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  1. I wish WJ Mom slap HK in the mouth about threaten her with her kids.. They old enough to take care of themselves Prez Shin is going to have to step in.. Why is HK so concerned about G/pa finding out that WJ is Prez Shin daughter.. When DB finishes with him and he realize his own G/son took him out.. He has no one to blame but his daughter she went along with the charade knowing that JB was a fake that HK has planted.. They all seems to threaten WJ mom with harming her kids.. I wish she would video tape threatening her and show them the tape letting them know if anything happens to her children they will be held responsible..
  2. @watchumlots If she was the real heir we wouldn't have a drama.. The real KSN wouldn't have to seduce a man and marry him in order to get into her Dad good graces.. The real KSN would have cared less who JH was sleeping with.. I won't call her poor WitchyFake but greedy WitchyFake she let her greed get the best of her.. SN is on the verge of self destruct and somebody better watch out.. Once she realizes she's been had and all that she stole to have is gone were really going to see Unstable Mable The Second.. I hope GY family don't forgive her for the daughter sake leaving her with one parent.. The Lil girl would be better off with no parents..
  3. @Pam_Van Fossen This is just what Emily is banking on playing on JH pity.. With Mother and Sister coming in to help she'll think she won them over.. She's asking for the nasty way in JH to leave her.. He's going to have to do it no matter what once he gets her to give her report to the police he'll then file those divorce papers and may have her served after SN is jailed.
  4. @ktcjdrama Thanks for the recap .. This chick is mental.. She'll do anything to have YYj seen in a bad light so she can try and seal her marriage deal all because Daddy has threaten to kick her out if she can't bring CHW.. So team up with YYj Ex so sje can get what she wants but I think involving him will only get CHw and YYJ and open to the public engagment party.. It would serve her right all thise reporters being present while CHW announcing to the world he was never engage to her.. I need subs
  5. @Lmangla I like to see all her devious acts made public and she'll have to pay a hefty fine to the victims and also made to apologizes pubically.. Let her recieve humillation and public ridicule right along with all the parents..
  6. @Ameera Ali TBH I think SH seduced NJ father.. SH always fixated herself as the Mdm of it all .. She needs those shares so she can oust Lawyer Heo so that Sw can become president.. She moved in that house because she has always had a fixation on that.. It's not that sje don;t trust Sw abilities iot's just she has done so much dirt in the past and lied to Sw so much.. She needs him to see her as the good mother she is and not find out about any of her wrong doings.. What she fail to realize is all her doing in the dark and behind Sw back will come to the light.. I think it's going to be JA that finds out that she was behind NJ kidnapping and may use it as a bargaining chip against her for dating and possible marriage with Sw.. Remember they're both two of a kind.. SH is as smart as theu come she's not trying to rush a marriage for Sw for nothing.. Were in for the long haul when it comes to NJ wising up..Mother and Son duo knows nothing about playing fair as NJ has in his mind to do..
  7. Morning Afternoon Even ing To All Which Ever Your Case May Be.. @joan0528 I don't see how GY let her mention her brothers name.. She should have slap SN in her mouth.. Telling GY about Emily having JH secrets is another form of her doing what she can to survive.. GY should have told her that she sees she's afraid of death.. After all SN has done in face of death you have the nerve to cry even after your the cause of one death and ordering another.. Are You Kidding MeWell she thinks this Japanese deal will put he back in the good graces but JH has planned this and she'll end up being had and I see her being push to the deep end she'll go after Ys again..How nice of Gy to take Ys to see his daddy.. @fansdrama I guess this is how HG will become preident..GY suing for a 100 billion will tap Dad out and have nothing left..
  8. @Ameera Ali Those shares are going to cost them all big time.. MS won't be able to turn his back ob SJ behind this.. Sister may as well sign her divorce papers because brother will run out on her leaving her holding the bag.. If SH has to give those shares back up she's going to want her money back.. Which I think she's been robbing that company every since she had the chance.. I don't see nothing good coming out of this.. Sw arrognce will hit and all time low once his mother skeletons start to fall out of the closet..
  9. I guess it would be WJ that out JB as being the fake in their segments of Miseong Group Maybe President Shin will do it.. HK seens all to smug about them being outed as the fakes but I think G/pa will find out this week..
  10. @msmy I couldn't believe what I was watching.. Greedy Mama put her bio son in place of the fake son and expects him to let things stay as they are.. She thinks JB would die of he can'r live like he is now because he wouldn't know how to face the world and it would be all Do Bin fault.. Nothing stays a secret forever.. Greedy Mama nor HK didn't think of any of this of course HK could care less what could happen to him afterwards. Greedy Mama was only looking at what she can gain from it.. Now the cats out of the bag and Greedy Mama has the nerve to be worried about her son..Even JA Bin saying he can't go back to being who he was more like he knows HK would leave him.. If he dies it's on his mama hands she created this mess let her deal with it.. Also I don't get Do Bin do he really thinks JB would tell the president himself that he's a fake and it was all done by HK sand his Mom.. I think JB or HK will try and kill someone be it the president or the crazy Mama maybe even DB.. No way would they want to live poor none of them.. Moving on to HK I had to laugh at her when she told DB it was his fault she turned JB into the fake of the family because he didn't accept her feelings for him.. He knew right off the bat she didn't love him but loved being attach to that family.. I think she'll try and kill WJ just because of these facts.. If she can't stay connected to the family she may as well take the one true person he cares about and thats WJ.. Crazy Mama has already told HK if G/pa finds out he'll make life for her and JB worse then ever but she did tell HK she'll decide what she'll do to her and JB once she sees what DB will do.
  11. This is a good way for SH to use Ajussi and make it seem like NJ is behind it or somehow blamed on him.. No way is he's dumb enough to put his name on those shares unless sister argues that MS gave them to her which I know she want.. It's no way he can get out of breaking in SJ house when this time comes and she get out of giving him the door code.. Ram Sak her house to find those papers.. He would have probably stole her seal himself and stamp it.. YS brother is just a criminal.. How can they ever live like humans when he probably owes every loan shark in town.. He may think he's going to get a lot of money for those shares but it's goping to backfire on him when SH or Sw threaten to tell MS what they have done and end up selling them dirt cheap..
  12. Hello Everyone I'm back.. What A Read Thanls @jayakris I'm getting real sick of Ajussi and his stupidity reaching for stars that he can't pick.. His embecille behavior is going to cause NJ a lot of trouble because his infactuation for SH seems to know no bounds and will cost NJ big time and all he could say is sorry. Which all no knows that so do he.. When it comes to Lawyer Heo asking that of the old housekeeper.. He's looking at how NJ let Sh move in which she'll and Sw will try to establish themselves as owners and NJ and the rest are outsiders.. SH always wanted the Mdm status that comes with that house putting YSJ in that position giving her the authourity of who is in charge SH and Sw will move out at some point because she still won't get the title that comes with the home.. Kudos to you Lawyer Heo for coming up with this idea.. Okay brother just drew the last straw for him and sister MS is going to hit the fan.. Him and sister hs done one job to many on him and dumb sister listening to her brother should have known better then to give him that passcode to enter her house.. SH will know they stole those shares and her purchasing them isn't going to help her any because she'll have to give them back.. In possesion of stolen property and a lot more of her dirty work will start to surface..
  13. So we have breaking and entering and SH obtaing those stocks illegally will get her in a world of trouble.. Let's hope they get caught.
  14. Hello @fansdrama Yes I got that much GN did get ahold of her brothers phone and gave it to the detective.. He did see SN and Gangster Beak talking and he giving her a vile.. Detective has connected that to CDB.. Just how much more evidence they would have to bring in before they really start to investigate her..
  15. Good Morning @joan0528 I wish GY Mom quit entertaining JH Mom thoughts about this custody issue and tells her were to stick it .. She's in a losing battle JH Mom has nothing better to do.. So her screaming custody is to protect her daughters interest with HK.. Now Emily is at the top of YB building how is this going to help her with a custody issue.. Drama Queen Granny need to sit down some where and shut up because her son being legally married to Unstable Mable isn't helping her in s custody issue.. How can GY just let SN slap her like that.. Can anyone translate what SN told her..? SN got YB into a lot of trouble those people who invested with SN is in the president office and he's not looking to happy about it from the outcome of theor grievences..
  16. Now whgat is wrong with greedy Mom is she really listening to HK.. She can't tell that HK is only doing this so she don't live in poverty.. I mean the gall of her to listen to HK and go beg DB not to out JB.. I think DB should have slap her.. Glad he'll still air the program.. Aunt is the cause of this mess.. When she found out she should have taken the issue at hand not get drunk blurt it out and then say she was talking out of the side of his neck.. She allowed HK to bring that scandal and dirty the image of Miseong group her and the obsession she has over a man that she wants to control in her past marriage.. Yes Do Bin destroy it all.. Let G/pa see how even the daughter that he jumps through hoops for also help his real G/son do them in.. The scene with DB and JB was so fake on JB part how can he be mad at DB for him living his life.. I can't get over them asking him to just let JB stay in his position..
  17. @dramaninja JA is goldigger # 2 she's infatuated with Sw because she wants to escape her miserable past..She'll do his bidding but hopefully NJ won't fall into her trap.. SH calls her the way she sees her and warning Sw about her kind is because she's well aware of what type of person she is because she was once JA.. So let's see how far they both will go to obtain what they want.. I don't see SH allowing Sw to be with someone like JA who has nothing or can bring anything to the table.. All she has with her is a lot of bad baggage.. Besides what man can trust a women that tries to seduce another man when she's married on paper and claims another man is a stalker.. I'm looking forward to her and Sw pride takes a hit from NJ's team #2.. They are to overly confident that they are going to win.. @rikimaiu Hello it's been a while glad your joining us her.. How are you liking this drama so far ? Ok question to all if her brother manage to get a hold of thise oaoers who ever he sakes them to will only put the person that bought them from him in trouble and land him back in jail.. This is illegal all the way around.. When will MS wake up..
  18. @fansdrama Unstable Mable is in no condition to take care of a kid mentally and physically this is JH Mom.. None of them can do anything if JH don't agree to it.. So this is a loosing battle before it begins.. Most they would come out with is some visitation rights for halmoni.. If Gy tells her rep that Mable teamed up with the very person that tried to kill her and might be plotting to kidnap the kid Drama Queen Mom can forget about it.. JH Mom keeps pushing the issue she'll force GY hand into marrying him and they'll end up with nothing no custody or visitation..
  19. @nohamahamoud2002 I wouldn't be suprised.. Maybe him getting involved like that was his way of Suicide.. He wasn't gutsy enough to do it himself so he just jump on in.. Coward.. Just like Daya she's a coward she talks a good gane when it's just her and MIL but she don;t breath a word nor take up for MIL when she's getting the bunt end of the deal.. All she does is run and grabs her something to drink after she's gotten a scolding.. I wish she would tell her quit bringing me water and take some of these insults if you want to help.. Greedy Witch will never learn......she will fall into the same trap again and again.... She's been had again.. Do she really think she'll get rich when you obtain money off someone else's back.. That Money was Ill gotten no good fortune will come out of it.. She won't go look for Dr she'll go looking for WDR and she'll beg him not to tell her..
  20. @Takingthehighroad I believe the Song your referring to is Hall and Oates I tell you guy's this much GY don't have to do much to throw SN off her game just keep putting those kids in the bed with her at night.. They playing bouncy bounce in the bed her brain keeps rattling all night who could think for all jumpping up and down by the kids.. All her daughter has to do is bat her eyes at her mom and she gives in I just love it.. Bouncy Bounce.. I have to go back and rewatch this episode again those kids had me cracking up. SN telling those kids to go to bed GY had gave them No Doz and two cups of coffee you won;t be sleeping tonight witch..
  21. Thanks @jayakris I've said it twice and I'll say it three times you don't feel to a person you don't care about..(She's been using NJ and DS all the time) At some point she cared for NJ and still do she just looking for soneone much better and in this case in her eyes it's Sw.. She has placed NJ in a position that if she can't find anyone better then he's the Man for her.. Please let him see her kissing and gooying over Sw so he can move on.. I still like to think Sw will dish out to her what she did to NJ because his mom don';t trust her and won';t allow hin to really hookup with her..
  22. @msmy I wouldn't put it past greedy Mom Coward Dad Ja Bin or HK to try and kill off Do Bin No amountt of sorry can justify Moms actions towards him.. I couln't agree more @marrez1 HK deserves a life of poverty.. She's trying to play on DB sympathy about what could happoen to the parents that raised him.. I say so be it in whatever happens to them they didn't mind what happened to him so why should he care.. She'll ask can he destroy is own family the family she wants to stay associated with.. Do what you got to do Do Bin.. Even if it meams destroying them because they used money and power to do whatever they wanted to benefit them..
  23. Yes if she was my daughter I'll kill her and sale her organs @Loretto Yes were in for the long haul.. She'll be paying my money back even if she had to work for the rest of her life but mom can get her property back if she's willing to in prison her daughter which she deserves.. If she does this to her own Mom the next man that comes along and want her to do something to a total stranger all because he says it would make them rich and he loves her she'll do it she needs to learn a hard lesson on life..
  24. @viyra Thats to much like right remember things that makes sense is nonsense.. If I was GY I wouldn't want anything to do with JH Mother Overboard Granny.. @dramaninja She'll keep getting out until she's sentence to life in prison.. @csancsy Life is no fun for SN from no sleep at night to straight to jail..
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