up to him for not wanting to be bother with any of the hand outs but this should be explain to ML so she could figure out a way to get some kind of profit off these free offering women.. Hell the way they coming she should run a concubine black market selling them out to the highest bidder they do this to the virgins in the brothels sell them out to the highest bidder..I'm pretty sure she could make a nice piece of change.. She wouldn't need those god forsaken people to bring them they will come on there own.. I bet she'll keep a full house when they come all she has to say sorry no rioom for them..
  17. I hope she doesn't eventually turn bad if ML let's her stay and betray ML later.. Let her be another supporter of ML and later ML can look for a good husband for her My sentimemts exactly @Suzzy San Let's hope ML and GTy can save her mom and have both of them set up in a nice family.. She could come back later and help rip step mom and Auntie Kang masks off there faces. I have a question.. Whats with 3rd brother meeting with the Old Man ? @purplefall94 ED needs GTY exiled or killed in order to control her territory she'll bring him back only if he pledges loyalty to her.. But I'm leaning more towards having him killed because of the friendship he has with the prince.. ED knows if he's exiled the prince would release him once he comes to power and those who help her exile him would pay the price.. At this point it would be a good idea for GTY to stay away from court and focos on military training until his name stop ringing in every matter that goes on in court.. @minglan1 It is funny watching those poor girls waiting for him to take the bait and he don't give them the time of day or night.. Sad but so true.. GTY is to busy trying to get his wife to confess her love for him.. No anount of concubine bringing is going to change that.. I just hope he gets a confession out of her before the drama ends.. Whats going on with viki uploading the last two episodes..By now one of the episodes will be fully subbed..
  18. @m0us3y I also like the fact that GTY overhears this conversation.. He also needed to conformation on his beliefs of her not choosing him ever again.. GTy seen ML put closure to there pasy as he watch how QH still not ready to let go even after they both arte married.. QH trying to set her free from what when she clearly choose to walk into the lions den with her head held high and no regrets or looking back.. His version of setting her free to do what.. He can't be with her because after being married to GTY and a first wife she's not going to walk in a concubine shoes like her mom.. This is something else QH hasn;t thought about nor do he think about the consequences of his actions at all.. Always a day late and $10.00 to short.. The more I re-watch ep 51 and 52 I get teed off more and more at SH.. Here's my take on both episodes.. Molan knew her husband was chatting with SH about entering her mom into the Sheng household book also setting up and memorial for her.. (Which this conversation took place more then once) I think the topic was brought up to test the waters for SH was fearing Big Mdm would blow a fuse.. Which none of them expected for Ming Lan to pop off the way she did.. Molan husband thinking just because Molan is the eldest of the three girls he had the right to put Ming lan in her place thinking that he can flex his authourity over her.. He's has not paid any attention or not looking at how Molan is treated like and outcast by the younger two for other reasons alone.. Molan had instilled into her husband head that she was the one always was mistreated by the family learning of really how his marriage came to fruitation.. And still donlt realizes his wife lies that has sprewed out of her mouth was all because she envies Ming Lan life.. Learning of two men of reputable clans wanted her as there first wife and even her own husbands mom wanted her as her son first wife.. Molan also mad wirh herself for jumping at the first choice that came to her.. I know she had to be whispering bad things in SH ears about what supposed to be said about Ming Lan from the other noble women.. SH choice of slapping Ming Lan was to save the faces of Molan CL and the concubine pusy chasing SIL.. I sometimes think what would have happenend if she really married him as the first wife.. Molan would really be in bad shape just because she's the older sister dosen't mean she gets to have this right when it comes to husband and wife..
  19. Well said smart girl.. But @frenchfan It do look like she goes back and tells ML whats beig said at Big Mdms house.. Also is Evil Step Mom still trying to pressure her mom into adopted the 3rd brothers kid?
  20. I'm also excited to see how ML exact this revenge on Auntie Kang @Suzzy San I wish it takes place in front of step mom face to give her a whole new outlook on the concubine daughter that she hates.. I wish ML would do it and tells her she's next on the list because it's time for the Gu house to be peaceful for once in this lifetime.. I thought the scene when Auntie Kang cane to lunch was a littke creepy the way she was checking out GTY as if she wanted him for herself.. The way she was checking him out like she was undressing him with seduction in her eyes.. Like Yea I want you
  21. @minglan1 Do this mean alll those girls that don't want to be concubines will volunteer to be the Gnrl concubine to get ML to give then there freedom.. Wow it would serve Auntie Kang right if ML did this but that would be hard for her to help since Step Mom got people watching outside the house seeing whats going and coming day and night..
  22. @minglan1 I think they will include this in the plot, Auntie Kang and Step Mom has to get they just desert.. It wouldn;t be no fun to the story if step mom don't get her Karma so yes they'll add it right along with her son dying by and arrow shot.. @dopez The best Karmatic retribution for step mom is her son dying, No amount of I'm sorry she could plead to GTY to save her sorry life would help her.. This is the best ending for her losing her own son due to her own greed..Justice Was Served.. @Sirry Usly 4th sister is a straight shooter. She fully warned ML that Auntie Kang would be coming for her I just don't think ML had realized it would be this soon.. ML may have had in the back of her mind if she tries something it would be after Granny has past.. ML isn't prepared for Auntie Kang just yet and due to her pregnancy and morning sickness.. She may be wanting to put these problems on the back burner til after she gices birth but Auntie Kang going to mess with Grannies life brought the wrong side of ML out no one would ever know was there.. ML refuse to see another loved one dies due to someoine else greed especially when they close to her.. We may see GTY having to calm her down as she goes on a killing spree.. @Katrina Abdul Talib The scene of SH wanting to slap ML shows not only is he's not jealous that his own child raised above him in status but he was also angry that she was more richer then Molan.. Molan went out of the house with a scandal even Rulan had a scandal also.. SH always knew in the back of his mind that ML would never marry above him or the two girls but GTY proved him wrong.. If GTY wasn;t there to show him the logic of not listing CL in his family geneolgy he would have done it anyway regardless to him knowing that she was a murdere.. Still to this day after she told him she didn;t love him and has been lying to him all that time he still holds her dearly in his heart the henpeck fool.. @frenchfan I think Auntie Kamg could have threaten to marry her off to some old geezer if she didn;t become GTY concubine.. I think ML should put a sign outside the home the GNRL isn;t acceppting concubines at this time and don;t cry to be about being your life line.. No need to commit suicide in front of me to save yourself.. If you must commit suicide please do so in the designated area.. Marrying Dr He wasn;t a better option, ML would have to put up with hius Aunt another Auntie Kang.. When ML ask on how should she address her woyuld it be and elder or the concubines Mom she called ML a Bitsh and ask her who do she think she is.. Cousin Mom would have also been stirring up trouble in that marriage because his mom had no control over her nor did Dr.He could say no to his mom and clingy cousin.. ML would have to take upon the budern of the house and those relatives of Dr He.. Atleast with GTY he's there to pick up anytime she needs him to step in Dr.He would have just went off on one of his picking adventures leavig all the problems for her to solve..
  23. I was checking out this video it's some pretty violent scenes in this video @frenchfan It's halarious poor girl don';t know when she's up.. She's like now is it my turn.. I guess finally she realized Ain't Nothin Happening.. I'll just take my but to sleep.. Also poor shitou really caught hell that night.. @shihuangdi It's most likely another one of step mom schemes, She can't get her on concubine in there so next person to go after to get her concubie in there is Shitou.. She's trying to plant oine next to him to spy for her.. I think it would be funny if Xiotou would come out and say what do he want with your old but when he has me.. Atleast it would be cute if she says he was with me at said time as her event happen.. @ForgottenSoulx I think it was the one at the wedding saying that he never sen people bowing to two tablets when and alive parent was there.. @frenchfan Auntie Kamg only brought her sister nothing but trouble.. Granny warned her not to try and have her involved in ML house necause she already knew what type of women Auntie Kang was and she'll try and control everyone there if she moves in even if it's for a few days would have turned into years.. I'm hoping Granny got there and throw out the concubines and put Auntie Kamg in her place.. My guess is this would be when the posioning of her happens and ML takes them to task.. It was nice seeing that scene Auntie Kang falling flat on her face after conniving with step mom.. Also who was that Auntie Kang slap.? Did anyone translate the scene of what step mom was saying while talking to her maid. She looked really upset.. Did she also learn of ML pregnancy.?
  24. I think this is were the posoning of Granny comes in at because I think she step in and stop this.. Aunt thinks if Granny is out of the way ML would consent.. Aunt Kang can bring the women from the palace as they were offered before I don;t think ML will comply even if Aunt Kang tells her how she owes the family don;t make her take in one of there own as a comcubine for her husband..
  25. @frenchfan To late the ED already made him out to be her puppet.. I;m wondering will it ever be told by someone in court that he's going after GTY because he lost ML to him and all his anger stems from jealous of the man that he thinks stole his one and only love.. I somehow think this would come to the ears of the ED or may have already has and this is just why she choose to use him in her struggle to maintain power in and out of the court.. I'm seeing moore and moore why Step Mom vicious behavior will esculate into setting that mansion on fire.. It seens at the polo match she couldn;t get people on her side as she tried to bad mouth ML.. She left without getting what she wants snd next if ML makes her Dad takes Aunt to task regarding Gran ny thats another plan of Evil step Mom thrown out the widow before budding into anmy fruitation.. ML will become more dangerous to her because Step Mom can't figure her out or whats next to do nor anticipate ML next move.. So yes I could se her needing to kill ML to get GTY to act out like he used to.. I think our power couple should reverse roles, This would really throw step mom off her game.. @jewelsc You have to think about what day and age ML is living in and when it comes to the Step Mom Vs PP to totally different women.. The Gu house women don;t carry the status that the princess carries she would have to libe more cautiosly then ever not opening up hiding back at lot of she wants to say.. She would never ride another horse or play a polo match ever again because in PP etyes this is something a Princess DIL don;gt do or wouldn't do .. If ML married him she'll be living in a cage may as well marry a king and live inside that cage of the palace..
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